Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 136

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136 Spider vs Spider ②

Well, first of all, let’s reduce the number of small fries.
Although I thought about that, isn’t it unnecessary to fight all of them honestly?
It’s a strategy that I thought for the Earth Dragon, but if it’s the Arch Taratect, won’t it work?

Is it worth trying?
If it failed, I just have to think another way.
There’s not much loss even if I fail.
Thus, let’s do it, oh?

The movement of the Arch is caught by “Foresight”.
I avoid it.
The fangs of the Arch pierced through the place where I was a little while ago.

As expected of the fastest monster that I have appraised.
Its “Accuracy” also reached max level, and its “Great Probability Correction” is level 2.
If I don’t have my evasion combo of “Thought Acceleration”, “Foresight”, “Evasion” and “Probability Correction”, I would be stabbed by that poison fang.
It’s scary.

Well, even if I say that it’s fast, it’s slower than me though.
Although the Arch also activates both “Magic Combat Act” and “Fighting Spirit” to raise its physical ability, I’m faster.
After all, my level of “Magic Combat Act” and “Fighting Spirit” is higher.
My “Magic Combat Act” has evolve into “Magic God Act”.

“Magic God Act” is a higher rank skill of “Magic Combat Act”.
The effect is the strengthened “Magic Combat Act” and even raises magic-type status.
Thanks to that, my already absurd magic status becomes a ridiculous numerical value.
When I activate both “Magic God Act” and “Dragon Power”, my magic offensive ability and my resistance ability exceed the 10000 mark.

Although the Arch’s physical offensive ability is incredible, it’s not a big deal if it doesn’t hits.

The Arch releases a thread.

Ah, that’s a bad one.
I know it.
The spider’s thread is bad.
It’s the end if I got caught.
Well, if I got caught, I will transfer quietly though.

The attacking web.
When I dodge it, the Greater and the others start to move was caught in the corner of my sight.
Ah, it looks like it’s not the time to take it easy.

Somehow, I can’t feel any tension when thinking that I can escape with Transfer anytime.
I have become considerably strong, and the worry about instant death with one hit has disappeared.
My original physical status is also high, and I have “Magic God Act”, “Fighting Spirit” and “Dragon Power” to strengthened it further.
I can add “Anger” if I want to, but that’s as expected, too much.

The “Anger” skill raises the physical status greatly.
When you ask how much is “greatly”, it has almost the same rising amount as “Fighting Spirit LV9” at level 1.
Moreover, MP and SP are not consumed.
However, when this skill is activated, the user will suffer from the abnormal condition 「Insanity」 forcefully.
Although thanks to “Heresy Nullity”, I won’t be attacked by insanity, I don’t think that I want to use it again.

Even if I don’t use it, I’m strong enough, and above all, I’m a magic-type.
There’s no need to abandon magic purposely and go for hand-to-hand combat.

When thinking about “Patience”, my real HP exceeds more than 10000 easily.
I want to think that there’s no strong guy that can pierce this with a hit.
Well, at least, it’s impossible for the Arch.

The Arch’s best attack is of course the “Deadly Poison Attack LV10”.
And, the “Universal Thread” as the assistance to hit it.
It’s a brutal combo that the defeat might be decided at the moment I got caught even if I don’t have Transfer.
Because the person who does that is saying it, it’s certain.

But, it’s easy if it’s only escaping because I have the Transfer that I have been saying since a while ago.
Although the physical attack from a large build is certainly scary, at the point that it’s inferior to me in speed, it won’t even graze me.
If it attacks in numbers, it’s troublesome, but that can be solved if my strategy goes well.

Well then, let’s start the 「Invitation to the sauna」 strategy.

At first, I dodge the Arch’s attack.
Then, I approach while dodging the Arch’s attack.
Here is difficult.
After all, the Arch is a strong guy that surpassed the Earth Dragon in status.
The phantasmagoric mobility by “Space Maneuver”, and the numerous attacks of entwined threads that are hard to predict.
Magic flies there further.

The magic that the Arch used is the “Poison Magic” that I used regularly.
Although it won’t inflict a great damage even if it hits me who have “Deadly Poison Resistance”, just by having projectile weapons, the attack pattern increases.
The Arch fires the Deadly Poison Bullet that has a high power among the “Poison Magic” in a good timing like a veteran warrior.
Although even the Deadly Poison Bullet will hardly inflict damage to me, it will produce a chance if I receive it.
The Arch aims at it than damage.

Really, this guy is dangerous.
It don’t have status higher than the Earth Dragon just for show.
However, the affinity is bad this time.

After all, I know most of this guy’s attack patterns.
I want you to see it even if you think.
The thing that I have cultivated in fight so far.
Make full use of the thread, fight with Poison Fang, and fire magic.
It’s the same as the way I fight.
That’s as expected.
I’m formerly the Taratect species, and now, I’m the same spider-type monster.
It’s natural for our strategy to be similar.

In addition, not even one of this guy’s attack becomes a decisive blow against me.
Just by receiving a Poison Fang won’t be a fatal wound for me who have “Poison Resistance”.
I can escape with Transfer before it can inject fatal poison.
The thread is also the same.
Magic is out of the question.
There’s no way the physical Arch can pierce my resistance.
Then, it can only rely on it’s pure physical attack, but that also won’t graze me in the presence of my evasion combo.

When you say that I also lack of a trump card, it’s not so.
Because I have evolved into a considerably irregular form.
I have a lot of magics that normal Taratect doesn’t have.

If it’s one-to-one, it’s already checkmated.
That’s why, it comes in army, but I wonder whether is it a misfortune that it don’t have “Command” or “Cooperation” because only the Arch is forward.
Thanks to “Thought Acceleration”, I can consider a lot of things idly, but if I say it in real time, not even one minute has passed.
This situation where the Greaters haven’t catch up.
It can be said that the Arch’s winning chance was lost at this point in time.

And, the final move.
My body touches the Arch.
I carry out the “Dimension Magic”, Range Transfer.
It’s a sure-fail strategy against the Earth Dragon that has “Reverse Scale” and high resistance.
But, the Arch don’t have “Reverse Scale”.
The height of the resistance also doesn’t reach my magic power.

The Arch transfers with me.
The transferred destination is the top of the lake of magma at the middle layer where I fought against the Fire Dragon.
An invitation to the hot, hot sauna.


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  1. jacobpaige says:

    I thought she was planning to kill the Greater instead? Or did she just realize that the Arch was that much weaker than her and change her mind?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a bit confused on that one.
      The Arch’s stats are better than the Earth Dragon, it’s not really inferior Skill-wise, yet she takes it on?
      What’s the difference here, the lack of extremely high defensive skills?

      The author really sucks when it comes to narrate combat, I have no idea what’s going on.
      Kumoko’s magic potential is incredibly high, yet I can’t even imagine a single spell of hers. What can she do, shoot out shadow-spikes? The author doesn’t say.

      • Mecha Fan says:

        Actually, she doesn’t use shadow magic often as its too MP consuming for little damage, as she needs to use several spells at the same time to get offensive ability.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Arch can’t bounce every ultimate spell due to its lack of ‘reverse scale’. While it may be a statistically superior foe, it lacks the key ‘lol nope’ abilities that make the dragon near impossible to kill.

        As for the spells, I’d recommend reading the manga that came out in the last year or two. This Light Novel works far better in Manga format precisely because so much of it relies on visualizing the scene.

        (Heh. Replying to an anonymous comment left more than two years ago. How silly.)

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