Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 123

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123 I obtained the Dragon Power! Uhahahaha!

I see the front from the shadow of the rock quietly.
At the land considerably far ahead, about seven monsters gathered there.
Valuable food and experience points.

That monster is the red dog.
Although it’s a red colored dog, it has nothing to do with a certain Marine higher-up.
(TL note: Akainu!!!)

The red dogs are spending their time playing around and sleeping.
But, that dog has sharp sense of smell because it’s dog, and it will noticed before I approach it.

For the time being, “Intimidation” off.
Although I noticed it, the effect of “Stealth” slightly returns when I turn off “Intimidation”.
I become hard to be noticed by my opponent.
Well, as long as I have the Fear Bringer title, I can never hide completely.
It’s just that even if I turn off “Intimidation”, I became a little hard to be noticed.

Because the red dogs’ enemy searching ability is high, I’m now using “Telephoto” to look at them so that I don’t get noticed, but they will noticed sooner or later if I approach them.
Then, they will run away naturally.

The red dogs don’t have the “Swim” skill.
So it can’t escape to the magma.
But, it will be troublesome if they scatter and run.
Although I don’t intend to let even one to get away, if they run to the opposite direction, unnecessary labor is needed.
I must hunt them well so that it won’t happen.

Here, I should test that skill that I obtained some time ago in combat.

Thus, Dragon Install!
“Dragon Power” activate.
Ah, by the way, “Magic Combat Act” has been activated.

My status skyrockets at that moment.
I begin to run to the red dogs with my enhanced speed.
Although the red dogs notice my existence on the way, it’s already late.

I brandish my sickles and decapitate two heads quickly.
I go around the two that try to run away, and decapitate their head similarly.

The remaining three try to run to the opposite direction, I release a breath immediately.
As planned, the breath collides with the ground in front of the red dogs, and cause an intense explosion.
The red dogs were overturned by the shock.
I finish them off without missing that chance.

Mission complete.
This kind of thing is easy for me.
Well then, I will eat it while it’s fresh.

“Dragon Power”, as expected of Dragon Power.
The rise of status that can’t be compared with the “Drake Power”.
Although it’s incredible with that alone, “Dragon Power” has two additional effects.

One is breath.
Only at the time “Dragon Power” is activated, I can release a breath.
There are two kinds of breath that can be released that are the single-shot-type like the fireball and the annihilation-type wide range breath.
Unfortunately, the power is not so high.
As expected, I can hold a part of the Dragon’s power, but I’m far behind the original Dragon.
Well, even if I say that, it’s enough because it has the power approximately the same as the eel.
The reason why I never let the red dogs receive it directly is because I thought that they will vanish if they receive it directly.
There’s no way I will let my precious meat to vanish.

By the way, this breath seems to become the user’s most suitable attribute. In my case, my breath is a composition of poison and dark attribute.
Dark attribute bring forth pure destructive power, and poison attribute erodes the opponent.
When thinking about it, although it will lose to a real Dragon in destructive power, it might win in the nastiness.

The second one is the same effect as “Dragon Scale”, the power to obstruct magic.
This also don’t have the effect like the original Dragon, but I think that it can at least attenuate the power.
Because there’s no monster that uses magic, I can’t test it.

My status rises purely, my weapon is done, and my defense also increased.
Although it’s such a wonderful skill, there’s a defect that the consumption is significant.
Although it was the same as the “Drake Power” that it consumes SP and MP, the consumption increased.
MP is fine.
But, the decrease of SP is not fine.
Although I used it this time to try it out, the cost is too high to use it in a small fry battle.
It’s a anti-boss class skill.

Recently, my use of SP became plenty.
Although it’s fine for normal activities, if I think to gain skill proficiency, it’s not enough.
“Space Maneuver”, “Dragon Power” and “Magic Combat Act”.
It would be fine if I have the Automatic SP Recovery, but there’s no such thing.
I have eat my meal obediently.

Compared with that, I have excess MP.
I activate “Magic Combat Act” while moving, and Magic-in-charge No.1 and No.2 use magic continuously, but still, it’s only to the extent that the consumption is slightly higher that the recovery.
No matter how much effort I put to consume it, when I wake up from my sleep, “Oh, wow, complete recovery”.
Although I can use the magic that has a lot of consumption like the “Abyss Magic”, if I do that, a natural disaster will occur in my surroundings in the labyrinth.
That’s bad.
That’s definitely the collapse flag.

Besides, I’m concentrating in raising the level of the lowest level magic that I have which is the “Space Magic” now.
“Space Magic” became level 2.
As expected, this skill demanded a lot of skill points, so the level up is more slower than the other magic skills.
The magic learned at level 2 is Coordinates Fixation.
It’s a magic that only fix the selected range of the level 1 Coordinates Specification.
Even if I say fixation, it only stops the line that appeared by the Coordinates Specification, so it has no material influence at all.
This is also the same as Coordinates Specification that it’s a preliminary step to use the higher level magic.

However, while Coordinates Specification was not useful at all, this Coordinates Fixation is useful.
I can shoot magics and skills to the fixed coordinates.
In this case, the hit rate to the coordinates is 100%.
Now that my “Accuracy” skill has reached the max level, I don’t think that it’s needed, but it’s better than nothing.

I want it to level faster and learn Teleport.
Because my MP is superfluous, do your best, Magic-in-charge No.1 and No.2.


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