Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 3

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3 There was a time when I thought that “Appraisal” was a cheat skill.

I am a spider. ( TL note: she uses 吾輩/wagahai to refer herself here)
I’m still nameless.

What am I saying suddenly?
I just want to say it just because I don’t have a name.
What am I referring to?
To explain about it, I need to look back on the past.

I was dumbfounded after confirming my size.
Well, isn’t it normal?
It’s already a shock to me that I was born as a spider, furthermore, I’m a monster.
This sucks.
A normal person would had fall in despair and commit suicide already.
Well, I haven’t thought of wanting to die yet.

But I can’t keep on feeling down.
If here is not Earth and it’s in a different world, then I don’t know how dangerous this world is.
There’s no guarantee that there are no other monsters besides that huge spider.

That huge spider probably is about 30 meters in length according to my size.

Can a person defeat that thing?
I pray for the owner of the footprints to not meet that huge spider.
However, things are different when they have heavy firearms.
In addition, there’s a possibility where magic exist in the world.
If that’s the case, then can they resist against that huge spider to some extent?
I don’t know.
But that spider is definitely looks like a formidable enemy of the boss-type enemy.
Or rather, if I’m wrong, I would be dead.

A while ago, I was assuming that the people will fight with that huge spider but isn’t it good that way?
After all, I am probably the child of that huge spider.
I’m the baby of a monster.
Ah, un.
Now’s not the time to joke around.
If somebody were to meet me, isn’t it obvious that I’m going to be killed?

It’s possible.
Or rather, the possibility being killed is high.
What shall I do now?
Even though I want some information about human, I will be killed if I were to be discovered.

This is bad.
The lesser the information, the more I don’t understand.
What kind of world is this?
What kind of people live in this world?
How do they treat monsters like me in this world?

There’s a lot I want to know about but I don’t have the way to find it out.
Ah, if this was a novel then there should be a “Appraisal” skill for me to gather information.

《 Currently you have 100 skill points.
The skill 『Appraisal LV1』 can be acquired by spending 100 skill point.
Do you want to acquire it? 》

…. Seriously?
Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head sounded like a machine.
Oh, I see.
There is.
There is a “Appraisal” skill!
I’m fired up!
It somehow became like a different world reincarnation already!
My answer is obviously a YES!

《 『Appraisal LV1』 was acquired. Remaining skill point 0 》

Even though I used all my skill point, such points would surely increase by the time I level up so there’s no need to worry about that.
Leaving. That. Aside!
I should check out my “Appraisal” skill by examining various things!

…. How to use it?
Well, for now, I should try focusing on a rock while chanting “Appraisal” in my mind.
I feel that it went well!
Information flowed quickly into my head.

『 Stone 』

That’s all?
No no no,
You can’t mean it right?
I most likely failed for the first time.
Let’s try again.

『 Stone 』

Don’t tell me, it’s only that?
No no no no.
Surely, this rock has no information value in it. Therefore, I am sure it’s just a plain rock.
Now, I will try to appraise the wall.
By any chance, I might be able to know what kind of place is this.
I would feel ease if there’s a name and explanation about the cave after appraising it.

『 Wall 』

I won’t say anything this time.

『 Appraisal LV1 』. Purposely attaching a LV, I think I need to put a little more thought about it.
In other words, the skill won’t have much effect in LV1.
Even though, I want to raise the LV, I don’t have skill points to be used.

It have wasted all my skill points!
I don’t know what kind of skill there is other than “Appraisal” but there should be a skill much more usable even in LV1!

No, I should think oppositely.
If “Appraisal” is in this kind of state, then other skill should have a useless effect in LV1 too.
Let’s think this way.
Otherwise, I cannot continue.

Nai waa.
While I am one it, should I appraise myself?

『 Spider
No name』

It is as expected that spider appeared after appraising but.. no name?

That sums up everything and it’s back to the beginning.
No name.
Well, I have a name in my previous life so does that mean that the present me as a spider do not have a name?

For the time being, I will put away this useless “Appraisal” skill.
Or rather, I should say that it became more complicated due to the “Appraisal” skill.

Skill point.
I can probably acquire new skills if I save some points.
But I don’t know how to gain the points.
If this world uses the concept of LV, then I should be able to gain some points by LV up.
If it’s like that though.

This world is like a game having LV, skill and points.
Isn’t it fine like this?
At most, I am just a spider monster.
I can’t possibly live a decent life. Ah. In the first place, I am just a spider. I will probably be living a spider life rather than a human life.
Anyways, in this game-like world, born as a spider, I should live my live amusingly as a spider in such a world just like playing a game.

For the time being, I am hungry.

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