Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Q&A 5

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Q&A Corner 5

I intended to actually make this article yesterday, but I ran out of energy after writing the latest story.
Thus, I made a thing called Bestiary.
Because it’s just as a reference, there are also things that can’t be measured by the status.
At last, there’s a little progress in the S series.
I think that I managed to betray everyone’s expectations, the TS girl and the yandere younger sister. Both are strong(濃い) characters.
By the way, the equally strong character will increase in the future.
Please enjoy it.

Q, About parasitic wasp
A, Unfortunately(?), it’s not parasitic.
I will write the bee’s ecology in detail in the next bestiary.

Q, At present conditions, it is merely Poison 「Purification」 rather than Poison 「Synthesis」….

A, As displayed in the appraisal result, it becomes customizable when level rises.

Q, During the time when the nest is burning, what happens if she confronts the adventurers?
A, Killed instantly.
Yes, she couldn’t do anything against them.
Although the adventurers’ specific strength are concealed, she would be defeated if she confronts them foolishly.

Q, Even that Snake-san has only the 「Danger Degree C」…..
A, Men in this world are considerably strong.
The reasons will be explained in the S series, but the Snake-san can only goes as far as C.

Q, Spider, weak!
A, Yes.
When seeing the status only, it’s the weakest class in the dungeon.
Because of that, most individuals die within several days.
I will introduce the detailed ecology together with the mother someday.

Q, The enemy monsters’ name are unique.

Kohokoro or Randanel or….. Because nothing comes out even if I search it, is it a coined word or something?
A, It’s a coined word.
Because it sounds like a language of a different world.
At first, some of the name is just as it is because I was lazy.

Q, Although the body is a pill bug and the head is a mouse, can’t you use armadillo?
A, You don’t call a thing with a lot of legs an armadillo! OK?

Q, Is status not that important in this world?

I think that in the MMO, with 20 offensive ability against a 300 defensive ability, it will only deal 0 damage.

A, Although the status is important, it’s not absolute.
The MC manage to do something because she has the “Poison Fang” that ignores the opponent’s defensive ability, but normally, it won’t deal damage to the snake.
It’s like almost stabbing the fangs into it because it’s not absolute.

Q, How does the “Severing Thread” cuts?
A, Although the detailed explanation about attributes will be revealed in the main story someday, because it has fantasy element in it, please think about it yourself.
The appearance of the world and the principle are roughly decided.
Because it will be revealed in the main story little by little afterward, it would be grateful that you can ignore the mysterious phenomenon until there’s explanation.

Q, The spell “Poison Touch” was not appraised. Was it the author’s mistake? Or was it the MC being careless?
A, It’s the author’s mistake(Sweat).
Because it was unnatural to not appraise it there, I added the result in the latest story.

Thank you for the many impressions.
Will be in your care from now on.

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