Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 19

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Blood 19 Both the inside and the outside are dangerous

The length of our staying in the town passed.
After all, we left the town without me being able to go out of the inn even one step.
I can’t walk around in the town as a baby, and I also didn’t have the mind to go out.

Although Ariel-san and Shiraori went out frequently, in every case, Shiraori summoned the white spider.
The white spider activates magic.
This is the order from Shiraori that’s said to learn magic while in the inn.
I’m told to look at the spider’s activated magic and learn it.
There’s a limit to be unreasonable.

The activated one is magic of the dark.
Apparently, my aptitude of ice and water is the highest, and next to it is the magic of the dark.
Then, I thought that isn’t it better to learn the ice and water magic, but because Shiraori can neither use the ice nor water, it’s decided to learn the dark which is the next highest aptitude.
Shiraori’s best aptitude seems to be dark even though she’s pure white.
Although it feels like an appearance fraud, if I say that, it’s strange that I who should have the setting that I’m weak in stream, have high water aptitude. So, I think that it’s one of the group that can’t be retorted.

Although we stayed in the town for four days including the first day, after all, I was not able to acquire the Dark Magic.
Even if I acquired it, the one acquired as the skill seems to be the lower rank of the Dark Magic that’s Shadow Magic.
According to Ariel-san, it’s a useless trash magic rather than a low rank.
But, I’m told that when the skill level rises, the Dark Magic will be derived and becomes usable.
Why is she trying to make me acquire such a trash magic? The question is everlasting.

In the first place, there’s no way that magic can be learned by watching the activation without skills.
Even though it’s impossible from the beginning, I can only think that it’s something pointless to make me do it.
And yet, when I try to be idle, I must do it desperately because the spider urges me without mercy.
That spider, when I show an unmotivated behavior even if it’s a little, it shoots a weaken magic after all.

Because the skill level of Magic Perception and Magic Manipulation rose, it certainly is not pointless.
I also acquired the skills called Magician and Protection.
But then, I think that there’s a more efficient way to develop the skills.

I’m bullied by the spider in daytime like that, and as for the night, I suffer in night.

Every time we finished eating the dinner, the drunk Shiraori gets involved.
She turns nasty when drunk unexpectedly.
Moreover, because her character changes completely when she’s drunk, she can’t be deal.

Especially, when she fed up, she transformed to do perverted sexual harassment-like.
She licked my body.
Although it’s good that there’s a bath in the inn, I don’t want to be sticky all over covered with saliva.
It’s unknown why she licks me.
Because it’s impossible to communicate with Shiraori when she’s drunk, even if I ask her, she will only say a stupid thing like 「Because it seems to be delicious」.
Although I had a terrible chill in every case, it’s surely an imagination, right?

Although a decent thing didn’t happen on me like that, it looks like Merazofis had a breakthrough while staying in the town.
Ariel-san might have gave an advice while I’m sleeping.
Although his complexion has not returned to the origin yet, there’s energy in his eyes.
Although he probably want to do something for me who’s the master in reality, for him to recover like this makes me glad honestly.

And, the meals were excessively delicious every time.
When I ask it later, it seemed that Ariel-san made everything.
Although it’s the person who served that poisoned dish, it can’t be helped because it’s actually delicious.

The one waiting for me who went out of the town was as expected, the hell-like walk.

I predicted it somehow.
There’s no way that Shiraori will choose a proper course.
She moved off from the highway purposely, and advanced the trackless path.
Of course, we ended up following her. We were made to advance the path starting from the meadows, forest, mountain and steep road.

Even though we passed such places, the monsters didn’t come near by Ariel-san’s power.
It seems that she used the Intimidation-type skill to drive away the monsters.
But, just when I thought that I don’t receive the effect, it seems that I succeed in resisting it because I have the Fear Resistance.
When I ask Merazofis, he says that his Fear Resistance also rose during this travel.
But still, it seems that he failed in resisting it, and he spend the time on the way while being scared of Ariel-san.
Because he didn’t show such a behavior, I was a little surprised.

「Because I don’t want to make Ojou-sama to worry about me」

He said that with a wry smile.

「Although I made you worry about unnecessary things up until now, I am already alright. I have troubled you」

He talked with a settled state.
Although I don’t know how Merazofis sort out his feelings, I decided not to ask him in detail.
Because I’m sure that it’s not something good that I can ask.
The child of the person he loves is actually an uncomprehending existence that’s a reincarnated person and a Vampire, and he himself has become a Vampire.
There’s no way I can understand such person’s feelings unless I experience the same thing.
I’m sure that the terribly complicated feelings whirled.
I’m not a person who has a refined soul that can say about people.
However, I think that if it’s the weakness of the mind, mine is weaker than anyone.
That’s why, although I will hear it if he talks about it one day, I won’t ask Merazofis.

Rather than that, I want to know why must we advancing such a dense forest purposely.


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