Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 190

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190 Cuisine

As for me who was satisfied after defeating the Earth Dragon trio, I search for further satisfaction and I’m currently scale peeling.
Because my status is high, it’s relatively easy to peel it off, but it’s simply tiring to repeat the simple work.
Mentally and physically.
Did the former Body-in-charge that’s the present Maou-in-charge do such a troublesome work all the time?
The value of that person comes to light at this point.

Finally, I have finished peeling off the three Dragons’ scale.
It takes more longer than the combat in the sense of time.
But, it’s big that I can handle minute work with the human hand that the previous clumsy spider body can’t do.
Thanks to this hand, I should have been able to shorten the time considerably.

Well then, now that the obstructive scales have been peeled off, let’s taste it at once.
First of all, I will try eating it with the spider body as before.
It’s just a tough meat.
Although there’s no bad smell, it’s like eating the rock as it is.

I try to eat it with the human next.
Oh, I see.
The sense of taste of the human is sharper.

Because I have the “Enhanced Five Senses” skill, the spider should have sharp sense of taste, but the taste can be understood more deeply by eating with the human.
This is a discovery.
From now on, I will eat not-so-delicious food with the spider body, and the delicious food with the human body.
That way. the delicious food will be more delicious, and I can endure to eat bad food.

And, the “Fire Magic” was learned through the middle-aged man with much efforts, so let’s heat it lightly and eat.
Something like Dragon steak sounds wonderful with only the words.
It seems that I can somehow power up just by eating it.
It’s impossible though.

I activate the “Fire Magic”.
I’m weak in the manipulation of the fire attribute similar to the resistance.
Even though it’s the same magic construction, I think that there’s a difference because of the correction of the system’s attribute affinity is received.
Because D make such a part devotedly, I’m troubled.

Even if I learned the “Fire Magic”, the skill level is low and the accumulation of the skill proficiency is also slow.
It can’t be used in the combat.
Well, if I say that, because the other attributes serve their purpose if there’s the dark attribute, it doesn’t seem that I will use it much in the combat other than gaining skill proficiency.
Although the soil and the wind have become the level that they can be used together with the dark soon, the dark usability is too good by all means, so I will give priority to that.
If there’s the dark, I can manage it generally.

So, if I take that I will use the fire, I will only use it in the place that’s separated from such combat.
The construction speed is also slow, a lot of magical powers necessary for activation are required, and when the magic is activated, the power is weak.
It’s not suitable to use the magic that has bad affinity.
Well, it’s fine because I can bring out the heating power that can at least roast the meat with my high status.

Although the control is more difficult than the other attributes, I will somehow adjust it to a good heat level and roast the meat.
The area is filled with the smell that the meat is roasted.
But then, there’s no monster that’s tempted by the smell.
There’s no monster that will step into the territory of the Earth Dragons that reign over the lower layer purposely, and there’s the me who made the Earth Dragons dead now.
If it’s not an outstanding daredevil, there’s no fool that will step in.
The Detection caught the figures of the monster that were tempted by the smell, came closer, and quickly returned several times.

And, the roasted Dragon steak without any hindrance.
I sprinkle it with the salt that I made by evaporating the seawater that I collected when I went to the sea.
Although it slightly smells of the beach, it’s the only seasoning that I have.
It’s the thing that I put it in the container that I created with “Soil Magic” and store it with Space Storage.

Then, first of all, I eat it with the spider body as the foretaste.
Because there’s no problem, I eat it with the human body.
Umu, hard.
The hardness doesn’t change much even if I roast it.
Rather, I feel that it became a little harder.
Although I can bite it by using my status, if it’s a normal human, it’s too hard to the extent that the chin will die.

The taste is close to the pig, I wonder?
It’s light and plain.
The salt’s beach smell, and it slightly smells of soil.
Because it’s the Earth Dragon, it tastes like soil.
What the hell.

Although it’s difficult to judge, I think I prefer to eat it raw that’s dripping blood.
I accept the objection.
To be frank, I recommend to roast it and eat if you are a human.

Although I noticed it when I got the offering in the town, it looks like I have both the human’s sense of taste and the monster’s sense of taste for some reason.
The thing that the human thinks that it’s delicious is usually eaten deliciously.
But, there’s also thing that’s delicious as a monster.

Specifically, it’s raw meat and blood.
Wow, I’m a carnivore.
Although the monsters are not delicious generally, there’s delicious monster once in a while.
I mean, the monsters that inhabit in a place other than the Elro Great Labyrinth are considerably delicious.

But, humans don’t eat such raw meat.
Well, that’s obvious.
That’s why, my preference of taste is my preferences based on the memory as a human, and the preferences as a monster.

I sprinkle salt on the raw meat for trial and try to eat it.
Un, this is good.
This deliciousness probably can’t be understood by humans.
Well, in the first place, it can’t be eaten because it’s too hard.


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