Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team 1

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Elro Great Labyrinth Abnormality Investigation Team ①

Author note: The point of view of a certain middle-aged man

I looked around the knights who gathered.
I swallowed the sigh that I wanted to let out unintentionally.
If I let out a sigh here, my son will get angry.

「Ah. Knights-san. Do you guys know where are you going to go?」

When I speak with an amazed voice, the knights’ face dyed with irritation.
Incidentally, my son who’s next to me looks like going to lose his temper.
Ah, sorry, sorry.
My true intention came out unintentionally.

「Know your place as a guide. You guys only have to guide us」
「Ah. Is that so? If that’s the case, I will quit this work」
「Do as you please. We can rely on other guides」
「Is that so?」

I was hit hard by my son when I was about to half rise my feet.

「No. Knights-sama, I’m sorry. Although my father has a bad mouth, he’s a real deal as a labyrinth guide. Besides, because of the spider hunt is popular on the other side now, there’s only a few labyrinth guides. If you fire us, I wonder whether the other people are free or not」

This guy.
He hit me seriously.

Well, I will just entrust this to my son who’s good in speaking here.
Judging from their attitude, they don’t know how influential am I in this industry.
If people know that I quit, it’s obvious that the other people will quit.
Did this guys came without preliminary investigations?

「Hmph. Well, fine. Be grateful because we are using you」
「Yes. We are already grateful」

How troublesome.

「Well then, Knight-sama. When do you want to enter the labyrinth?」
「After this, immediately」
「I see. That means that the preparations such as food and antidotes are done. As expected of Knight-sama」
「Wait. Food and antidote?」
「Pardon? It’s not prepared?」

My son has a look that he’s wondering in the bottom of his heart.
Even though this guy understands it.

「Why is food necessary for the investigation?」
「Eh? After all, the place that’s going to be investigated this time takes 10 days to reach, you know?」

The knights who begin to rustle.
These guys is really not good.
Did they come until here without knowing anything about the labyrinth?
How did such an ignorant group get this labyrinth investigation job?
Don’t tell me that they are too incompetent and the higher-ups toss it to them irresponsibly.

「Knight-sama, is this your first time to enter the Elro Great Labyrinth?」
「The Great Labyrinth is the huge labyrinth that connects the two continents. This is the only way to go to the other continent in substitute for the almost-impossible-to-sail sea that’s the Water Dragon’s territory. Are you okay this far?」
「Are you making a fool of me? That’s common sense」
「Yes. However, because of the Great Labyrinth’s wideness, it’s said that traveling is impossible if there’s no guidance by the guide who’s an expert in this. The survival rate of those who don’t hire us is almost 0. Although I don’t know whether it’s true or false, it’s said that the old Hero-sama entered the Great Labyrinth alone and didn’t come back」

The knights become pale.
It seems that they finally begin to understand the meaning to enter the Great Labyrinth after hearing that even the Hero didn’t return alive.

「The Great Labyrinth has a wide complex structure that branches innumerably. If you lose your way, it’s the end. It’s not likely to be able to get out alive. Even we the guides don’t grasp all the paths. Knight-sama, do you know what is this?」
「What’s that paper bundle?」
「All are the maps of the Great Labyrinth. It’s only a part though」

It’s the map of the routes where it’s safest and shortest to cross the continent which the guides of the Great Labyrinth upper layer use that my son took out.
That alone becomes the amount that can be said as a paper bundle.
Even the whole picture of the upper layer is not clear.
That’s the place called the Great Labyrinth.

「The place where Knights-sama are going to investigate this time is the place about 10 days advancing from the entrance. 10 days for a one-way trip. 10 days to investigate. 10 days to return. If there’s no storage of foods for at least 30 days, you will have to turn back on the way. If possible, I want to take another 10 days food as reserves」

This time, these guys, knights have been dispatched because the amount of the monster has increased recently at a certain area in the labyrinth.
These guys will investigate the cause and cull the monsters, but with this condition, nothing much can be expected.
The area where the monsters are springing out in large quantities is exactly the place where the shortest route is.
When thinking of the things from now on, if possible, I hope that they will investigate the cause and eliminate the monsters.
I wonder what will happen.

「And also, because most of the monsters in the Great Labyrinth have poison, antidote is indispensable. Also, light source and its fuel. If possible, it’s better to have a person who can use fire. Because it’s possible to run away by igniting it when caught in the cobweb. Therefore, Knights-sama, we will write the list of things need, so please supply the materials. Because the guides have the space storing item, leave the carriage to us. Ah, and, how about sending a letter to your family? Because it will be a long journey」

My son said it in rapid succession, and the knights only nod in utter amazement.
With such condition, it’s going to be hard in the future.
Well, I guess I will at least support you guys so that the letters that you sent to your family don’t become a will.


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