Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 186

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186 Arachne

Evolution is completed.
Unfortunately, there’s no additional skill by evolution.
In addition, because I unified with the Queen, my skills have become considerably high level, and I feel that the skill’s level up is a little when compared with before.
Well, this can’t be helped.
There’s a lot of skills that have reached max level, so the skills have already entered the final stage.

And, the evolution this time changed my appearance the most.
First of all, my body became one size bigger.
Although it’s still smaller than the adult Taratect that I saw when I was attacked by the Arch, I grow bigger than the compact size so far.

But, to be frank, such a change doesn’t matter.
The first change is probably the part that grew on my head.
A human’s upper body has grown there.

A strange feeling like having two consciousness.
It seems similar to the “Parallel Will” but also different.
Like thinking about things at the same time with two brains, or rather, it might be so.

Two view existed.
One is the same view as before that got a little higher because my body become bigger.
The other one is the view of the position higher than it.

I look around restlessly from that view.
Because my neck was connected to my body up until now, I have to move my body to look around. And, a wide range of view can be secured just by moving my neck.

The Queen who’s reflected in the view.
She became quite huge.
The middle-aged man.
Why is he praying?
He hasn’t wake up yet.
Because it will become complicated if he wakes up, I want him to continue to sleep.

I look below.
It’s a breast.
Apparently, I’m a female.
There’s no way a male will have such a swollen chest.
I mean, I’m suppose to be about two years old or somewhere there, but I’m an adult.

I hold out my hands before my eyes.
Five fingers attached, it’s the human’s hand.
I grasp lightly, and open.
I try moving it one by one.
It’s moving properly.

I bend down a little and try to look at the bottom.
I’m connected to the spider’s body around the waist.
The joint can’t be seen because it’s hidden in the spider’s body hair.
I move the hair out of curiosity and try to see it.
Nothing interesting in it, and I was connected normally.
Because my present body is very white, I merged with the body of the white spider without any uncomfortable feeling.

I bend down even more.
The spider’s eyes and the human’s eyes met.
I can do such a skillful thing like matching my own eyes without a mirror.

There are eight spider’s eyes as usual.
Adding it up with the human’s eyes, it’s ten in total.
It was the pattern that my eyes increase rather than decrease.
The worry before evolution has decreased with this.

However, white.
My human part is extremely white.
Although I was white in the previous life, I think that I have the more healthier white.
My present whiteness is like the gypsum similar to a man-made product.
Because my hair is pure white thoroughly, I’m even whiter.
By the way, my hair is considerably long.

Among that, only my eyes are red.
Because my lips are pale, the redness of the eyes stand out.
A white body with red eyes.
Human, but it’s not human at a glance.

However, this is that.
This human-type body is just like me of the previous life.
It’s just like me but not without change.
The color is white and the eyes are red too.
Some parts of the face have changed too.

I wonder what.
Although my previous life becomes the base, the feature that I have seen before somewhere is mixed in it.
This is the Demon King.
The Demon King’s face has mixed with my face of the previous life.

Come to think of it, I’m something like that person’s descendant, so it’s not strange even if the face is similar.
A clone feels more right than saying that I’m her descendant.
But, then, it’s a mystery that my previous life’s face mixed in it.

Well, it’s a defeat if I think deeply about that.
Something like the face reproduced from my memory mixed with the genetic information face, it might be the result that science and occult slightly mixed.


The middle-aged man mutters in a subdued voice.
Ah, yes yes.
I’m happy even if it’s a compliment.

Ah, now I’m stark naked.
Although I don’t mind it because I don’t lose anything even if I’m seen, I might acquire the exhibitionist title if this continues.
There’s no such title though.
Well, because wandering around naked feels like it’s over for my female level, let’s do something about it.

With the meaning of experiment, I put power into the new human hands.
A white thread extends from my fingertip.
Not only from the spider’s buttocks, but it looks like I can produce thread from my fingertip.
I mean, after evolving into the “God-weaving Thread”, I can produce thread whenever I want from anywhere of my whole body.
But, after all, producing it from the buttocks is better in the consumption efficiency.

Although producing it from the fingertip has bad efficiency in such a meaning, this is quite convenient.
After all, the thread produced from the buttocks can’t move freely and it’s quite inconvenient.
If it’s from the finger, it seems to be able to do high movements by moving the fingertip, so it seems that there’s a lot of uses.

For the time being, I knit something like clothes with threads produced from the fingertip.
For now, a makeshift is enough, so I will just make something like a bra to cover my breast.
I’m skillful even if I say so myself.

Incidentally, I tie my long hair in braids collectively.
Somehow, the hair is also treated like the thread, and it’s possible to manipulate it with “Thread Manipulation” easily.
Although it possibly unified with the “God-weaving Thread” as a skill, I might be able to do Severing Thread if I intend to do it.
Let’s experiment it the next time.

Well then, finally, let’s talk to the middle-aged man.
Will the voice come out properly?
I will do a little vocal exercise lightly.

「Ah, ah」

Un, it came out.


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