Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Oni vs Oni 1

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Changed Distant Communication to Distant Speech.


Oni vs Oni ①

I appraise the girl in front using the appraisal stone.
It’s fairly a long time since I use the Appraisal.
The last time I used was on the Ice Dragon, and I didn’t feel that there’s a need to use it on the others.
I understood that I could win even if I didn’t appraise it by intuition.
But, this girl is different.

『Human Vampire LV3 Sophia Keren
Average Offensive Ability:12738
Average Defensive Ability:13226
Average Magic Ability:12755
Average Resistance Ability:13219
Average Speed Ability:12774
「Higher Vampire LV8」 「Immortal Commander LV8」 「Heaven Scale LV10」 「Super-speed HP Recovery LV3」 「Magic Perception LV10」 「Magic Formula Perception LV10」 「High-speed MP Recovery LV10」 「Great MP Consumption Down LV10」 「Precise Magic Manipulation LV2」 「Magic God Act LV10」 「Magic Granting LV8」 「Great Offensive Magic Power LV10」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV10」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV10」 「Sword Hero LV2」 「Taijutsu Genius LV9」 「Great Enhanced Destruction LV2」 「Great Enhanced Blunt LV1」 「Great Enhanced Slashing LV3」 「Great Enhanced Piercing LV1」 「Great Enhanced Shock LV1」 「Enhanced Water Current LV10」 「Enhanced Freeze LV10」 「Enhanced Darkness LV9」 「Enhanced Wind LV9」 「Enhanced Soil LV9」 「Enhanced Thunder LV5」 「Enhanced Strong Acid LV8」 「Enhanced Abnormal Condition LV9」 「War God Spirit LV10」 「Vitality Granting LV6」 「Great Vitality Attack LV10」 「Water Current Attack LV10」 「Freeze Attack LV10」 「Strong Acid Attack LV10」 「Poison Synthesis LV10」 「Medicine Synthesis LV10」 「Psychokinesis LV10」 「Throw LV10」 「Shoot LV10」 「Space Maneuver LV10」 「Cooperation LV2」 「Command LV3」 「Kin Domination LV6」 「Concentration LV10」 「Thought Acceleration LV4」 「Future Vision LV4」 「Parallel Will LV2」 「High-speed Calculation LV10」 「Record LV10」 「Distant Speech LV10」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Great Probability Correction LV10」 「Stealth LV10」 「Concealment LV10」 「Silent LV10」 「Odorless LV10」 「Emperor」 「Presence Perception LV10」 「Danger Perception LV10」 「Movement Perception LV4」 「Heat Perception LV8」 「Space Perception LV1」 「Appraisal LV10」 「Root of Evil」 「Fire Magic LV3」 「Water Magic LV10」 「Water Current Magic LV10」 「Blue Water Magic LV7」 「Ice Magic LV10」 「Freeze Magic LV10」 「Hell Ice LV8」 「Wind Magic LV10」 「Storm Magic LV1」 「Soil Magic LV10」 「Earth Magic LV1」 「Thunder Magic LV9」 「Light Magic LV1」 「Shadow Magic LV10」 「Dark Magic LV10」 「Darkness Magic LV4」 「Poison Magic LV10」 「Treatment Magic LV10」 「Demon King LV8」 「Envy」 「Great Physical Resistance LV5」 「Fire Resistance LV5」 「Water Current Nullity」 「Freeze Nullity」 「Storm Resistance LV2」 「Earth Resistance LV2」 「Thunder Resistance LV6」 「Light Resistance LV4」 「Darkness Resistance LV4」 「Heavy Resistance LV3」 「Acid Resistance LV10」 「Corrosion Resistance LV7」 「Faint Resistance LV7」 「Abnormal Condition Nullity」 「Great Fear Resistance LV7」 「Great Heresy Resistance LV6」 「Pain Nullity」 「Sense of Pain Nullity」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Thousand Miles Eye LV4」 「Magic Eye of Grudge LV3」 「Magic Eye of Stasis LV3」 「Enhanced Five Senses LV10」 「Perception Range Expansion LV10」 「Divinity Area Expansion LV5」 「Destiny LV10」 「Heaven Mana LV10」 「Heaven Motion LV10」 「Abundant Sky LV10」 「Fortitude LV10」 「Fortress LV10」 「Heaven Path LV10」 「Heaven Protection LV10」 「Idaten LV10」 「Taboo LV2」 「n%I=W」』

A little incomprehensible.
Level 3?
Human and Vampire?
Aren’t there too many skills?

