Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 156

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156 It’s the sea!

I view the sunrise from the top of the mountain.
So, it’s a story by all means.
Although I thought that I will be impressed, there’s no such feelings.
As expected, a person will be impressed by such thing like viewing the sunrise because it’s tasted together with the sense of accomplishment for climbing a high mountain.
I have climbed thus mountain with a casual feeling, and in the first place, this mountain is not so high.

Leaving aside the sunrise, a certain thing can be seen from the top of the mountain.
It’s the sea.
The beach of the feeling that’s perfect for a summer vacation.
The lapping waves.
The sun that shines brightly.
The Sea.

Speaking of the sea, the ground of the love story of the man and woman.
Although I thought that “Riajuu die” in my previous life, there are no such flippant people in this world’s beach.
A private beach monopoly.
There’s no other choice but to go.

Thus, I start to descend the mountain and head towards the sea.
The monsters run away and hide desperately probably because of the master of the mountain, the Wind Drake was defeated disappointingly and they became frightened by the Intimidation that I released.
Well, to be frank, because the monsters here don’t give much experience points even if I hunt every single one, it’s not that I’m reluctant to overlook them though.
My stomach is not so empty.
Although they are more delicious than the monsters in the labyrinth, I feel that it’s fine to overlook them if I think that the seafood is waiting in the future.

That’s why, I descend the mountain without any interference.
I secure a little fruits on the way and took some time, but I arrived at the sea in about one hour.

I go to the beach.
The wave beats my feet.
The current temperature is not so high.
Seasonally, is it spring or autumn?
It’s not summer.
Because of that, the water temperature of the sea is low.
It seems to be hard to swim for a human.

I am the body that has already resigned as a human.
There’s no need to be afraid of cold now.
Thus, Let’s Go.

Splash splash.

I won’t sink.
What’s with the buoyancy of my body?
I can sink by taking advantage of power for an instant.
But, I will return to the surface of the water immediately.
I can float on the surface of the water without doing anything.
And, if I do nothing, I will be wash away by the wave and return to the beach.

Can’t the spider body swim?
This is unexpected.
I didn’t think that I won’t sink.
Although I was not good at swimming in my previous life, I did sink.
I never thought that it will become a feeling like a float is always attached to me.
Like this, I can’t dive and harvest shellfish.

Will I become able to sink if I acquire the “Swim” skill?
No, but it seems that it will take a long time to acquire that skill.
Although the Fire Resistance was the same as well, a considerably high amount of skill proficiency is needed to acquire the skills that the species is weak in.

By the way, how many points do I need to acquire the “Swim” skill?
I try to look for it by the search of “Wisdom”.
1000 points is needed to acquire “Swim”.
This, I should give up.

I return to the beach while being slightly shocked by the fact that I can’t swim.
No, it’s not that I can’t swim, you know?
It’s only that I can’t dive.
Because I can float, I can just swim like that, you know?
I’m never a hammer.

It can’t be helped.
Let’s fish with “Universal Thread”.

I take out a little of the meat of the monster that was stored in the Space Storage.
I attach it to the tip of the thread.
Even if there’s no hook, it’s convenient that it sticks.
I just hurl the thread far away.
If it’s a genuine angler, the person will bend the pole and hurl it far away, but in my case, I can easy hurl the thread far away easily with “Thread Manipulation”.
I confirm that the thread flew far away from the beach, and I waited for the catch to make a hit.

It hits without an interval to wait.
It’s considerably powerful.
However, my physical strength is already the Dragon class.
There’s no way that I will fall behind a common monster.

I pull steadily.
If it’s my “Universal Thread”, there’s no need to worry that it will be discovered or cut.
If I’m not mistaken, a monster that got caught in the needle once escape from the needle can be said as it’s discovered, right?
Because the viscosity of my “Universal Thread” is effect more than stabbing with the needle, there’s no problem.
If it’s not burnt by the fire, even the Dragon species can’t escape easily.

The sign of fish that appeared in the shallows jumps.
The opponent that continues useless resistance is launched quickly to the beach.

It was a shark that was caught.
Accurately, it was a Water Drake that has the appearance of the shark.
Because the level of the “Water Drake” skill is 7, it’s pretty much a high rank Water Drake.
It’s high rank Drake that’s close to the medium rank.

I give the decisive blow on the shark that still tries to resist on the beach quickly.
Although it’s different from the fish that I assumed a little, the shark is still a fish.
Although I have not heard of a shark sashimi, is it delicious?
Time to taste it.

The skin is hard!?
I mean, when I thought that the skin was a normal skin, it has the “Dragon Scale” skill.
It’s scale.
That’s why, it’s hard.
Because the skin doesn’t seem to be able to eat, let’s peel it off.

Time to taste it again.

Oh, ah, un.
Delicious delicious.
Although it’s not to the extent that I’m impressed, it’s delicious.
I come to want soy sauce.

Come to think of it, the shark fin is a high-quality ingredient, right?
If I’m not mistaken, isn’t it the part of the tail?
Certainly, it has a different taste from the part of the body.
It’s delicious.

In my opinion, I think that I’m not suitable for a food report.
I can only say that it’s delicious or bad.
Although I retorted in the comment of the announcer when I see it on the television saying that “like that, it won’t be transmitted”, when thinking it now, the announcer is quite serious.

Thank you for the meal.

Fishing is good.
Let’s catch more seafood steadily.


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  1. Earl says:

    Aham marine life form extinction. Cause kumo over feed

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    This is starting to read like kumoko’s gourmet tour of the outside world. Sample things in exotic locations! I love it.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Some search for love, family, wisdom, power, authority, immortality…I just want delicious things. And soy sauce.”

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        “You have been granted one wish. So, what is it that you want? Infamy? Power? Immortality?” the Dragon God asks.

        “Soy Sauce!” came Kumo’s reply.


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