Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 185

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185 The small Hero

No no no.
Whatever the circumstances may be, this is impossible.
Certainly, the Hero’s status is higher than a common mob.
But, whatever the circumstances may be, don’t bring such a child to a battlefield.
There’s a limit to be inappropriate.

If I see him properly, he’s trembling.
Poor thing.
The cause of trembling?
It’s me, what about it?

I mean, seriously, why is the Hero in such a place?
Although it’s surprising that the Hero is such a small child, in the first place, it’s impossible to be in such a battlefield.
Is it that?
Is it like showing the death of people since childhood by letting him to observe the battlefield?

Is it possible?
Normally, only the winning battle should be inspected, but did it change like this because I appear in the battlefield?
Because I don’t know this Hero-kun’s personality, I can’t say definite things.

Hero-kun swings down the sword.
I mean, because the sword is bigger compared with his body, there’s only either swinging it down or being swing.
I dodge it by chance.

This Hero-kun has common-sense strength unlike the Demon King.
Only the age is slightly absurd.
Well, he is promising to that extent.
Then, it would be a waste if I crush him here.

It’s absolutely better to wait for him to grow up more and mature.
The more he grows up, the more favorable to me.
To be chosen as the Hero in young means that his future is promising to that extent.
It’s too wasteful to crush him now.

Thus, Hero-kun.
I will overlook you.
Instead of you, I will take the miserable trembling adults behind you.

Ah, I perceive a preparation of some big magic.
This will even swallow Hero-kun up!
What are you thinking!?

Obstruction…won’t be in time.
Although I’m entirely all right even if I receive it, Hero-kun is severe.
It can’t be helped.
I will Transfer him.

I construct the Transfer magic hastily while dodging the desperate Hero-kun’s sword lightly.
Ugh, the other party’s construction is faster than I thought.
This is bad, they already shot it.

The flame that burns down in a wide range hits.
Although I reduced the power by “Divine Dragon Power” and “Dragon Barrier”, still, the flame burns down the whole surroundings.
Me together with Hero-kun who was near with me.

I didn’t make it in time for an instant.
I activate Transfer in the scene where flame spreads explosively.



The silence that the noise of the battlefield until a while ago is like a lie.
I returned to the Elro Great Labyrinth with Transfer.
Recovering Hero-kun.

I confirm the Hero-kun’s condition quickly.
His HP decreases to some extent, and he fainted, but it doesn’t seem that he will die.
Apparently, the clothes worn is quite a quality goods, so his defensive ability is equivalently high.
Ah, but only the white muffler burns more than half.

For the time being, treatment.
It’s a waste to let the future special food to die.
Incidentally, I will improve the muffler a little.

I cut off the part that was burnt, connect new threads, and knit it with “Thread Manipulation”.
It’s a good quality even if I say so myself.
Because the Hero wears it, the thread used might be a good thread, but his defensive ability is further increased because it’s reinforced with my threads.
I’m sure that it can prevent decapitation.

「Mu! This boy, the Hero!?」

The magician middle-aged man noticed us who transferred.
Oh, come to think of it, this middle-aged man has the “Appraisal”.
So, he noticed that this child is the Hero.

Ah, I thought of a good thing.
Let’s force this Hero-kun to the middle-aged man.
I also want the middle-aged man to go back already, and if he take Hero-kun along, it’s killing two birds with one stone.
The nuisance can be driven out gently, and I can return Hero-kun, so it’s a good thing.

Let’s do that.
Now that I have decided so, let’s take communication.
In order to communicate, I must be able to talk.

My present level has exceeded 50 thanks to the massacre a while ago.
In other words, I can finally evolve.

Thus, take care when I’m evolving.

I entrust the things in the future to the Queen-in-charge.

《Individual Zana Horowa evolves into Arachne》

Although it was long until here, I can finally become an appearance close to the human-type.
Ah, but wait a minute.
The Arachne has the upper body of the human and the lower body of the spider, right?
Won’t the eyes decrease?
Oh no!
The eight Evil Eyes festival becomes impossible!

Rather than that, I’m a female, right?
Come to think of it, I’m convinced that I’m a female, but I don’t know the difference of the spider’s sex.
Although I think that I’m a female because I can lay eggs, male might be able to lay eggs with the power of the skill.
I won’t turn into having the upper body of a muscular man after evolving, right?
Ah, that might be alright.
Alright, huh?

Ah, crap, the evolution started.
My body is creaking!?
Although my appearance didn’t change much so far, I will change a lot this time.
Thanks to the “Sense of Pain Nullity”, it’s not painful, but it’s an amazingly strange feeling.

My body becomes slightly larger.
It’s not the level that can be said as creakily anymore, but conspicuously.
How am I getting bigger without shedding?
That part is the fantasy world, so is it a defeat if I think about it?

The enlargement of my body ends, and this time, my head begins to itch.
Something is growing.
Somehow, it’s a strange feeling.
It’s like my consciousness is divided into two even though I didn’t use the Parallel Thought.

And, the construction of something that grew is completed.

《Evolution completed》
《Became the Arachne species》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》

And, I completed the evolution.


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