Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 166

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166 Mother eating

《Status was unified》
《Skills were unified》
《Skill points were unified》
《Titles were unified》

Oh, eh, ah, yes.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Zana Horowa LV18 has become LV19》

After that, my level rose at a ferocious pace, and it rose to 27.
Isn’t the rise too much?
Is it the experience points of defeating Mother?
Mother is amazing.

No no.
Rather than that, what’s unification?
I understand that it’s defeated, but unification?
Is it that?
Is it because the soul was consumed?

For the time being, let’s confirm my status.
『Zana Horowa LV27 No name
HP:31622/31622(Green)+1900(Details)(25611 up)
MP:36618/36618(Blue)+1900(Details)(20065 up)
SP:26097/26097(Yellow)(Details)(22332 up)
:5665/26097(Red)+0(Details)(22332 up)
Average Offensive Ability:29153(Details)(25012 up)
Average Defensive Ability:29104(Details)(24898 up)
Average Magic Ability:35280(Details)(19541 up)
Average Resistance Ability:35107(Details)(19432 up)
Average Speed Ability:34021(Details)(23188 up)
「Super-speed HP Recovery LV6 (5 up)」 「Magic Extremity」 「Magic God Act LV7 (3 up)」 「Magic Granting LV10 (1 up)」 「Magic Enchantment LV2 (new)」 「Great Offensive Magic Power LV2 (new)」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV10 (7 up)」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV10 (7 up)」 「Great Enhanced Destruction LV6 (new)」 「Great Enhanced Blunt LV7 (new)」 「Great Enhanced Slashing LV4 (new)」 「Great Enhanced Piercing LV6 (new)」 「Great Enhanced Shock LV6 (new)」 「Great Enhanced Abnormal Condition LV10 (7 up)」 「War God Spirit LV10 (8 up)」 「Vitality Granting LV10 (3 up)」 「Ability Granting LV7 (new)」 「Great Vitality Attack LV4 (new)」 「Divine Dragon Power LV7 (new)」 「Dragon Barrier LV2 (new)」 「Deadly Poison Attack LV10 (2 up)」 「Strong Paralysis Attack LV10 (new)」 「Corrosion Attack LV6 (1 up)」 「Heresy Attack LV8 (1 up)」 「Poison Synthesis LV10」 「Medicine Synthesis LV10 (1 up)」 「Shield Talent LV2 (new)」 「Thread Genius LV10 (8 up)」 「Impregnable LV2 (new)」 「God-weaving Thread (new)」 「Thread Manipulation LV10」 「Psychokinesis LV7 (new)」 「Throw LV10」 「Shoot LV10 (5 up)」 「Space Maneuver LV10」 「Kin Domination LV10 (new)」 「Spawning LV10 (new)」 「Concentration LV10」 「Super Thought Acceleration LV3 (1 up)」 「Future Vision LV3 (1 up)」 「Parallel Will LV9 (1 up)」 「High-speed Calculation LV10 (2 up)」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Great Probability Correction LV10 (9 up)」 「Stealth LV10」 「Concealment LV2 (new)」 「Silent LV10 (1 up)」 「Odorless LV1 (new)」 「Emperor (new)」 「Presentation (new)」 「Conviction」 「Hell」 「Degeneration」 「Immortality」 「Heresy Magic LV10」 「Wind Magic LV10 (3 up)」 「Storm Magic LV1 (new)」 「Soil Magic LV10 (3 up)」 「Earth Magic LV3 (new)」 「Light Magic LV2 (new)」 「Holy Light Magic LV1 (new)」 「Shadow Magic LV10」 「Dark Magic LV10」 「Darkness Magic LV7 (1 up)」 「Poison Magic LV10」 「Treatment Magic LV10」 「Miracle Magic LV10 (new)」 「Space Magic LV10」 「Dimension Magic LV7 (1 up)」 「Abyss Magic LV10」 「Hero LV1 (new)」 「Demon King LV8 (new)」 「Charity (new)」 「Patience」 「Pride」 「Rage LV2 (new)」 「Snatch LV3 (new)」 「Satiation LV10 (2 up)」 「Sloth」 「Wisdom」 「Great Destruction Resistance LV5 (new)」 「Blunt Nullity (new)」 「Great Slash Resistance LV5 (new)」 「Great Pierce Resistance LV5 (new)」 「Great Shock Resistance LV5 (new)」 「Flame Resistance LV8 (4 up)」 「Water Current Resistance LV1 (new)」 「Storm Resistance LV4 (new)」 「Earth Resistance LV5 (4 up)」 「Lightning Resistance LV1 (new)」 「Holy Light Resistance LV2 (new)」 「Darkness Resistance LV5 (new)」 「Great Heavy Resistance LV4 (1 up)」 「Abnormal Condition Nullity」 「Great Acid Resistance LV7 (new)」 「Great Corrosion Resistance LV5 (new)」 「Faint Resistance LV8 (1 up)」 「Great Fear Resistance LV2 (1 up)」 「Heresy Nullity」 「Pain Nullity」 「Sense of Pain Nullity (new)」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Thousand Miles Eye LV1 (new)」 「Evil Eye of Grudge LV8 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Stasis LV7 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Magnetism LV5 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Extinction LV5 (1 up)」 「Great Enhanced Five Senses LV10 (7 up)」 「Perception Range Expansion LV8 (1 up)」 「Divinity Area Expansion LV9 (2 up)」 「Divine Magic」 「Destiny LV10 (6 up)」 「Heaven Motion LV10 (new)」 「Abundant Sky LV10 (new)」 「Fortitude LV10 (7 up)」 「Fortress LV10 (7 up)」 「Idaten LV10 (2 up)」 「Taboo LV10」 「n%I=W」
Skill points:164500
「Gross Feeder」 「Blood Relative Eater」 「Assassin」 「Monster Killer」 「Poison Technique User」 「Thread User」 「Merciless」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Ruler of Pride」 「Ruler of Patience」 「Ruler of Wisdom」 「Drake Killer」 「Fear Bringer」 「Dragon Killer」 「Ruler of Sloth」 「Natural Calamity of Monster」 「Conqueror」 「Human Killer」 「Rescuer (new)」 「Medicine Technique User (new)」 「Saint (new)」 「Savior (new)」 「Ruler of Charity (new)」 「Guardian (new)」 「King (new)」 「Human Slaughterer (new)」 「Drake Slaughterer (new)」 「Natural Calamity of Human (new)」』
What is thiiiiiiissss!?