I exceed her in pure status.
But, as for the skills, I lose in both the quantity and the quality.
Although I have the trump card called Illusion Weapon Creation, the skills of this girl named Sophia are abnormal.

This might be seriously more than equal to me.
But, that’s if I don’t activate Wrath.
Although I don’t intend to activate it, I don’t know when I almost die.
The Wrath might activate it disregarding my will.
I mean, it will do it.

How far I can suppressed it with my will?
There will become the turning point of the match.
I die or she dies.
She might die without being able to corner me.
At the moment when my consciousness turn toward combat, I can’t go easy on her.

The girl swing the greatsword held with one hand lightly that doesn’t match her small body.
It’s the greatsword that has the length almost the same as her height and, it’s also thick and heavy.
Although it doesn’t seem to have a special ability, it’s a sword that excels in durability.

The distance with me was shorten in an instant, and she swung it down.

I stop it with the flame katana that I held in one hand.
Immediately after I can’t stop the blow completely, I hold out by intersecting the thunder katana that I held in the other hand with the flame katana.
I didn’t underestimate her, but I thought that I can stop it with one hand because I exceeded her in status.
And, I intended to throw a counter with the thunder sword, but I couldn’t help to completely change to defense.

Her status is raised.
The power of the War God Spirit and the Magic God Act.
And probably, the Higher Vampire’s power.

Higher Vampire:The special skill that Vampire possesses. The ability values rise by taking blood. The taken blood is stored in the body. In addition, the special effect is demonstrated according to the level. LV1:Moon Protection, LV2:Strong Blood, LV3:Blood Mist, LV4:Shadow Demon, LV5:Demon Change, LV6:Kin Summon, LV7:Mistification, LV8:Rebirth』

The Moon Protection has the effect that increases power by the waxing and waning of the moon.
The Blood Mist has the ability to make her own blood into mist and manipulate it freely. And, the Mistification has the ability to become the mist.
The Shadow Demon has the ability to summon familiar from the shadow, and the Demon Change has the ability to transform into the familiar.
The Kin Summon summons kin.
And above all, the most troublesome one is the Rebirth’s ability.
It has the effect like a cheat that can recover the HP completely only one a day if the HP becomes 0 and revives.
In addition, the problem now is the ability of Strong Blood.
It’s the skill that raises status using the stock of the drank blood while it’s activated.
Thanks to this effect, that unexpected heavy sword attack appeared.

I activate the War God Spirit and the Magic God Act too.
With this, I regain the predominance in status.
Although the War God Spirit is in the same level, her Magic God Act is higher than me.
It’s certain that the difference was narrowed than the state without enhancement.
I activate the Dragon Power that’s one of my trump cards.

The Dragon Power raises the status and has the effect of obstructing the other party’s magic construction.
When I was attacked by an Elf-like group, I erased the magic with this skill.
The War God Spirit and the Magic God Act. Furthermore, the Dragon Power.
It’s my first experience to make me activate these three at the same time.

「Fu, fufufu」

The girl laughs.

「You stopped it. You stopped my attack. Fufufu!」

This girl is dangerous.
She’s crazy.
Though I don’t have the right to say it.

「This is fight! My first time in my life! To fight seriously!」

I shiver.
I was not overwhelmed by the girl’s intimidation.
It’s simply cold.
The cold air drifts around the girl.
At the same time, it begins to shroud with a red mist.

The effect of the Vampire’s Blood Mist.
In addition, this sudden change of the temperature is by the skill of the ice group.
The opponent is showing her real ability, huh?

Then, I will do it too.
I take out many Magic Swords from the different dimension by the Space Storage of the Space Magic.
I make them float in the air with Psychokinesis.

And, the real combat started.


Author notes:
I corrected Wrath’s status in Blood 26 a little.
Appraisal added
Presence Perception added
Ice Resistance LV4→LV9



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