Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 121

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Changed Evil Eye of Heavy > Evil Eye of Heaviness
And similarly, Dark > Darkness

121 Let’s forget about it quickly

Very bitter.
It’s bitter, a little sweet, and a sad taste.


Good morning.
Although I don’t know whether it’s morning or not, I was able to wake up safely today.

Unfortunately, the very useful “Parallel Will” can’t be used to sleep by turns.
No matter how many wills there are, there’s only one body.
That’s why, if my body sleeps, my consciousness will also fall.
This only can’t be helped.

Yesterday, after I talked with D who’s a Evil God, I was absentminded for a while.
Although I was able to confirm the existence when I acquired “Wisdom”, I never thought that she would talk to me like that.
Well, the only thing that I understand about her is that she is seriously dangerous.
I understood the thing that I didn’t understand.

The mysteries increased instead.
Smartphone, fluent Japanese, black man.
Although I don’t know who’s that black man, I think that he’s a man in this world.
He talked to D in the mysterious language, so I think that it’s probably the language of this world.
But, if it’s like that, there’s a question.
Why can D speak Japanese fluently?

In the first place, it’s strange that there’s a smartphone.
No matter how I look at it, that was a smartphone.
Although I don’t know what’s the technological level of this world, even if it’s on the same level, it’s hard to think that a smartphone can be made exactly the same in such a different world.
Then, is that smartphone a product from Earth?

When thinking that, I can understand why D can speak Japanese fluently.
She is in Japan.
Although I don’t know whether she’s in Japan now or not, I’m sure that she has been in Japan.

Come to think of it, the voice of heaven and the appraisal result, both are in Japanese.
I should have feel weird towards the Japanese that’s used in this world naturally.
Because I only know Japanese, I was convinced that it’s matching me, but it’s probably wrong.
D sets to Japanese.

The suspicious one is the mysterious garbled text skill.
This skill might have the function to translate the different world language into Japanese.
Ah, if it’s like that, I should have been able to understand the black man’s talk, so it’s wrong.
But, the system-related sound and display are made Japanese.
It seems probable.
Various secrets might be compressed in this skill.

Although it’s good until there, I don’t understand any further.
What’s the existence called Administrator? Does she really look at me only as an entertainment?
I don’t know.

It’s no good.
It’s getting complicated.
This is not like me.
Here, I should be as the usual me, things that I don’t know are left unknown.

Although I don’t know whether she’s a Evil God or not, if it’s only peeping, there’s no harm.
I don’t intend to live an embarrassing live.
Ah, I’m sorry.
Exclude the part where my buttocks caught fire.

Well, whatever her motives are, I’m am me.
I should live like me from now on.
That’s right.
Let’s do that.

Let’s forget D for the time being.
Because she said that the black man won’t get involved, it’s fine to forget it.

Ah, but D said that she gave the “Wisdom” skill as a reward.
Maybe, I should say my thanks to her there.
… Oh, well.
If she come again, let’s say it at that time.
She said ‘later’.

Well then, let’s restart the exploration.

Yesterday, Body-in-charge ate the Fire Dragon while I was absentminded.
The taste is like adding the whitefish and chicken, then divided by 2.
It was delicious.
But, after all, I want seasoning.
Although it’s more delicious than the unappetizing monsters up until now, it’s a little unsatisfying.
Ah, since I ate the catfish, I ate a lot of delicious things, so my desire might have came out.

Although the taste was such feeling, the amount was a considerable volume.
To the extent that my SP that the stock had decreased considerably in the mortal combat became full.
Because it was a waste, I consume my SP to gain skill proficiency and while I’m at it, I ate the remainder.

If the level of “Space Magic” rises, will I learn an item box-like magic?
Although I thought that it was unnecessary at first, if I meet a big thing again, it’s hard to finish eating everything.
Because I don’t want to leave it, it would be convenient if I can take the part that I can’t eat finish.

By the way, Shadow Sink can’t become the substitution for the item box.
If a thing is put into that, it can’t be moved.
It’s really a strange magic.
I mean, the “Shadow Magic” itself is quite strange.
Both offensive ability and the utility.
It’s also troublesome that it’s a late bloomer that it needs to become level 6 to be useful.
Besides, while saying that it’s a late bloomer, the flower bloomed is strange.

Will the “Shadow Magic” derives or evolves into “Dark Magic” when it becomes level 10?
It will probably become it, but judging from me who has already acquired the highest rank “Dark Magic” , I don’t feel much charm.
Well, the “Abyss Magic” has the weakness of can’t be used casually because of it’s high power, so it’s a welcome to get magic that has moderate firepower.

However, because I have defeat the Fire Dragon, it might have really became that there’s no enemy in the middle layer.
Let’s break through the middle layer with this condition.


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