No no no no no!
This is obviously strange!?
Wh-Wh-What should I do?

Emergency meeting activate!
“Parallel Will” assemble!
[Okay, assembled]
Who on earth ate the Queen!?
{Hai, it’s me!}
Try and confirm your status.
{Um, what is thiiiiiiissss!?}
I mean, what’s happening on you now?
{Um, I have taken over Mother’s body}
Are you serious?
Because of that, the status is the same as me?
{It’s the same}
It was added without dividing it by 2.
{Seriously? I mean, when did you acquire “Immortality”?}
It came along with evolution.
I mean, you have taken over Mother’s body means that you’re now at the bottom layer as Mother?
How about the others and the remaining Queens?
〈It seems to end within one month〉
(I’m also almost done here)
〔Same here〕
「Same as the rest」
[As expected, the Main is still not at all]
That means you can unify with the four Queens within one month?
{Crap, what’s that? Scary}
Isn’t this means that there’s no enemy anymore?


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  1. Sylvia says:

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  3. Moesin says:

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    But this will happen three more times!?

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    Her status fucking skyrocketed to outer space. Okay, so now I know she is capable of splitting one-self. The writer didn’t mention her doing so and ask them to look for other queens. I always thought in the fights and mentioned before, of sharing one body and the multiple wills are doing their own things while sharing one body – multitasking.

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    I’m guessing the wills separated from her to do their own thing.
    Remember how D was saying that “Wisdom” worked outside the system or something like that? I think the wills went outside where they weren’t perceived and directly attacked the soul of the queens and then took their bodies (or plan to) since it would just be an empty husk.

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