Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 200

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200 Loot

I pretend to bring in a melee, and I abduct a robot and withdraw quickly.
If it’s a melee, they will stop shooting because they are afraid of friendly fire, but such thing is only when the opponent was a living flesh human. If it’s the opponent is the emotionless opponent, it will shoot me together with its allies without hesitation.
Moreover, even though I receive a large damage just by one shot, it’s only to the extent that the robot’s armor scratched a little.
I’m at disadvantage to die honorably with a suicide attack.

I made the newly abducted robot as the shield, and I observe the robots in order to destroy the present condition desperately.
To be exact, it’s the analysis of the magic set in the robots.
The countermeasure for the magic obstruction that’s tormenting me.

The robot army acts calmly in the magic obstruction.
They have the defensive ability to the extent that it’s impossible, and it’s clear that magic is used.
The answer is because the magic to neutralize the magic obstruction is built into the robots.
The magic that obstructs the magic obstruction further.

I analyze it, and intend to defeat the present condition by imitating it.
Because it’s a considerably complicated construction and it’s concealed skillfully, it takes a considerable time for the analysis, but if the analysis is completed, I should be able to reverse the formation at once.

I devote myself to evasion, and advance the analysis at the same time.
Even if I use the “Super Thought Acceleration”, I can’t evade the bullets by seeing it.
I look at the robots movement, predict the trajectory of the fired bullet, and I must evade it from the trajectory beforehand.
I won’t make it if I avoid it after it was fired.
If there’s only one opponent, I have composure, but it doesn’t mean that my processing power can’t make it in time. In the first place, the bullets fill up the space to the extent that there’s no space to avoid.
But still, I move around everywhere toying the robots in order to minimize the damage.

I turn my brain fully after a long time.
Evasion and analysis.
Thanks to that, my head seems to explode.

My head seriously exploded.
Iii wwwaaasss ssshhhooottt!
The human head is taken away beautifully.
That’s also the main body!

Bad bad.
The human brain can’t be used, and the processing speed drops sharply.

In this environment that I can’t expect the recovery, it was a serious wound that’s not strange to die normally.
Well, I have the “Patience” and “Immortality”.
Even the magic obstruction was not able to stop these two skills.
As expected of the skills of the broken ability.
Despite that the magic obstruction set up around this place is an advanced thing that can even reduce my ability remarkably, I can activate the broken skills without a problem at all.
As long as the body maintains the model, there’s no difficulty in actions.
Because the human head is crushed, if even the spider is destroyed, it might be a little dangerous.

I can’t afford to take things easy anymore.
Because I can’t use the human brain, the evasion has become sloppy.
The right arm that was half torn is blown off.
Several feet were taken away too.
The bullets graze the body of both human and spider.

As expected, this is already bad.
When it becomes such step, the analysis is completed at last.
I deploy the imitated magic based on the analysis result extemporaneously.
To see through the opponent’s magic formula while fighting in this short time, I’m a genius.

The effect was outstanding.
As expected of a magic made extemporaneously, the power is lower than the genuine one built in the robots, but at least, it made my status recover to some extent.
From there, it was comparatively one-sided.

The bullet that scrapes off my flesh just by grazing it until then, didn’t become a fatal wound even if it hits me directly.
Although it doesn’t mean that there’s no damage at all, it was to the extent that I don’t need to make the robot as the shield.
The recovery of the wound also began gradually.

After all, although I was not able to use magic, I was able to knock down the robots.
I hit it, cut it with sickle, and threw it.
Like that, I annihilated the robot army.
Although I was prepared for the revival, I managed it.

The robots are annihilated, and I canceled the magic obstruction that was set in this facility.
I only destroyed the machine that generated the magic obstruction though.
Immediately after that, my damaged body starts recovering.
The human head that was blown off is cured as before, and the right arm grows too.

Ah, it was tiresome.
But, I did it.
After this, it’s fun time.
Like that, I checked all over the facility

The robot that repairs the robot.
The air cleaning system function maintenance.
And so on.
And, in the deepest part of the facility, I discovered that which I searched for.

A huge machine.
The energy in there was an extraordinary size.
Despite that, the energy increases whenever time passes.

MA energy generator.

That machine is the main source that produced the greatest taboo.
The thing that the existence itself can’t be allowed that leads the world to collapse.
I never thought that it’s still running.

I destroy the device, and recover the ball of the palm size that saves the energy called the core.
With this, this device can’t collect energy anymore.
But, the energy that has been saved so far is concentrated in this core.

I put the core in Space Storage for a moment, I retrace the way where I came while destroying the facility.
And, I return to the place where the ruins of the robot army piled up, and I began the dismantling of the robots.

The aim is the core built in the robots.
Although the capacity is smaller than the core that’s in the MA energy generator, the core should have been built into these robots.
The core of the aim was in the body, and I recovered the core from each body.

I put the recovered cores on the floor.
Among those, there were the ones that got damaged in the combat and the energy came out, but still, I have collected a considerable number of cores.
When I add the energy of all cores, it becomes outrageous.
If it converts into simple fracture energy, this whole area will blow off.
It should become the energy that can cause a natural disaster lightly.

The energy that the ancients of this world create in order to satisfy their own desire.
The energy that can be said as the vitality of this star.

It’s this. This.
I broke through the disadvantageous situation by force just for this.
I have the right to secure this as a loot!

If Gyurigyuri is here, he will absolutely take it away.
Well, it’s impossible to leave such dangerous materials, right?
But, that Gyurigyuri is not here.
The chance to be able to defeat the robot army was low, and there was the possibility that Gyurigyuri will interfere in the middle of fighting.
That’s why, I thought that it’s a godsend to obtain it, but for it to go this well.
Thank you, God!
Ah, D, it’s not you, okay?

If all of these energies unify with me, I can expect a considerable level up.
The “Taboo” knowledge included the method to absorb this energy.
Although it’s a suicidal act to absorb all of these energies if it’s a human, I should be able to endure it.
If it went well, I might surpass the Demon King with this.

Thus, I apply magic to the collected cores.
The core and me unites magically, and the energy that dwelled in the core is poured into me.
There’s not much changes.
I absorb the energy of all the cores while thinking so.

Although I thought that there was a level or whatever change if I absorb the core.
There’s nothing.

Did I fail?
No no.
The magic formula should have been perfect.
In fact, the energy of the core is empty.
It should be certain that it was transferred to me.

When I had begun to learn impatience slightly, it happened suddenly.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Divinity Area Expansion LV9』 has become 『Divinity Area Expansion LV10』》
《Conditions met. Apotheosis starts》

The shock to the extent that it’s unendurable overflows from my inside.
And, I let go of my consciousness easily.


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