Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 102

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102 Wisdom-sama is amazing

Well, the ability of the skill “Wisdom” seems to be an enhanced version of Appraisal-sama and Detection-san.
At that point, it’s decided that I have to call it with “-sama”.

First of all, the enhanced part, a thing called “Details” was added into the status appraisal result.
When I double appraise this details, a more detailed information than the status will be displayed. What a wonderful function.

The detailed numerical value of each parts of body are in the attack and defense.
According to it, I understood that my strongest offensive ability is my sickle, and my defensive ability is approximately equal.
Although my defensive ability of my torso is somewhat low, because I’m specialized in evasion originally, it will be fine if I don’t make any blunders.

The speed is also similar, but it breakdowns further to reflexive speed, instantaneous speed and endurance speed.
Although it’s comparatively average, the instantaneous speed seems to be slightly higher than the others.

And, magic.
This, really.
There are various fields like Magic Offensive Ability, Magic Formula Deployment Speed, Magic Formula Stability Level, Magic Formula Strength, etc, but the numerical values other than the offensive ability have reached max value.
It’s 99999.
It’s not average at all!
Leaving aside that retort, I think that this is the effect of “Magic Extremity”.
It was somehow written that the magic formula related becomes maximum, so I think that it’s the effect.
This is telling me to use magic, right?
Finally, finally, I can use magic!
I’m looking forward to use it.

Well, the first thing to do now is to reconfirm Wisdom-sama’s effect.
I must not panic.

Last, it’s resistance, but this was the most important in the details.
All of my attribute resistances were there.
With this, the attribute that I was weak in became clear.

Fire was the one that I’m weak in after all.
Even though I have “Fire Resistance”, it’s still the lowest.
Ah, by the way, when I have the resistance-type skills, the numerical value of the resistance rises equivalent to the resistance skill.

Other than fire, my resistance to water, ice and light are low.
Especially, ice is low together with “Fire Resistance”.
Although I won’t receive any ice attribute attack as long as I’m in the middle layer, I should bear it in my mind.

On the contrary, heresy attribute is the highest.
Well, I do have “Heresy Nullity”.
The numerical value of this is also 99999.
The next to it is “Poison Resistance”.
And the next is unexpectedly dark.
It was higher than the attribute that I have the resistance.

And in this way, my strong and weak resistances became clear, but I think that this can probably be said as an attack.
For example, even if I use the magic of the fire attribute that I’m weak in, I think that the effect will be low.
On the contrary, the heresy and dark attributes that I’m strong in seems to have high effects.
Although it’s still in the range of expectation, I think that the probability is high.

The details of the status are about like this, and the details of the skills can be seen, too.
Specifically, it reach the point that the numerical value of the skill proficiency can be seen.
Because the numerical value of the necessary skill proficiency to the next level is also displayed together, it seems that I can raise the level more efficiently.

By the way, the skill proficiency of the skills that I have not acquired can also be seen.
The skill list is displayed even without skill points.
I was surprised at this.
Besides, in the state that all skills were lifted from the ban.
Looking at this only seems to need one whole day.

Among those skills, there’s the skill that needs an incredibly high skill points to acquire it.
Although it’s ability is reliable to that extent, I absolutely won’t acquire it.
I said as a joke to voice of heaven before. Wait, should I stop calling voice of heaven?
No, after all, voice of heaven is all right as it is.
Ah, yes, the continuation of the talk.
I inquire voice of heaven as a joke, and there’s really a 「Immortality」 skill, but it needs 100 million points to acquire it.
Nai wa.
There’s absolutely no sign to let me acquire it.

Well, leaving aside skills that can’t be acquired, I think that I should pick up the usable skills that I can reach.
I will use my skill points for Evil Eye for a while, but when that’s over, I will acquire skills that look good.

And, about Detection-san’s enhancement, the information picked up by “Detection” can be appraise now.
However, because the information picked up by Detection-san is quite precise, there’s no need to appraise it purposely.
At present, I can’t think of an effective way to use it, but it’s no a disadvantage to have it and it might be used someday.

Lastly, the most important thing is the auto mapping function was added!
Moreover, this, it’s before acquiring Wisdom-sama, the map of all the ranges where I passed before after I am born can be inspected!
This is amazing.
Seriously amazing.
This Elro Great Labyrinth which I wandered aimlessly, part of it became clear by this map so far!

Elro Great Labyrinth is too wide….

The map of the upper layer where I was formerly there, the map of the lower layer where I fell, and the map of the middle layer that I’m advancing now.
I expected that it would be a part of the whole map when the maps are connected, but it became the size that was almost the same as Hokkaido with that alone.
It’s only a part, you know?
And, when I predict the distance from the middle layer to the upper layer, I understood that it looks like it’s still long ahead.
Although there might be a pit somewhere because it’s only a prediction, I should be prepared for a long trip.

Lastly, the language that was impossible to appraise up until now, it’s still impossible to appraise.


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