Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 86

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86 Dance of victory

《There are multiple choices of evolution. Please choose from the following.
Poison Taratect
Zoa Ere》

Ah, evolution.
Isn’t it early!?
Although I thought about this at the monkey’s case, isn’t it early this time?

Well, I can evolve later.
Anyway, now, I want to taste this excitement.

I won!!!

Hyaffuui! ( ひゃっふーい!)
I won, I won!
I won against such a strong eel!
Isn’t it incredible!?
Aren’t I very strong!?
Uhe, uhehe.
I hardly use my threads, and I won in a direct fight, you know?
I won’t let you say that I’m weak anymore.
I’m strong!
Hyahhoi! ( ひゃっほーい!)
The eel was a formidable enemy.
It was certainly a formidable enemy.
It was a mortal combat.
But, the one who won is me!

Ah, crap.
The excitement still haven’t settled down.
After all, it’s a Drake, you know?
It’s different from the fake Drakes like seahorse and catfish so far. It’s a fully-fledged Drake-like Drake, you know?
And, I defeated it directly, one on one, fair and square, you know?
This me!
Ah, the excitement returns.
Hyahhai! ( ひゃっはーい!)

* Please wait for a while. (TL note: LOL!!!)

Zee, haa.
I got too excited, and lose my breath.
Well then, let’s stop being excited here, and think what do to do after this.

First of all, my level rose a lot all at once.
As expected from the eel.
The Drake species is not just for show.
If only the status was seen, it’s overwhelming, and there’s also the effect of “Pride”, so I can understand that my level rose a lot all at once.
My skill also rose considerably in this battle, so it’s quite delicious in experience points.

However, to be honest, I leave my winning rate to my fate.
Actually, if I made a mistake even a step or a move, I would have become cinders about this time.
The eel was a formidable enemy to that extent.
I mean, if you see its genuine status, there are no elements that I can win.
Same as the monkey’s case, aren’t I fighting to the very limit too much?

I’m happy that “Automatic HP Recovery” and “Fire Resistance” rose.
Up until now, the automatic recovery offsets the terrain damage, but the damage should be surpassed a little by level up.
I can’t confirm it now because I just recover completely by level up.
With this, if it’s a little damage, it should recover over time.
Although I have put a considerably severe condition that I must not receive any damage, it seems that I can ease a little from now on.
Well, but still, it doesn’t change the fact that I will die if I receive a direct hit.

And, I became level 10.
Now that I became level 10, it’s possible to evolve.
But, what should I do?
Is it fine to evolve here?

Because evolution is accompanied by danger.
First of all, while evolving, I completely lose my consciousness.
Because I will become completely defenseless during that time, if other monster attacks me, I can’t do anything.
Last time and the time before last, because I evolved inside the nest, safety was secured, but it won’t go like that this time.
At any rate, my thread can’t be used.
If I make a nest in this place covered with magma, it will blaze up while I’m making it.
Evolve in the fire?
Impossible impossible.

That’s not all.
Because energy is used to evolve when evolving, my MP and SP will be emptied.
Although my MP is still fine, when my SP become empty, it might be impossible to act because of the hunger.
Worst case, death from starvation.
Because there’s a large amount of food when I evolve so far, I managed to do something about it right after evolving, but there’s no such emergency stores this time.
Well, although there’s this eel, it probably won’t recover my SP completely even with its large build.
Although I don’t have to worry about starvation, I think it’s necessary to hunt for preys for a while.

Ah, but, what will happen to the “Overeating” skill’s stockpile?
Up until now, during my evolution, I don’t have my “Overeating” skill’s stockpile.
Although it decreased reasonably by the fight with the eel, still, it has an excellent amount remains.
If I use this stockpile’s energy to evolve, it might not be fully drained.
But, shouldn’t I move by wishful thinking?

Although I want to evolve, when thinking about the safety here, isn’t it better that I don’t evolve?
I thought about this before, but I’m also uneasy wondering whether the level will rise as it is or not.
Or maybe ‘Small’ stops at level 10.
If that’s the case, then all the experience points gained will be in vain because the middle layer capture still continues.
As expected, I don’t want that.
When thinking so, it’s better to evolve?

For the time being, there are multiple choices of evolution, so let’s check it with “Appraisal”.
Thus, please, Appraisal-sama.

Evolution Possible:Poison Taratect or Zoa Ere』

Leaving aside Poison Taratect, what’s this Zoa Ere?
It’s not even Taratect.

Zoa EreEvolution Condition:Small spider-type monster that has status more than the standard value, and the 「Assassin」 title:Explanation:The small spider-type monster that’s feared as the symbol of sinister. It has high combat ability and stealth nature』

Oh, Appraisal-sama!
The evolution condition is added in it!
As expected from Appraisal-sama!
No blunders at all!

In other words, it became possible to evolve to it because my status is higher than the condition.
That means, my status was lower than the condition before.
I mean, title is related to evolution.
Perhaps, I was able to evolve to ‘Poison’ because I have the “Poison Technique User” title.
The possibility is high.


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