Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 90

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90 Patience

I’m exploring aimlessly in the middle layer.
My stomach became full after eating the eel, so it doesn’t seems that I need to worry about collapsing because of hunger.
It doesn’t seems that I need to hunt assertively at this rate, so I will advance at leisure.
My mood is also good, so I can forgive the heat of the middle layer now.
Ah, as expected, this heat is too much.

There are no monsters in the surroundings, so let’s confirm my skill points.
My skill points increased to 500 points in this evolution, so I might find a good skill.
All of the skills except “Detection” are big hits, so it would be good to acquire a good skill in this flow.

“Pride” is somewhat vague and the only disadvantage is that the level of “Taboo” rose at present.
It doesn’t seems that I can do something about “Taboo” immediately, and when thinking so, is it a substantial disadvantage?
When thinking about the absurdly high effect, the advantage exceeds the disadvantage as revenue and expenditure.
It’s a mystery that this skill can be acquired with just 100 skill points.
Just by seeing its effect, I can understand even if it needs 1000 points.

Although finding non-standard skills like “Pride” might be aiming too high, let’s acquire skills that seem to be good.
It’s no use to collect too many points.
Such thing have value when it’s used.
Saving up from here even more to acquire the higher skills seems to be bad in efficiency.

Thus, Appraisal-sama, please do it!
Double appraise the skill point.
I looked at the list that appeared.

When seeing like this, there are still a lot of skills that can be acquired with 100 points.
Although most of them are useless, let’s raise the skill proficiency thoroughly if I’m free next time.
But, it’s better to raise skill proficiency of the more useful skill if I have such time.
Ah, but, there might be a skill that becomes useful after it evolves like “Prediction”.
I’m hesitating.
Now’s not the time for that. I need to see the skills that can be acquired with more than 200 points.

As expected, there’s no skill of the “Pride” class.
I did somewhat expect a little for it.
Well, of course I will.

I thought I was going to said that.

It’s there.
Broken skill.

Patience(500):n% power capable of reaching the Gods. Own divinity area is expanded.
As long as you have MP, no matter what kind of damage is received, you will survive with HP 1. In addition, the W system is surpassed and the the right to interfere with the MA area is obtained』

There’s a mysterious skill fully loaded of mysterious language again….
And, there’s a ability like a joke.
This activates when I receive damage by consuming MP?
I don’t know how’s the MP consumption, but does it means that I can do a zombie attack as long as I still have MP?
I don’t understand.
What’s with that nasty ability.

This time, I don’t hesitate.
With a click.

《Currently you have 500 skill points.
The skill 『Patience』 can be acquired by spending 500 skill points.
Do you want to acquire it?》


《『Patience』 was acquired. Remaining skill point 0》

I, who have acquired “Pride” don’t have the word “retreat” in me any longer!
I will acquire all of these skills!
Be it “Taboo” or whatever it is, come at me!

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Taboo LV5』 has become 『Taboo LV7』》

I’m sorry.
After all, it’s better if you don’t come.

《Conditions met. Title 『Ruler of Patience』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Ruler of Patience』, skill 『Heresy Nullity』『Conviction』 was acquired》
《『Heresy Resistance LV4』 has unified with 『Heresy Nullity』》

Ah, as expected, “Taboo” rose.
This time is also 2.
Well, it can’t be helped.
Apart from that, the important one is the title.

I can’t stay like this!
Let’s confirm the title immediately!

Ruler of PatienceAcquisition skill 「Heresy Nullity」「Conviction」:Acquisition condition:Acquisition of 「Patience」:Effect:Every ability of defense and resistance rise. Opening of evil eye-type skill. A+correction whenever resistance-type skill proficiency gained. The Ruler class privilege is acquired:Explanation:The title presented to those who rule patience』

It’s just as expected.
As expected, it’s a cheat class title.
My defense and resistance increased!
Both increased by 100, my defense rose to 351 and my resistance rose to 380.
Really, what’s this?
Isn’t it a little too cheat?
It’s also great that the skill proficiency of the resistance-type skills becomes easier to raise.
Because I’m specialized in “Evasion”, I don’t receive attacks easily, so my resistance-type skill don’t rise much.
It compensates my weak place, so it’s considerably good.

And, I’m bothered by the opening of the evil eye-type skill.
I want this.
If I acquire something of the evil eye, I can say something like 「Ku, my right eye throbs!」 or 「This is what it means to kill something」. (TL note: The second one is Tohno Shiki’s quote)
It’s really the word that titillates the chuunibyou.
I want to acquire it, but I don’t have skill points anymore!
Ah, I must quickly level up and save up my skill points.

There are also the newly added skills, “Heresy Nullity” and “Conviction”.
“Heresy Nullity” seems to be the highest rank of “Heresy Resistance”.l
“Heresy Resistance” has the effect that increases defensive ability against attack that violates the soul directly, while “Heresy Nullity” completely nullifies that.
With this, even if an enemy who uses “Heresy Magic” attacks me, I don’t have to worry.

Conviction:Deal damage that can’t be resisted proportional to the cumulative total value of crimes against those who accumulate crimes within the system in the soul』

In other words, it’s an attack that the damage becomes higher if the opponent commit more crimes.
It’s scary that it says can’t be resisted.
But, this has the same sense as “Hell”.
It doesn’t seems that I can use it.

Although I tried it, just as I thought, it can’t be used.
Although it might be a misfire because there’s no target, there’s a conviction that it can’t be used.

Well, even if “Conviction” can’t be used, it’s still an outrageous advantage.
Although “Taboo” rose, I have no choice but to let nature take its course.
As long as I won’t die suddenly when “Taboo” reaches level 10, I will accept that disadvantage.

Nevertheless, my status increase a lot and my skills improved.
Aren’t I the strongest?


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