Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 18

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Blood 18 Abnormal Condition 「Drunkard」

I find myself now in an extraordinary pinch.

「Only a little, just the tip only!」

In front of me is the worst enemy.
Ariel-san and Merazofis are made to faint.

「I will recover you soon! Okay? So, it’s fine, right?」

Frankly speaking, it’s the crisis of life.

「Let me eat!」

At this rate, I will be eaten!?



Returning the time a little.
We who have reached the inn divide into two groups and acted.
Merazofis and I are the standby group.
Ariel-san and Shiraori are the shopping group.

After the shopping group entered the room, they went out immediately.
On that occasion, Shiraori summoned three white spiders and left them there.
The size is about the adult’s palm, a large spider like the tarantula in the Earth.
Because there seems to be spider monster of the size like the monster that lightly exceeds the human in this world, I think that it’s still the ordinary size and appearance.
Although I think so, I’m not a spider lover that I can be relieved in a room with such spider.
Rather, it’s unpleasant, and I hate it.

Although it’s probably for the guard, I can’t calm down.
When I appraise it, it’s eerie and scary that 『Impossible to appraise』 is displayed.

Frankly speaking, the Appraisal is a useless skill, but I have the habit of appraising the the things that attracted my interest somehow.
Even if I appraise, mostly, nothing is understood in the end.
But, even though a fairly amount of time has passed after I acquire the Appraisal skill, the skill level doesn’t rise.
Although it might be convenient if the level rises, the way to there is too far that I can’t have the motivation to raise it.

I avoid the spiders wandering around slowly on their own way, and climb to the bed.
The room that Ariel-san had taken was a large room that was made using one floor at the top floor of the inn.
There are six beds, it’s made that it can be enclosed with the partition.
Surprisingly, it comes with the bathroom.

This world doesn’t have water service like Japan.
The commoners generally use the well water and the water of the river, while the nobles and some rich people uses the magic tool that can generate water in the house.
My house used a low grade magic tool.

Using such a magic tool means that this inn is a considerably high status place, isn’t it?
There’s a bath means that there’s the magic tool that heats the hot bath. Even with that only, it’s a fortune for the commoners.

The thing called magic tool is refined by using the special skills called Ability Granting and Magic Granting.
It seems that both skills need a considerable time to be acquired, and the people who have these skills are a little.
Moreover, even if they have, it seems that the people who make magic tools among that is only a handful.
Because granting seems to need a terrible amount of time and labor.
There’s such a reason, and even the low graded ones, the magic tool cost a lot.

This room might used more money than the noble’s mansion.

In such a gorgeous room, I who was enjoying the bed after a long time slept before I know it.
There was the tiredness along the way to here too, above all, the mental tiredness of having lost my hometown surged just as I was exhausted.

From now on, what will happen?

Such vague uneasiness.
I will follow Ariel-san to the border of the Humans territory and the Demons territory.
I can spend till then with complicity like now.
But, I must decide it from there on.
Continue the life on the run while staying in the Humans territory with Merazofis without getting anyone’s help, or follow Ariel-san like this and walk into the unknown Demons territory.

Without reaching the conclusion, my consciousness disappeared in the doze.


I woke up by the smell that tickled my nasal cavity.
When I woke up, the big table is crowded with dishes.

「Ah, you woke up? I thought that I will wake you up soon. Let’s have dinner」

Everyone sits down on the seat by Ariel-san’s order.
On that occasion, I happened to see that Shiraori passed a new red liquid bottle to Merazofis.

「Then, itadakimasu」
「Today’s dishes are without poison, so be relieved. Because Sophia-chan is a baby, you don’t have to force yourself to eat it」

Although Ariel-san’s advice is appreciated, not eating with this is cruel.
Eating the dishes without poison that after a long time.
Moreover, it’s made from proper ingredients, and the high class feeling that it seemed to be made by a first class chef.
My cheek loosens instinctively with one bite.
Because I only ate baby food when I was in my house, it was the dish-like dish that’s eaten properly for the first time after being reincarnated.

Why is Shiraori crying?
It’s certainly delicious, but was it to the extent to cry?
Moreover, she eats while crying.
Aaah, the beautiful woman is messed.

