Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 112

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112 Monsters that change into metal

It’s difficult to communicate with human being.
I’m even bad at the exchange in the internet.
Isn’t my communication ability is the lowest class?
Ku, I never thought that there’s such a high wall that stands in my way in order to eat delicious cuisine!

Well, it’s still not the time to panic.
Even if I say that I will aim at Arachne, it’s still a long way off.
In the first place, it’s not worth considering unless I escape from the middle layer.

After eating the Fire Drake, I ate the three eels.
Even though it had evolved, the eel was more delicious.
Isn’t this a degeneration?

As expected, “Satiation” stock maxed once because the amount was large.
I surely thought that the highest was 1000, but it was possible to save up to 1100.
It looks like the capacity increased after evolving.
Because my SP pool is too much now, I activate “Fighting Spirit” and “Drake Power” at the same time to consume energy.
Although “Drake Power” consumes MP too, it’s just right because my MP will keep accumulating if I don’t consume it.

At the same time, Magic-in-charge raise the skill proficiency of “Space Magic”.
The green line goes here and there.
But, the level hasn’t rise yet.
It’s the magic that I used 500 points, so it’s growth is slightly slow.
When I compare it with my other magics, the necessary skill proficiency for the next level is considerably a lot.
Well, because it’s gradually accumulated, I think that it will level up soon.

Speaking of skill points, I’m hesitating to pick which skill to acquire.
In case of the skill that can be acquired with 100 points, I will go for the Evil Eye that I haven’t acquire yet, but there are some good skills if I save more.
Like the remaining seven deadly sins.
I think that this is the same broken skill as “Pride” and I want to acquire it, but even the lowest one 『Sloth』 needs 1000 points.
As expected, it’s hard to save up to there.
Besides, the “Gluttony” that I thought was the “Overeating” evolution is not there somehow.
Even though the other seven deadly sins are there. How mysterious.

And, there’s also the seven virtues.
I don’t know much about that part, but it’s pairs up with the seven deadly sins, right?
There are some that looks like it.
But, this also don’t have seven.
Is there a rule for these skills that are not in the list?

And, I’m interested with the 『Hero』 skill.
Although it doesn’t have the mysterious language in the explanation like the seven deadly sins, it’s considerably high efficient.
Well, even if I say that I’m interested, I can’t acquire it because it demands a ridiculous figure of 15000 points.
And, there’s also the 『Demon King』 skill.
Although this is similar to the “Hero”, this one is cheaper than “Hero” with 5000 points.
If I want to acquire, I would acquire this one, but it seems that I will get the Demon King title at the moment I acquire it.
If I have the skill points, it’s a quite high efficient skill, and it’s delicious as a material, so I want to acquire it.

Well, I wonder should I go safely here and acquire the high rank Evil Eyes.
There are some high rank guys of the Evil Eyes that can’t be acquired at 100 points.
Although it doesn’t match with the broken skills, it’s possible to get it easily, so I think that I should acquire that.

Therefore, I need to defeat monsters and gain experience points to get skill points.
But, there’s no monster at all since a while ago.
Although the party led by the Fire Drake were annihilated, there’s no monster at all even if I have advance considerably from there.

No, the monsters are there.
They just shut themselves in the magma, and don’t come out.
I can understand that they are running away with all their might and trying to hide.

Then, the reason why they are running away and hiding is that they are running away from me.
Well, the cause should be the “Fear Bringer” title.
Ah, and also “Intimidation”.
The monsters are scared of me by these two effects.

The way they run reminds me of the Metal guy who appears in a certain national RPG. (TL Note: Metal Slime from Dragon Quest)
They run away at top speed at the moment when they noticed me.
As for those guys who hide, I hate it that they acquired the “Stealth” skill just by that.
I want to say that “How desperate are you”.

When they run away like this, I can’t even hunt properly.
Moreover, unlike the Metal guy, I won’t get a lot of experience points even if I defeat them.
My current level is 15.
Finally, I have also exceeded level 10.
Zoa Ere is a high rank species, so I already know that my next evolution exceeds level 10 in the next evolution condition.
I think that after I exceeded level 10, I really did became a high rank species.

When I see my magic status only, I feel that I can even do well in the lower layer.
My status has actually reach the a part of the Earth Dragon Kaguna’s status.
When did I became that strong?
Eh, I just noticed it.
Come to think of it, although I only manage to appraise the HP, etc, if I’m not mistaken, isn’t it around 3000?
When it’s my magic status only, won’t it be an equal match?

Can I fight against the Earth Dragon!?
No no.
Calm down.
The opponent is that Earth Dragon.
It’s surely my misunderstanding.
Un un.
It’s only my magic status that caught up with it.

Ah, but I became strong to that extent.
No wonder the monsters runs from me.
If there’s a strong person scattering fear by “Intimidation”, of course anyone will run away.
Even I will run away.
Ah, this was my story.

However, I’m troubled.
I can’t raise my level like this.
What should I do?


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