Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 114

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114 Spider vs Fire Dragon ②

Now that it has gone this far, I have no choice but to prepare for the worst.
I maximize the consciousness tuning level of “Parallel Will”.
In addition, I have Magic-in-charge activate magic.

The shadow where I hide myself changes its form and approaches the Fire Dragon’s body like a spear.
A technique that’s called Shadow Spear that combines the “Shadow Magic LV4” Shadow Change, “Shadow Magic LV5” Solid Shadow and “Shadow Magic LV6” Shadow Manipulation.
The shape of the shadow is changed into a spear shape using Shadow Change, solidify it using Solid Shadow, and move it using Shadow Manipulation.
Surprisingly, if the “Shadow Magic” is not use together with the level 6 magic, it can be said that it’s impossible to attack properly. It was a difficult magic.
The consumption is also bad and it’s inefficient.
It’s a disappointing magic that there’s no much use.

But, I was saved thanks to that magic now.
The Fire Dragon dodges the approaching Shadow Spear easily.
I escape from the shadow in the interval.
I take a distance from the Fire Dragon.

The Fire Dragon and I who face each other.
To be honest, I don’t think that I can win.
The ability value of the other side is absolutely higher.
In addition, the affinity of the attribute is not good either.
Above all, the Fire Dragon’s “Abnormal Condition Resistance” skill is hard.

This skill is as shown in its name, it has the effect of raising the resistance of abnormal condition attribute attacks.
I should think that it has a considerably high defensive ability if the originally high resistance value is added with the” Abnormal Condition Resistance” skill.
And, I’m specialized in abnormal conditions.
It can be said that the affinity was bad in that sense.

Moreover, its skills don’t have a breach either.
Although I have continued fighting monsters with higher status, I think that my skills are better.
I have higher number of skills, but the Fire Dragon’s skills are the same as me, or maybe even higher ability than mine.
Some of the skills are the same as me, some are higher level, and even skills that have evolved.

It’s superior than me either in the status or in the skills.
In addition, the affinity is bad.
There was no element that I can win.
But, I must do it.
If I don’t win, I will die.

I resolve myself.
There’s still a prospect of victory.
But, the possibility of defeat is higher after all.
I might die.
I’m scared to die.
But, there’s no life that can’t die.
Then, as I said before, I will live like a burning fire and die brilliantly.
Although I don’t intend to die, even if I die, I don’t want to die unsightly.
Fire Dragon, will you kill me?
Then, come with a suitable resolution.
I’m not that easy to be killed unhurt, you know?

I turn on the “Intimidation” at the same time as I resolve myself again.
Opening all Evil Eyes.
Simultaneous activation of “Magic Combat Act”, “Fighting Spirit” and “Drake Power”.
Magic Construction Start.

The Fire Dragon cloak its body in flame while I wonder did it took that action after seeing my resolution.
The 『Fire Dragon』 skill seems to be the evolution of the 『Fire Drake』 skill.
Naturally, it can use the effect of the 『Fire Drake』 skill too.
One of those is the Flame Cloak that’s acquired at “Fire Drake LV8”.
It’s the higher rank technique of the “Fire Drake LV2” Heat Clad, and it’s literally cloaking the body in the intense flame.
Furthermore, it’s also a technique that improves the movement ability due to the heat.

Apparently, it seems that the Fire Dragon has recognize me as a formidable enemy.
There are neither carelessness nor self-conceit in each other.
A serious fight starts.

The Fire Dragon spits out a fireball.
An attack that can’t be thought as a serious attack, a wait-and-see attack.
But still, if I think about my weak “Fire Resistance”, it’s a power that can turn me into cinders if I receive it directly.
Because even this toying attack is equal to the previous Fire Drake’s full power fireball.

I evade it with all my power.
Because of the combo of “Accuracy” and “Great Probability Correction”, I can’t avoid it lightly.
It’s the level that I need to borrow the power of “Evasion” and stacking three strengthening skills to avoid that toying attack.
Making full use of “Thought Acceleration” and “Foresight”.

The Fire Dragon shortens the distance at the same time as it spit out a fireball.
Using the fireball as a distraction and the real attack comes.
It bends its long body like the snake, and swing its huge tail.
The single blow that has the fatal effect called flame added to it and the already powerful physical attack.
I also barely dodge this.
The cloaked flame grazes my body.
My HP decreases slightly with that alone.

If I didn’t perceive the approaching Fire Dragon with “Thought Acceleration” and see the action with “Foresight”, it would be bad.
At present, it seems that my “Evasion” combo is slightly better than the Fire Dragon’s “Accuracy” and “Great Probability Correction” combo.

But, the situation is not good.
No matter how much time passes, the Fire Dragon doesn’t paralyze.
As for the curse, HP,etc, are reduced slightly, but there’s no effect in the status.
It seems that both resistances are high.
Although the effect of Evil Eye will be effective if time passes, the Fire Dragon won’t wait in silence for that long.

I barely evade the claw attack from the rushing Fire Dragon.
The Fire Dragon becomes cautious of me who even evaded that, and it takes distance for a moment.

The Fire Dragon roared.

Impatience arises in my heart.
The Fire Dragon’s skill is roughly the higher rank of the Fire Drake’s skill.
Naturally, it can use the skill that the Fire Drake had.
In other words, the skill that embodies the violence of the number that the Fire Drake used to corner me.
It’s the higher rank skill of the Fire Drake’s “Command”.
It’s a skill that make the user to be accompanied by subordinates using stronger control power.

My Detection catches the appearances of the monsters that begin to gather one after another.
There was no self-conceit in me.
I recognized the Fire Dragon as a higher rank formidable enemy, and I have even resolved to die.
But, there was no self-conceit in the Fire Dragon either.
It uses all its power in order to defeat the lower rank me.
And, there’s no unfairness.
The probability of my survival became even lower.


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