Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 174

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174 Apprenticeship applicant

When I slack with No.2, there was a reaction in the Space Perception.
Oh my, is it the Demon King!?
Although I stand ready for an instant, come to think of it, the Demon King doesn’t have Transfer.
In addition, when I confirm the position by marking, it looks like the Demon King is going around the bottom layer thinking of something.

Then, who is it?
The space disorder is big considering it’s Gyurigyuri.
If it’s Gyurigyuri, he should Transfer more beautifully.
The person who I know that can use Transfer, ah, there’s one person.

The shadow of a person who Transfer across the space.
The middle-aged man just before the elderly person.
It’s the magician who was with the knights before.

Why does this guy come to such a place now?
Oh, well.
My status has return considerably, if it’s this guy alone, I can kill him quickly.
He has trained his skills considerably, so he seems to be delicious in the experience points.


The middle-aged man noticed me.
Apparently, it looks like he don’t know that I’m here, but what an amazing over reaction.
Well, I defeat them completely after all.
Ah, although my appearance is different from that time, did the middle-aged man recognize me?

「I-It’s certain. Even though the appearance changes, that presence」

Ah, yes.
It’s me.

So you know.
Well, it doesn’t matter.
Then, I have you become my experience points.

「P-Please wait! I don’t have the purpose of hostility! Please, please hear my story!」


「Please make me as your apprentice!」




Somehow, after that, the middle-aged man settled down.

「Although I gave this body to magic, I have fell in love to your “Magic Extremity”. I would like to be your apprentice by all means. Since that day when I saw your vivid magic, my heart has been held tightly by that brilliance. The smoothness to the magnificence of that magic construction is like the artwork of the national treasure rank. And, the overwhelming presence like a magnificent mountain. The technique like a God that can’t possibly be broken by human technique. The flowing magical power has a close resemblance as the flow of the large river, and the overflowing magic is like the sea. Exactly! The essence of the magic is nature together with the world. Gratitude can’t stop because I was reminded of the root. In addition, the magic construction that doesn’t rely on the skills. That technique that give up common sense. I was made to change my thought that I narrowed the magic possibilities. I was praised a genius, and I became senile too. The magic means to feel the world, and it’s a technique to change the world. Despite that, I want to admonish the past me who followed the world rule obediently. Know the world, and change the world with this way. What an easy and difficult thing. I also want to use magic without skills……..」

The middle-aged man who began to talk at an amazing force.
I was dumbfounded unintentionally, and I ignored the middle-aged man’s story.
To be honest, I drew back.
When I return to sanity, the killing intention disappeared somehow.
Was I taken aback?

Even so, there’s no way I can make him as my apprentice.
In the first place, I can’t talk.
Mutual understanding is pretty much possible if I acquire the “Telepathy” skill.
Although I have used most of the skill points that I get by unifying with Mother, if it’s 100 points, I have it. But, I don’t want to acquire it.
But, I don’t think that I will acquire it to communicate with this middle-aged man.
After all, it’s troublesome.
This middle-aged man is considerably dangerous because he can make me draw back.

A communication with such middle-aged man?
No, it’s impossible.
The hurdle is too high for me.

Thus, I decided to ignore him.
Although this middle-aged man talks to me with the assumption that I understand the language, why can he have such expectation to a monster as the other party?
No, I actually understand though.
Usually, a person won’t think that the monster can understand the language, right?
Why did this middle-aged man skip that part?
Isn’t his head strange?
Ah, it was obviously strange.

Although it’s fine that I decided to ignore him, the middle-aged man didn’t return.
He keeps talking, and when he knows that I don’t have any reaction, he observes me fixedly this time.
What’s with this guy?

At the end, he blazes up by setting a fire on his body with the consent of the day after tomorrow.
He was about to die.
The figure that laughed while on the verge of death is rather eerie.
After all, this middle-aged man is crazy.
Why do you attack yourself?
Are you an idiot?

After that, the strange cohabitation life continues, I recover my status while being troubled by the middle-aged man’s eccentric behavior.
It begins with setting the fire, he made half of his body frozen, and he soars up high with wind in the air and drops.
Sometimes, he meditate in the water ball made by himself until he’s about to be drowned.
Rather than meditation, isn’t it straying?
What does he really want to do?

But, there was benefit.
Because the middle-aged man learned various magics, I observed the activation and I was able to learn some new magics.
Especially the fire, water and ice that I didn’t learned, so it was a profit.
These 3 attributes have bad affinity with me and I was able to learn the skills just in case, but the level doesn’t rise easily.

The middle-aged man seems to be able to use “Space Magic” fairly well and he brought preserved foods in the Space Storage, but it looks like it ran out after several days passed.
He went somewhere with Transfer unwillingly.
And, when I thought that he gave up, somehow, he killed a monster and returned.
And, he ate the monster.
That is the frog that has poison.

Of course, he has an upset stomach by the poison, and was in agony.
What does he really want to do?


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