Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elf Village Battle 3

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Elf Village Battle ③

【Reincarnated people’s residential area】

Ogiwara got impatient.
Even though he should have mixed poison in the dish of the two former adventurers, they looked fine.
He suppresses the impatience in the heart, and sees off the two people with an innocent look.
It’s already hopeless for Ogiwara now that it became like this.
Although the mission failed, the implication of the insurance is strong, and he have no choice but to entrust it to the people on the site.

Fortunately, the two people don’t seem to notice that it was poisoned.
It probably was resisted unconsciously because the Poison Resistance was high.
He thought so.

「So, Ogi, will you tell me your real intention that you tried to serve poison to us before we leave?」

By Kunihiko’s words, Ogiwara’s color of blood draws right away.
It was noticed.

「Wh-What do you mean?」

He plays innocent.

「Don’t play innocent. I already know that you’re the one who did it」

A firm intention that evasion will not be allowed was felt.
Ogiwara gave up in making an excuse quickly.
He don’t say such stupid thing like “Where’s the evidence?”.
Becoming innocent if there’s no evidence only works in the constitutional state. Here is the different world, and there’s neither the police nor the lawyer.
Ogiwara was already guilty in Kunihiko, and a poor excuse will only worsened the position oppositely.

「Aaah. It would be good if you become impossible to move by the poison」

The surroundings react to the words.
Seeing the state, Kunihiko and Asaka are half convinced that this is the action that Ogiwara took alone.
Although it’s not certain yet, the reaction of the surroundings is seriously surprised, and the two people who pass through bloodshed as adventurers knew the feelings and gesture of the people very clearly.
And, judging from the experience, they consider everyone to be innocent excluding Ogiwara.

「That’s too bad. Should I have you tell me the circumstances slowly after I hit you once?」
「Well, wait. Although it’s certain that I served poison, this is something that I did thinking of you, you know?」

Kunihiko who tries to step forward.
Ogiwara who restrains him with words.
Ogiwara thinks desperately for a reversal while not showing the feelings of impatience.

「What do you mean?」
「It’s simple. If you two go, you will die」

Kunihiko moves one step closer.
Ogiwara take a step backward according to it.
The eyes pass by Kunihiko and is turned to the several Elves who came to guide Kunihiko and Asaka.
In addition, he search for the presence of the Elf who hides and watches this residential area.

From here on, it’s gambling.

「Natsume acts recklessly and dispatched the army here. What Shun said is not wrong, but only half is correct. Natsume’s army is in disguised, the original purpose, the annihilation of the Elves starts」
「Surprised? I’m an infiltration member who leaks the information to the outside from the inside. In this strategy, most of the Elves will be killed. Because it’s planned that they won’t interfere here, I recommend that you don’t go to the battlefield」

Kunihiko’s movement stops.
Casting a sideways glance at him, Asaka thinks whether Ogiwara’s words are true or not.

It’s slow that Ogiwara was brought here among the reincarnated people.
However, unlike Kunihiko and Asaka who were brought just approximately one year ago, it’s said that Ogiwara was brought approximately ten years ago.
Although it’s slow among the reincarnated people, it’s not slow to the extent that it’s unnatural.

What did Ogiwara do during the short period before he was brought into the Elf Village?
He is brought into the Elf Village, and he can contact the outside even though there’s the barrier.
Ogiwara confessed those questions easily.

「I’m affiliated with the church, and I received the training for information gathering when I was young. The unique skill that I have is 『Infinite Calling』 that’s a skill that can use Telepathy without limitations. It can pass through the barrier, and it can’t be tapped unlike the Telepathy. I contact the outside all the time with this. Ah, of course I conceal it with “Concealment”. The Elves probably think that the 『Taijutsu Genius LV1』 is my inborn skill」

The Elves’ action on Ogiwara who exposed it was fast.
They activate magic to restrict the body.
It’s the magic that wears wind on the target’s body, and seals the motion.

Ogiwara evaded it.
Kunihiko and Asaka who were active as adventurers took in that the ability is on the level that can’t be called as an amateur from the movement.
But, it’s far from the first rank.
But still, if it’s assumed that he acquire this movement in the several years before coming to the Elf Village, he has accumulated considerable training.

「It’s already over for the Elves. Would you like to die in vain for the Elves, or survive here? Which one will you choose?」

The reincarnated people are upset to the words.
There are no good feelings for the Elves.
Having said that, it was hopeless even if such a thing was said suddenly.

Ogiwara thrown the words to the former adventurers, Kunihiko and Asaka.
He judged that there were prospects of victory if he can bring these two people into this side.
But, Ogiwara forgot it because of the impatience.
That he has already done a hostile act called poisoning.

Asaka holds down Ogiwara on the ground.
Ogiwara didn’t know what happen for an instant.

「Elves. This person’s treatment will be decided by us. Interference is unnecessary」

Asaka declares in a cold voice.
The Elves are overwhelmed by it.

「I will have you to tell me the full story」

Ogiwara is pulled by Asaka, and is thrown into a nearby house.
Although the Elves try to follow after her, Kunihiko blocks the path.

「You are too careless」

Asaka who applied soundproof, draws closer to Ogiwara.

「Saying such a thing, if you oppose the Elves here, what about the others who can’t fight?」

Ogiwara can’t answer Asaka’s cross-examination.
The mission ordered to Ogiwara is to make sure that the reincarnated people to be quiet.
Without choosing the means in that case.

「And, the one that you come up with is poison? That’s too poor」
「It can’t be helped. I was not able to leak information carelessly because there were the eyes of the Elves」
「Then, isn’t it fine if you use your boasted “Infinite Calling”?」

Asaka sighs to Ogiwara who looks foolish that he just noticed it.

「For the time being, I will torture you」
「And, the eyes of the Elves will turn away even a little」
「Eh? It’s a pretense, right?」
「It’s unnatural if there’s no wound, right?」

Ogiwara’s scream echoes in the house where the soundproof was purposely canceled.
Of course it reaches the everyone’s ears on the outside, and they became terrified.

Ogiwara receives really light torture, and spits out everything to Asaka.
With the information, Asaka and Kunihiko begin to move.
Not to go to fight, but to survive.


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