Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 144

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144 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ⑦

Time passes while both of us glared at each other.
Alaba is waiting for the recovery of MP.
I’m waiting for the poison to work.
If time passes for each other, it becomes advantageous.
However, Alaba’s MP recovery is faster than my poison.

Alaba moves.
But, it didn’t release the breath.
Alaba understands that the breath won’t hit me similar to a while ago.

Alaba runs.
On the wall.
The wall surface is covered with flame again.

Alaba comes to my side in the air where I am.
The wall of the soil that wore the flame rises perpendicularly from the wall surface.
The wall of soil reaches the wall on the opposite side as it is, and a bridge is made in the air.

Alaba runs around the wall, and the bridge is built one after another.
So that I lose my escape.
The air is gradually filled with burning earth.
The appearance is totally like the spider thread.
I never thought that my enemy will do the same thing that I did.

On the completed innumerable blazing bridges, Alaba runs through it at high speed.
Even though gravity is applied to it with “Evil Eye of Magnetism”, the movement doesn’t decline.
It runs through the bridge and jumps.

The approaching claw.
I avoided the claw in the air that became narrow.

Alaba lands on another bridge without a sound.
And, it runs.
It jumps again from another place.
It lands, looks at its recovered MP, and increases the number of bridges even more.

If this continues, my escape will gradually lost and the situation will get worse.
I started to break the bridge with Darkness Bullet since a while ago.
The Darkness Bullet is superior to the Darkness Spear in destructive power.
The true worth of Darkness Spear is the continuation damage in the state of being pierced.
Although it’s effective against living opponents, the Darkness Bullet is better against objects.

But, when I try to break the bridge, Alaba interferes.
If it’s that much, it’s fine.
Alaba attacks at the moment I’m going shoot the Darkness Bullet.
I change the target to Alaba at once, and restraint.
Evade at the same time.

Alaba makes the new bridge faster than I break the bridge.
It’s a pain that the bridge won’t fall with one Darkness Bullet.
I want a magic with more power.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Darkness Magic LV3』 has become 『Darkness Magic LV4』》

Did my wish got through? The skill level of “Darkness Magic” rose.
I construct the newly added magic at once.

The generated “Darkness Magic” hits the bridge directly and destroys it.
Cutting it.
The magic of “Darkness Magic LV4”, Darkness Blade.

Ah, this is not good.
It has no significance because it won’t break even if I cut it.
If it’s like this, Alaba can restore it immediately.

I withdraw the Darkness Blade, and continue to break the bridge with Darkness Bullet.
But, I can’t catch up.
Or rather, the range that I can escape has narrowed considerably.

Alaba’s jump.
The figure of the approaching Alaba’s claw and the tail waiting at the place after I avoided the tail is projected in “Future Vision”.
Even if I intend to avoid this barely in the limited range to escape, it’s impossible to do it.

It can’t be helped.
I avoid Alaba’s attack greatly, and I land on the bridge where flame rises.

I leave at once.
I create the water of the medicine with “Medicine Synthesis”, and extinguish the fire on my body.
My HP is recovered by the effect of the medicine at the same time.
Fu, don’t think that I will always use poison on myself and decrease my HP.

Although I understood it with that just now, even if I land on the bridge, the decrease of HP is not so much if it’s only an instant.
If I use “Medicine Synthesis” as the extinguisher and the recovery, I can almost ignore the wounds.

The problem is will Alaba allow the series of flows before I extinguish the fire?

Alaba attacks again.
This time, I also can’t avoid it unhurt.
I avoid Alaba’s attack and land on the bridge.

At that moment, Alaba visits me together with the bridge with a breath.

The sound that the bridge is destroyed at my back resounds.
But, I can’t care about such a thing.

The flame burns my body without mercy.
Even if I have high-speed recovery, my HP decreases at a considerable speed.
Although I want to extinguish it immediately, Alaba takes the opportunity to pursue me.
While dodging Alaba’s pursuit, “Medicine Synthesis”, but Alaba’s further pursuit.

I get impatient.
“Medicine Synthesis” is no use.
Because I need to avoid Alaba’s attack with all my might, I don’t have the composure to use “Medicine Synthesis”.
There’s no way I can activate Transfer in such situation.
This is bad.

My HP decreases.
The stock of “Satiation” is exhausted.
Alaba’s pursuit doesn’t stop yet.
My HP becomes 0.
“Patience” is activated.
My MP decreases little by little.
By having “Patience” activated, the damage is decreased by effect of “High-speed HP Recovery” and the MP recovery effect of “Magic Extremity”.
But still, my MP decreases gradually.

This is bad.
But, I barely made it in time.

Alaba’s movement worsens rapidly.
The worn strengthening skills are removed.
There’s no power like a while ago anymore, and its movement stopped weakly.
My poison has finally checkmated Alaba’s life.

My poison, that’s “Sloth”.

Sloth:n% power capable of reaching the Gods. Greatly increases the reduction amount of the numerical value in the surrounding system excluding yourself. In addition, the W system is surpassed and the the right to interfere with the MA area is obtained』

In other words, the decrease of HP, MP and SP for existence other than me becomes greater.
HP and MP have automatic recovery.
But, SP don’t have it.
The more it fights with me, the more it uses its full power, the decrease will grow bigger.
If it continues to consume SP with “Magic God Act”, it will be a suitable prey for “Sloth”.

There’s no means for Alaba who doesn’t have “Appraisal” to notice this.
It became the already hopeless stage, and it finally notice the starvation that undermine itself.
There’s hardly any SP remains in the present Alaba.

The match has been decided.


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