Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Human-Demon Great War 1

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Changed Blow Resistance to Blunt Resistance.
Changed any Demon King-sama to Maou-sama.

Human-Demon Great War ①

Author note: This becomes the third person point of view

【Okun Fort】

The later historian talks that it’s the Human-Demon Great War started at the Okun Fort.
Generally, it was said that the Demons invaded the Human territory at the same time, but before that, the Demons invaded the Okun Fort.

One day before the beginning of the war where the Demons advance at the same time.
A certain luggage was delivered to the fort.
It’s the unit that always carry the supplies that delivered the luggage into the fort.
Nobody suspected them who had worked seriously up until now as the supply unit.
And so the luggage was carried into the fort’s inside without inspecting it.
Without knowing that it’s an outrageous bomb.

「Un? What’s this luggage?」
「Who knows. I didn’t heard the contents. Judging from the smell, isn’t it something like the warhorse’s food」
「No, isn’t it moving?」
「Ha? Never…. It’s moving」
「Oi. Which unit that brought this here?」
「I-I don’t know. Because it’s already here when I noticed it…」
「Inquire immediately. After that, report this to the top. I will watch this luggage here」
「Ah. Understood」

The correspondence of the soldier who found the luggage was not wrong.
Although it was not wrong, it was a little too late.

「! Look out!」

It jumps out from the luggage.
It jumps at one of the soldiers as it is, and push him down.

「Wha-, an Anogratch!?」

It’s one monster that sprang at the soldier.
It’s a monkey-like monster.

「What!? What’s wrong!?」
「Mo-Monster!? Why is it in the fort!?」
「I’ll save you at once!」

The other soldiers who heard the commotion and rushed.
They pull out their sword, and they thrust the blade aiming at the monster that’s attacking their associate.

「Stop! Don’t kill it!!」

If they were in calm state, they should have been able to recall it.
The terror of the monster called Anogratch.

The monster that got pierce by innumerable swords, and dies.
That as the signal, the monsters of the same species jump out from the other luggage.
Some of the soldiers who saw that appearance notice the meaning of what they have did, and they became pale.

「It can’t be helped that it became like this! Intercept!」

The remaining monsters are also killed by the soldiers.
It’s a monster that’s not very strong if it’s alone.
It’s not an enemy for the soldiers in this fort that serve as the front line in the fight with the Demons.
However, that’s the story when the opponent is alone.

「Report to the top」

The expressions of the soldiers who annihilated the monsters are heavy.

「What should I report?」
「The nightmare of the revenge monkey begins」

Anogratch, alias revenge monkey.
The ferocious monster said that it absolutely won’t forgive the existence that harmed its same kind.
If a person kills the monster, they will surge in large troop.
And, it won’t stop until either the opponent dies or the troop is annihilated.
The monster that bears insanity of anger.

「What will become of us?」
「The worst case, this fort may fall」

It’s the next day that the large troop of Anogratch attacked Okun Fort.
It was exactly on the same day as the Demons began the simultaneous attacks to the Human territory.



「It went well」
「Yes. Without any blunders」

The Second Commander of the Demon army, Sanatoria and her adjutant looked at the Okun Fort distantly.
Countless numbers of monkey-type monsters clings to the fort’s wall, and invade into the fort one by one.
The Humans who defend the fort intercepted the monsters with magic to stop the invasion at first.
However, even if the monster called Anogratch is killed, they spring out one after another and gathered in the fort one by one.
This violence of numbers is the terror of Anogratch, and the most troublesome characteristic is that they have the abnormality of attacking without fearing death.
If it’s marked down by this monster, even a solid fort can fall in the end.

「Yes. With this, our damage ended with 0」
「That’s right. However, it’s impossible to approach the fort for a while」

Even the Demons don’t meddle with the Anogratch.
Because to not let the Anogratch to marked them down, even if the fort falls, it’s impossible to approach the fort until all of the Anogratch withdraw.

「That’s inevitable. In addition, Invasion is not the purpose of this war. This is enough」
「That’s also right. However, it was a wonderful ability」
「Not at all」

Sanatoria thinks so from her true feelings.
The thing she did this time was indeed simple.
Using the Succubus ability to seduce the Humans of the supply unit, brainwash them and capture several Anogratch.
And, it’s carried into the fort together with the supplies.
That’s all.

There’s a lot of holes, so the probability to fail is high.
However, it’s fine even if Sanatoria failed.
The important thing is to just make a situation where the Humans meddle with the Anogratch.
Even if the Anogratch is not carried into the fort, she could just brainwash the other Humans and kill the Anogratch on the spot.
After that, she can just have the person to enter the fort innocently.
It only went well by chance this time, and there was no exactness to be called as a plan.

「I’m sorry, Maou-sama. I don’t intend to get on your motives obediently」

Sanatoria muttered in gloom.
The Demon King’s appearance comes to her mind.
Sanatoria has the power that can lead the army of Demons.
But still, she don’t think that she can win against that Demon King.
Sanatoria don’t think that she intend to defy an opponent that she can’t win.
Although she don’t think of it, even if she obeys as it is, she can see that she will be used till the end.
That Demon King is such a person.
Therefore, she gets off from the motive even a little while obeying obediently.

「Although it might be wrong as a Demon, I will achieve my quota. So, will she overlook me?」

There’s no one to answer Sanatoria’s monologue.


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