Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 4

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Blood 4 Countdown to despair


I stiffen to the Appraisal result.

At that incident, I knew that I could acquire the thing called skill using the thing called skill points accidentally.
I acquired the Appraisal skill immediately, and tried it in various ways.
As a result, I understood that Appraisal couldn’t be used.

Although I appraised the things that were within my visible range one after another, the words displayed were the words I knew if I saw them, like 『Bed』 『Wall』 『Desk』.
Moreover, I had a light headache by appraising once.
If I don’t appraise continuously, it’s a headache that won’t cause any problem, but when I finished appraising most of the things in the room, I had a dull pain like having a high fever.

On top of it, there is almost no meaning to activate it. The penalty called headache occurs when activating it.
Although I think that it’s because the skill level is 1, I don’t think that I want to do my best to raise the level either.
It was a failure skill.
The result I got from appraising my hand was 「Vampire」 at the end while I sighed.

I feel like I took a very long time before I understood the meaning.
I think like it’s some kind of mistake, so I appraise it many times again, but the result is the same.
Why is it?
Only those words race in my head round and round, and I can’t think of the things further.

「This is bad! Ojou-sama!?」

I seemed to have a considerably bad complexion, and the maid who saw my state called the doctor immediately.
I appraised the maid in secret, and the result was 「Human」.
I also appraised Father and Mother, who rushed to hear my condition in a hurry. Both were 「Human」.
In other words, I’m not a Vampire because my parents are Vampires.
It is only that I have been born as a Vampire by mutation.

So, if I’m seen by the doctor, it may be found out that I’m a Vampire.
I feel that I grew more and more pale.
I don’t know whether blood flows in a Vampire properly or not though.

「No, wait」
「You noticed it too, right? This child probably activated Appraisal」

It was good to be dead tired oppositely.
If I was energetic in this, my body would react.

「Whether it’s a coincidence or a prank of God, this child seems to have the Appraisal skill. This symptom is probably the appraisal drunk. Although this is only my prediction, this child may not be able to turn off the activation of the skill arbitrarily」
「If that’s the case, isn’t it dangerous!?」
「It’s dangerous, but it’s not a problem that a doctor can solve. We should have the doctor examine her just in case, but we have no choice but to pray for this child to control the activation of the skill by herself」

I hear the conversation of Father and Mother and the attendants talking in whispers behind my back, and it seems that they misunderstand my symptom.
Because half is correct. It’s not completely a mistake.
I mean, they understand that I used Appraisal, huh?
The failure degree rose again.

The doctor arrives and I receives an examination.
I can’t resist.
I’m at the mercy of the doctor while I feel like fainting from the tension at any moment.

「As heard from the talk, it’s the appraisal drunk. She seemed to do an impossible thing and her body became stiff. However, after seeing her, the activation of the skill seems to have stopped. Her condition will not grow worse any further」

The parents are relieved.
Still, I can’t be relieved, and my body remained stiff.

「You should watch her without taking your eyes off for one day just to make sure. Please call me again if there’s anything wrong」
「Doctor, thank you」

The doctor leaves the room without saying anything particularly further.
I can’t be careless.
It’s possible that the doctor will talk to my parents secretly after this.
But, apart from the strained tension, my consciousness felt like a haze covered it.
It seemed that the body of a baby can’t endure the prolonged tension.
While resisting the drowsiness that was hard to fight against, I wanted to know the result of whether the doctor returned without noticing it or not.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Sleep Resistance LV1』》

There was the power of that skill too, so I was able to stay up slightly.
But, after all, I fell asleep before I knew it, without being able to endure it until my parents return.


When I woke up, my parents were not by my side.
I thought that because it’s that anxious Mother, she would stay by my side all the time, but she was not there.
I understood the reason from the conversation of the attendants immediately.
Apparently, the spider monster back there seemed to have spread its nest close to the town.
Because of that, the people in the town are confused, and both Father and Mother seem to be pressed correspondingly.

I feel relieved.
For the time being, being alive didn’t become the worst end.
Although the problem is only delayed, I think that me being a Vampire might not be noticed.
Legally speaking, it’s troublesome, but only this time, I thank the spider that clouded the problem.

As for thinking, why was I born as a Vampire?
I believe that I have reincarnated, but I don’t understand why.
Don’t tell me that the cause is because I was called Vampire as a nickname in my previous life?
If my precious second life is out of order by such a stupid thing, I can’t live on.

But, the fact that I’m a Vampire can’t be changed.
If someone appraises me, it’s the end by one attempt.
Although I don’t know how Vampires are treated in this world, I think that they don’t get treated well.
I must absolutely make sure that I won’t be found out.

But, being found out is only a matter of time.
There’s an event of the high society debut called the appraisal ceremony for the nobles’ children.
The child is appraised grandly in the public, and it’s an event to show each other how great their child is.
It’s like advertising that I’m a Vampire if such a thing is done.
I must evade it by any means.
But, how can I evade it?

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