Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 22

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Blood 22 Demons…….

We entered the Demons territory.
And, that’s easily.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that we pass through the border from the front foolishly and honestly.
The Demons territory borders with the empire, and the empire’s forts are arranged in various places, so it’s not a place where human can pass.
In order to enter the Demons territory from the Humans territory, it’s necessary to avoid populated forts and pass through the fortress of nature that can’t be passed usually.

The place where we passed was the steep mountain range that was called the Magic Mountain.
The mountain where the top of the mountain exists in a position that’s far higher than the cloud.
I want to stop to try to travel on foot there with a light mood of going for a hike.
No, seriously.

On the way, we camp at the remains of the village that seems to be abandoned for several years, the master of the mountain-like Dragon came and Ariel-san negotiated with it, and Ariel-san and Master choose to run away unusually when the opponent is a strange monkey.
When we cross the Magic Mountain that’s full of such happenings, it was the Demons territory already.
To be honest, it’s too severe on the way that I don’t feel so much.

In addition, it might be a reason that I was disappointed that the scenery seen is not very different from the Humans territory.
After all, when saying such thing like Demons territory, I imagined a hellish sight where it’s covered with thick clouds the whole year by all means and the eerie atmosphere that plant doesn’t grow.
In reality, the sky is blue, the plant grown in abundance in green, and the air is perfectly clear.
The magnificent scenery of nature that doesn’t have much difference from the Humans territory.
If it’s this, the Magic Mountain was a more demon boundary.

It seemed that the Demons territory also has the forts to prevent the invasion of the Humans similar to the Humans territory.
The blank zone between the Demons’ forts and the Humans’ forts often becomes the battlefield, and it’s the most dangerous area in the world in a certain meaning.
When a suspicious character walks there, the person will be attacked just because of that, and moreover, I hear that it’s an everyday occurrence that the battle can develop up to the war level.
Master who hears it looked disappointed though.
Master seems to might think that the Elro Great Labyrinth is more dangerous.
When I actually hear the past stories of Master, it seems to be more dangerous there, so it can’t be helped.

After learning Appraisal, I didn’t use Appraisal on others because Ariel-san stopped me up until now, but as long as I hear the story of Master and Ariel-san, as for the Humans’ status, it’s doubtful that it can reach 1000 even if it’s high.
I would agree that the labyrinth where the monsters’ status is several times higher than that is more dangerous.
In reality, which one is dangerous can’t be judge by me because I don’t have any combat experience and I have not seen both of it.

The present position of us who crossed the Magic Mountain is already passed the Demons territory’s forts, so we don’t have to pass through such a danger zone.
Although I thought that Master might charge, I’m relieved because there’s no such state.

Well, even if we don’t have to pass through such a danger zone, we advanced the trackless path though!
I think that the biggest reason why the scenery doesn’t change in both the Humans territory and the Demons territory is because of advancing being buried in the DIE nature.
(TL note: DIE nature is a pun of 大自然(Daishizen) that means nature/Mother Nature/great nature)
In a view of a tiny person, the appearance of a big nature looked similar.

Because both Ariel-san and Master actually push forward without hesitation, I only chase after them without hesitation, but when it’s said if it’s only Merazofis and I can cross this nature or not, there’s no confidence to advance without hesitation.
If we don’t use the Clairvoyance and the Space Maneuver at the same time to check the present position and the destination always, we seemed to get lost immediately.

In addition, even if we don’t get lost, when Ariel-san is gone, the monsters will also come near.
Although the wild monsters don’t come near because of Ariel-san’s Intimidation now, if Ariel-san is gone, naturally, the effect is lost.
And, when it’s said whether Merazofis and I can handle the monster that came near, I don’t have much confidence.
The monsters are the opponents that bring the risk of death even to Master.
Master can neither move her hand nor foot, ah, no, me who’s hands and feet were eaten, it’s impossible to win even if I fight with the monster.
Well, I don’t think that a high rank monster that can have a hard fight with Master is common, and if it’s only a small fry, I might be able to do something.

But, the monsters that I have seen so far, all have high status.
Because there are also times when Ariel-san defeats it before I can appraise it, I don’t grasp everything, but it’s always stronger than me.
The monsters in this world are strong to the extent that it’s unbalance.
I’m admired that the Humans and the Demons didn’t get destroyed.

How about the Demons?
Because we will enter the Demons’ town in the future, but I wonder to what extent that they are stronger than the Humans?
Because they are called the Demons, after all, they have a devil-like appearance?
Had wings grown.
And, the skin is blue, and the fangs are long as we Vampires.
While it’s scary to see, there’s a little curiosity.

Like that, the travel advanced well while I’m deluding the Demons’ appearance.
Because the surrounding scenery is the great nature that the people’s hand is not added to it, it changes into that of the field.
There’s a proper road, and we advance on that.
Ah, the road is good no matter how many times I experience it.
It’s magnificent that it’s not the DIE nature where HP decreases just by walking.

The people who harvest the field meet my eyes.

「Ariel-san, there are Humans here, but here is already the Demons territory, right?」

I wonder if it’s that?
The Humans captured in the war are made to engage in the labor for farming as slaves.

「Hmm? Humans?」

Because Ariel-san has a face that she doesn’t understand the meaning of the words that I said for an instant, she looked around the surroundings, and her face became to have understood it.

「Ah. I see, I see. For the reincarnated people, the word Demons has the feeling that a devil-like appearance is imagined. I see, I see」

Ariel-san who consents alone.
Um, I want an explanation by now though?

「All of them over there are Demons」

Ariel-san says it while pointing at the people who are working in the field.
But, no matter how I look at them, I can only see them as Humans.

「Both the Humans and the Demons can’t be judged from the appearance alone. After all, the appearance is completely the same」

What’s that?
Somehow, I feel terribly disappointed.
Like this, it’s really no difference from the Humans territory.
It’s not that the Humans and the Demons has great difference.


The monster that comes occasionally = The tough guy who breaks through Maou-sama’s Intimidation.


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