The large amount of dishes finished in a flash.
Although most of it disappeared into Shiraori’s stomach, there’s no appearance that her stomach swells.
What kind of different dimension stomach she have.
It’s normal that the stomach will swell after eating in the laws of physics.
There’s no need to have a beautiful woman correction at such a place.

The stomach of me who’s shouting in my mind swelled.
It’s painful.
But, it’s a happiness.
Because I ate it after tasting it, the skill level of the Enhanced Five Senses rose.

I think that Merazofis’s complexion has improved slightly.
I’m glad.

It was until here that I can thought so.

「Ah. Happiness」

I didn’t know who said that at the beginning.
Because the condition of the completely melted voice didn’t connect to that person’s usual image.
If I see the direction of the voice, Shiraori had the face that can be applied with the word “nihera”.
(TL note: 二ヘラ. Google this and you can find the face)
Her eyes are open.
She had creepy eyes that there are multiple pupils further in the pupil.
Moreover, it doesn’t focus somehow, and the pupils turn round and round.

Shiraori drinks up the contents of the glass that she held.
And then, one breath.
Ah, it smells of alcohol.
Eh? Alcohol?
The one that she drank during the meal is not juice, but alcohol?
The one that I drank was a normal fruit juice though.

No need to guess, she’s drunk.
The gap with the usual is intense, and when I see this weak state, it’s definitely so.
Drink something like alcohol even though you’re a minor.

「Maoo, seconds」
「Shiro-chan, why don’t you stop around there?」
「Nooo! I still want to drink!」
「Even if you say that, the alcohol that was bought has finished」

Multiple pupils look at Ariel-san all at once.
This seems to be seen in the dream.

「Buy it」
「Eh? As expected, buying it specially is troublesome. This enough for today. Okay?」

A chop sank into the face of Ariel-san who calms her as persuading her.
It’s not a metaphor, and half of Shiraori’s hand in the face.
Ariel-san who falls like that with the chair.
Shiraori who bursts out laughing seeing that appearance somehow.
Eh? Is Ariel-san okay?

「Don’t worry, don’t worry. I won’t die, I won’t die. I’m sorry if I die」

Are you really okay!?
Somehow, you’re twitching though!?

「Don’t worry because her Automatic HP Recovery reached max level. This, with only like this, which world’s strongest class monster are you?」

Shiraori who talks unusually.

「I mean, how many skills improved?」
「Skill, Sk-i-ll! It’s super-inconvenient if the Appraisal can’t be used though! Ah, do you have Appraisal? That’s Appraisal-sama, okay? You must respect it, okay? If you don’t have it, acquire it immediately. If you have it, appraise immediately anytime and anywhere. Do you have it?」
「I-I have it」
「Yay! Then, make sure to always appraise because it’s super-convenient if the level rises」

Who’s this person who putting on the pressure?
It’s not the Shiraori that I know.

「Next is the status up-type. That’s amazing. Gracious Idaten. You should develop the skills whenever possible. This world is the law of the jungle. Power is everything, what a good era that the world has become. That’s why, in order to repel the “Hyahha” pervert, power is necessary. Understand?」
「Ah, yes」
「If you’re weak, you will die. Even if you’re strong, you will be killed by a stronger guy. Then, you have no choice but to become stronger in all respects, isn’t it?」

Somehow, only those words have the sound that can’t be thrown away as a drunkard’s nonsense.

「Seriously, you will be eaten when you’re weak. Seriously. Nai wa. Something like if if I will get eaten, I will eat you. Ah, I remembered. Isn’t the baby seems delicious because it’s squishy?」

And, the hell time started.

Merazofis bravely confronted against Shiraori who approaches seriously.
He was easily repelled with a poke in the forehead though.
I ran away.
I ran away with my best.
But, I was caught easily.
So, this is weakness!

「Well then, itadakimasu」




My arm?
I have it.
A dream, huh?
Ah, it was scary.
What a nightmare that my arm is eaten.
Somehow, I don’t feel that I slept, so let’s sleep again.
Good night.


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