Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 209

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209 Vampire attendant conciliatory operation

We transfer to a suitable forest.
I leave the Vampire master and servant to the Demon King, and transfer to the town again.
I act as a looter and steal various things.
I create a different space and throw those things into it.
Although I tried to reproduce the Space Storage of the Space Magic skill, it’s difficult.
It seems that the difficulty of the magic that uses the space is high.

I put up the tent that I stole, and begin to cook simple dishes with the ingredients that I stole.
The Demon King sits down with shining eyes.
Help me.

When I eat the completed dish, the guard woke up.
The Demon King said that his name is Merazofis, and it seems to be a fireball-like name.

「Where is here?」
「In a suitable forest. Because I wanted to talk slowly, I put you to sleep and brought you here arbitrarily」
「Is…that so?」

Merazofis, because it’s long, Mera is fine.
Mera is still being slightly cautious.
Well, we are unknown and mysterious oddballs after all.
Mainly because of the Demon King’s speech and behavior.
There’s no one who thinks that she’s the real Demon King.
If there is, that guy is that.

「Thank you for saving us」
「You’re welcome. Well, you’re just there. The one we want to save is that child」

The Demon King pointed at the Vampire child who’s still sleeping peacefully.

「May I ask a few things?」
「Okay. I will answer the one that can be answered」
「The town, no, what happened to the lord and madam?」

The Demon King looks at me.
I shake my head to that.
I went to see the state of the Vampire child’s family just in case when I went to procure goods.
The result is unfortunate.

He probably has guessed it with my reaction.
Mera subdued his voice and wailed.
And, a few minutes of shedding tears, he wipes the tears and raises his mushy face.

「I have shown you an unsightly part」
「No. There’s no way that the tears shed for someone are unsightly」

The Demon King looks at Mera like pitying him.
She did say something like that when we were going to save them, so it seems that she’s pleased with him.

「Another one. There should be another woman attendant of Ojou-sama besides me in that place. Do you know about her?」
「You have seen it, right? She died」
「I guess that’s right」

It’s probably the feelings like the last hope and pray for a miracle.
The thought that “I don’t expect so much, but maybe” was seen.
Although he pretends to be calm, still, he can’t conceal the appearance that he was disappointed.

「Well then, I will ask you again. Who on earth are you?」
「Then, we will answer seriously」

Then, the intimidating air increases from the Demon King.
Apparently, it seems that she turned on the intimidating-type skills that were turned off.
Although it has almost no effect on me, the change brought a dramatic effect.

The sweats rushes out of Mera’s whole body.
His expression freezes in fear.
I felt that the creatures in the forest are going away all at once.

「I’m the genuine and real Demon King. It’s Demon King Ariel. My best regards from now on」

Ah, I think that she’s really the Demon King when she get rid of her usual disappointing aura.
With this intimidation, there’s no way that Mera won’t believe her.
I mean, there’s no way that the people who can release such intimidation are common.

「Demon King. Why?」

In fact, he probably feels frightened and wants to run away right away, but he remains in the place to protect the Vampire child bravely.
Not only that, but he raised a question back even though it’s a hoarse voice.
Incredible willpower.

「Hmm. Shiro-chan, what should we do?」

This mean whether we should tell him or not, right?
Isn’t it fine?
Thus, I nod.

「Well then, let me explain」

The Demon King cancels the intimidation, and begins to explain attentively.

「A certain total fool in this world do something stupid, and cause trouble to another world」
「Well, just listen. The youngsters of the another world died because of the circumstances here. And so, The God who felt responsibility to that picks up their souls at that time, and let them reborn in this world anew. They are called the reincarnated people」

Mera listens with the face that it’s pointless anyhow.
Well, even if such nonsense story is told suddenly…

「They, the reincarnated people are born with the memory of the previous life. In addition, they received a bonus from the God. Although I don’t know whether it’s because of that or not, the people who attacked you seems to aim at the reincarnated people」
「Um, what’s the relation with the story?」
「Oh? You’re bad at guessing. In other words, that Ojou-chan over that is one of the reincarnated people」

Surprise floats on Mera’s face.
But, it was not the size that the Demon King expected.

「Muu. You don’t believe me, right?」
「As expected, I can’t believe such a groundless story」
「Is that so? Don’t you happen to know? This Ojou-chan is strangely better in understanding compared with the other babies, isn’t it? Did she do a strange action for a baby?」
「You have the face that she did those things」

Of course there is.
No matter how high her acting ability is, there’s no way that a high school student can act as a baby perfectly.
If she can do it, she can get the starring award.
She was not found out because her body is really a baby.
People will pretend not to know a few sense of incongruity if the appearance is deceived.

「And, I think that you realized it already, but Ojou-chan is not a human. She’s a Vampire」
「As expected, is that so?」
「Un. By the way, you too」
「That time, I was bitten by Ojou-sama was a reality, huh?」
「Yes. It seems that Ojou-chan have gotten the Vampire skill from the God. That’s why, she was naturally a Vampire. Somehow, it looks like she did various trial and error after she knew it by seeing the status」
「Because there are skills like Memory and Calculation Processing, did she search for a method to conceal the fact that she’s a Vampire somehow?」
「Do you have the Appraisal skill?」
「Appraisal level 10. Amazing, right?」

A self-satisfied look.

「Well, we can confirm it in detail when Ojou-chan wakes up. By the way, we saved Ojou-chan this time is because there’s pretty much a bond. That Shiro-chan over there is a reincarnated person」

Because Mera stared at me, I nodded lightly.
Although he seemed to draw back slightly, it’s surely my imagination.


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