Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 192

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192 Sea fishing part 2

It’s the sea.
It’s fishing.
I won’t do it.
I don’t do it.
It’s not that when I try to do a crawl, my spider body overturned and was almost drowned.
No is no.

It’s frightening that I can’t sink.
I want you to imagine it.
The state of having a float attached to your waist, and you get into the water upside down.
Besides, the float can’t be removed.
Even if you let your feet struggle, you are only cutting the sky.

I thought that I was going to die.
I’m immortal though.
Ah, no, it’s different.
In fact, I didn’t almost die.
Surely, it’s your hallucination.
There’s no way this magnificent me will drown in the sea and was about to die.

Well then, let’s forget the unhappy incident and fish.
I attach a suitable bait similar to the last time, and throw a thread into the sea.
Caught it, caught it.
As usual, the fish in this sea bites at every cast.

A heavy response.
This is a big one!
The big one in this sea is bad, right?

As I thought, it was the Water Dragon that I caught.
It seems to be level 23.
It seems to be almost the same strength as the Earth Dragon Geere.
That’s fished by me with a thread, and was pulled to the beach.

Ah, ah, un.
Certainly, the level is high, and the ability value is also high.
It also has a lot of skills, and about the same strength as Geere. It’s considerably strong.
However, if it’s the present me, even if I fight directly, I can win with composure.
Even if I fight directly.

The Water Dragon can be said as the dragon of the water.
As it inhabits in the sea, the combat ability in the water is high.
What happens when it comes ashore?

The answer is it will writhe on the beach.

This Water Dragon seems to be an underwater specialized type.
It can’t adapt itself on the land.
It’s just like the aspect like the whale on the land.
Even if I leave it alone, it seems to die before fighting against me.
Is that fine for you, Water Dragon?

The Water Dragon that I caught in the same way before is an amphibious type though.
It looks like the type changes depending on the species that the Water Dragon evolved.
The Earth Dragons didn’t have anyone other than the same species, so the Dragon might be the only one.
Well, even if it’s not so, if I see the Earth Dragons, I understand that they have a lot of types. Then, it’s not strange even if the Water Dragons have a lot of types.
Among the many types, it’s not strange even if there’s a species that completely adapt itself underwater and didn’t adapt itself on the land.

Rather, it might be a lot.
All the monsters of the Water Drake types that I caught last time were monsters made with the base of the creature in the sea of Earth.
Naturally, they can’t adapt on the land.
Aren’t there a lot of Water Dragons that evolved from there that can’t adapt on the land?

If it’s underwater, they will show a matchless strength, but they are powerless on the land.
If the Earth Dragon is the strategy specialized type that has outstanding status, the Water Dragon is the environment specialized type that uses the field called the sea.

When I think of something useless, the Water Dragon became more bad.
It seems that it doesn’t have the energy to jump around, and it’s twitching.
Its HP decreases considerably too.
If this goes on, it will die in another several minutes.
Is it that?
Must it use its gills to breath?

I didn’t see it.
Well then, let’s continue fishing.
I throw a thread into the sea again as if nothing happened.

The one caught was the pseudo-blow fish that the summoner summoned before.
Ah, because this guy also has the “Water Drake” skill, it’s a Water Drake.
However, it has poison, huh?

Before this, I can’t do minute things, so I ate the poisonous organs, but now that I have the human hand, won’t I be able to take out the organs only?
You’ll never know unless you try, so let’s try it.

At first, I cut the stomach with the sickle thinly.
I put the human hand into the cut, and expand it.
I scrape out the insides.
I don’t know which organ has the poison in the blow fish, for the time being, I take out all of the organs.
Isn’t it good?

I try to eat the separated meat for trial.
Oh, this is good.
There’s no peculiar bitterness like the time I ate the poison.
It’s a fresh taste.

Because it was delicious, I ate the whole thing unconsciously.
The purpose of making preserved food has changed into secret eating.

Oh, well.
There’s no need to be in a hurry.

The Demon King is still battling against the Earth Dragons.
I think that it will probably end by today.
In other words, I still have time today.
It will take several days to crawl out of the bottom layer, and if I make full use of Transfer and continue escaping, there’s no problem.

Let’s spend the day fishing peacefully.

However, what should I do with these organs?
Because I have the “Abnormal Condition Nullity”, there’s no problem even if I eat it, but eating something that I know that it taste bad is….
But, leaving behind is against my principle.
It’s different when it’s a part that clearly can’t be eaten like the scales, but poison is pretty much edible.
Although I think that poison is not a food, because I have continue eating poison from the moment I was born, it’s too late.

Let’s eat it.
Ue, bad.
The blow fish’s poison is said to be strong after all.
Although the poison in this world is different from the one in Earth, it has the “Deadly Poison Attack” skill at level 4, so it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a considerably strong poison.

「Is it your hobby to eat poison voluntarily?」

I don’t have such hobby.
This is only because I don’t want to leave behind any leftovers.

Who are you?

「It’s been a long time」

When I looked back, Administrator Gyuriedistodiez stood there.


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