Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 196

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196 Rather than the spider, it’s the ant

I dig the hole diligently.

Because I drank with Gyurigyuri, a day was wasted pointlessly.
After I was dead drunk, I noticed that the fight of the Demon King and the Earth Dragons was finished.
The Demon King who wander around in the bottom layer for a while, starts moving upwards afterwards.
As for the route, it seems to clash with Queen-in-charge.
Because I have already told it to Queen-in-charge, she will escape skillfully.
Queen-in-charge has already recovered to the extent that she can use Transfer.

That’s why, I restarted making the preserved food after being interfered by Gyurigyuri while paying attention to the Demon King’s movement.
The sea fishing.

Did Gyurigyuri warn them? After that, I was not able to catch a Water Dragon. (kumorisushi.com)
I was able to catch the Water Drakes in large quantities though.

Oh, yes.
Although I only caught Water Drakes and Water Dragon so far, when I catch it in large quantities again, there are pure marine products that are not Water Drakes among them.
Somehow, it’s only that the Water Drakes bite the lure frequently because they are carnivores, it seems that there are also normal fishes.
The number of hit is considerably low though.

Like that, I made full use of the “Fire Magic” and smoked the large quantity of foods.
Well, I only soak it into the seawater suitably, and smoked it. It’s a fake smoking.
I have not done any smoking before, and I don’t know the way to do it too.
So, I only do something that feels like it.

Yes, and.
What I should give priority more than the taste is the preservability.
In addition, if it last to some extent, I won’t get an upset stomach by the effect of the Gross Feeder title.
If it starts rotting, I can just exchange it each time.
Thus, I placed the completed pseudo-smoked foods in the bases suitably.

The number of bases has already exceeded two digits.
It’s seven places that I have dig various places suitably.
One under the town.
Three in the Elro Great Labyrinth.

As for the Elro Great Labyrinth, with the idea of it’s darkest under the lamp post.
Although I chose the town because there’s a reason, the others are really simply chosen.
I dig and made it into a base with the feeling “around here is fine”.

And, in order to increase the number of bases even more, I’m digging now.
However, this time, I’m a little interested in something, so I’m not digging suitably.

The place where I am now, is the place advanced straight all the way after going out of the Elro Great Labyrinth.
With the purpose of base making and expanding the range of action, I try to go to the place where I haven’t gone so far.
And so, although I searched for a good place to be made as a base, something strange was caught in Detection.
There was a space in the underground

There’s a considerable depth, and the length seems to be quite long somehow.
Because it’s beyond the soil, as expected, even the Detection doesn’t grasp it very well.
I who was driven by interest, dig a hole heading towards that hollow.

However, the Detection is convenient again.
Although I’m heading to a hollow this time, can’t I dig up a hot spring depending on how I use this?
Ah, that might be good.
Although I didn’t mind it when I was a complete spider, I am driven by the desire to want to take a bath now that the human was added.

When you say why am I saying this is because I smell it.
Although there’s no such smell from the spider body, there’s a smell from the human body.
Perhaps, I think that the ways of metabolism are different between the spider and the human.

That’s why, I didn’t mind it so far, but I feel a little of wanting to take a bath.
I didn’t think that the Enhanced Smell was useful in such a place.
Although there’s also a smell from the spider body, it’s a smell different than the human body.
Although a normal human will not know what smell is that, if it’s an owner of the sense of smell at the same level as a dog, it might know the difference.

Well, that’s if I can find it though.
There’s no way that a hot spring will be here conveniently.
Now, let’s go to the mysterious hollow.
Even if I say that, I already arrive.

I penetrate the hole that I dug, and connects it with the hollow.
The inside was a circular tunnel approximately 3 meters in height.
And so, the innumerable eyes that pierce me who appeared from the ceiling.

It’s the ants.

Well, I knew it though.
While I was digging, I understood that there’s something by Detection.
Apparently, here is the nest of the ant monsters.

The ants approximately 2 meters in length looked up at me.
As the appraisal result, apparently, these guys are the species called Efejegoath.
It’s a name that make me recalls the bees that were in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
If I’m not mistaken, the bee’s name was Finjegoath, is it?

The status is somehow similar.
However, these guys have neither the “Poison Stinger” nor the “Flight”.
Instead, they have the skill called “Acid Attack”.
In addition, they seem to be able to use “Soil Magic” impudently.

Well, so what.
Even if they have geographical advantage and the numbers, their strength with me is too different
If such thing appears on the ground in large quantities, it will be a pinch for the humans.

Quick annihilation, and suppression completed.
Although there were evolved individuals like bodyguards and the queen ant in the depths of the nest, I clear them up all at once.
While snitching food occasionally, I decide to use this place as one of the bases as it is because I obtained a large quantity of food here.
I stuff the corpses of the ant into the wide space where the queen ant was, and lay eggs there.
With this, there’s no need to worry about the food here.

There’s no need to make a base by myself purposely, and both food and experience points are obtained.
Rather than killing two birds with one stone, it’s killing three birds with one stone.
If I happen to find a similar ant’s nest, I will attack it assertively.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We were told that Clairvoyance allows one to see farther, and see through objects.
    With her “Thousand whatever eyes” skill from the Queen, her vision’s radius becomes nothing short of absurd.

    Why can’t she find a hot-spring vein? She can see through walls, no?

    • mecha fan says:

      I got the impression it was similar to a magnifying glass or a telescope, where it shrinks the width of vision.

      In other words, it would take too long, where as the mapping ability is omnidirectional.

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    Ah is this a documentary? The spider takes over the ants nest and lays eggs?

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