Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 93

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93 The thing that extends over the layer

Where did you go?
Come out.

When I was wandering with such feelings, I found a certain thing.
No, rather than I found it, it was there.
I mean, it would be weird to not found this thing because it stands out.

The thing there was a huge hole.
The pit where I fall from the upper layer into the lower layer before.
It’s a pit even more bigger than that.
It connects the above and below.

Yes, this hole connects up.
I think that if I climb this hole up, I will reach the upper layer, and if I fall, I will reach the lower layer.
Although I think about that, I will ignore this hole.
Ah, I’m not saying it as a joke.
It’s indeed regrettable when my sense is doubted by saying such boring joke.

Such thing is trivial, and this hole, my Detection-san is telling me the dangers.
Yes, that’s why.
The moment the hole come into sight, it tells me.
“Ah, this guy is not good”, the guy that can be understood immediately.

Thus, in order to not approach the hole, I took a detour and I’m advancing ahead now..
That’s not good.
It’s a flag that if I approach it I will definitely get hurt.
This came just when I thought that I’m STRONG after evolving.
That’s right.
Up until now, nothing good happened when I get carried away.
Decent thing never happened when I get carried away.
I recalled that.
Being modest is the best.
Therefore, I will evade the flag with all my power.
I won’t approach it.
I certainly won’t approach it.
I don’t know the ostrich’s law.
I’m not a comedian.

I go away from the hole while thinking about such thing.
And, at the place where the hole can barely be seen, Detection-san perceived the maximum danger.
I hide myself in the shadow of the rock reflexively.
Peeping ahead, from the top of the hole, that came.

It can be seen clearly even though I’m far, a huge body.
Jet black body.
Eight red eyes shines strangely there.
Eight feet walk on the vertical wall.
The tip of the foot that gives the impression of a person’s finger, five long and sharp claws.
The jaw that seems to swallow everything.

The thing there is a monster.
Different from those failures everywhere, the real thing called as devil.
There’s no way a small mob is suitable to be its opponent.
The difference of overwhelming power that’s similar as what felt in the Earth Dragon.
I regret that Appraisal-sama is outside of the range.
Surely, it must have the status that can make me laugh.

Hey, isn’t that right?
My Mother.
It’s the second time that I meet the super-huge spider.

Such non-standard existence, there’s no way it’s crawling around like that.
If it’s like that, I will die easily.
That is surely the mother that I saw immediately after I was born.

Mother who’s going downwards at a slow movement.
That movement is majestic, like its behaving like the king in this labyrinth.
Actually, I don’t think there’s a monster that can stop mother’s march.
With my ability, I can’t say anything because I don’t know the upper limit, but I think that even the Earth Dragon can’t win against Mother.
Although I want to appraise Mother’s ability, it’s a suicidal action to approach that.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Because I’m a spider, I won’t be killed.

However, I thought that Mother was too strong to be in the upper layer, but it moves between layers using the pit like that.
So, it came to the upper layer like visiting by chance.
It originally inhabits either in the lower layer or the bottom layer.
Even the powerful monsters in the lower layer doesn’t seem to be able to fight against Mother.

Thank god that I never approach the hole aiming for laughs.
That’s not an area where I can win or not.
It’s the same as the Earth Dragon where death at the moment I’m marked.
Such thing is like a disaster if I move.

And, Mother’s movement stops abruptly.
It stops for some reasons, and it’s looking at a certain direction.
And, the huge fangs turn towards that direction slowly.

The next moment, the world shook.

It’s not that feeling of impact but the world really shook.
The labyrinth itself seemed to screamed because of the shock.
If I were to express it in sound effects, then *chudoon*, *guragura*.

What kind of attack was it?, because it’s beyond my understanding, I don’t know it well.
But, in front of my eyes, the place where there should be a spring of the magma, a crater of the size exceeding the scale of the spring was newly born.
I lost the way to know about what was there eternally.
Have I entered Mother’s view? Or, did I do anything that hurt its feelings?
Such unfortunate monsters, even dust doesn’t remained anymore now.

Magma flows anew into the completed crater.
Surely, a spring bigger than the former spring will be completed in the future.

Thank god that the attack didn’t turned to me.
If it’s that, I might die without even realizing that I died.
I suppress my presence desperately so that Mother won’t notice me.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Stealth LV7』 has become 『Stealth LV8』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Silent LV1』 has become 『Silent LV2』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Fear Resistance LV7』 has become 『Fear Resistance LV8』》

And, Mother disappeared slowly to the bottom.


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