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Blood 12 The Divine Word Religion and the Elves

Because various things happened, sleepiness attacks me, and in the end, I doze off at that day.
Even though I still have a lot of things that I want to ask.

When I wake up, I was in the tent.
It’s dark maybe because the sun has not rise yet.
On my side, Merazofis sleeps as he’s dead.
When I go out of the tent quietly so that I don’t wake Merazofis, it was still dark.
Because the distant sky is grows lighter, it might lighten soon.
Waking up early in the morning even though I’m a Vampire, it’s strange.

「Oh? Did you wake up?」

When I was called and I turn around, Ariel-san was sitting there on the same position as yesterday.

「Do you want me to connect the Telepathy? Or, can you talk?」

What should I do?
I can pretty much talk about the things that I can talk.
However, my lisping and pronunciation are still strange, and talking is considerably tiring because I’m a baby.
Although I did speak to the extent that it’s not strange when I was in the house, if there’s such a convenient thing like Telepathy, I want to rely on that.

「With Telepathy」

Although I tried to say “with Telepathy”, it’s hard to catch it because of the lisp after all.
Not talking smoothly is also a stress.

「OK. Understood」

I understand it intuitively that the Telepathy with Ariel-san is connected.
It’s a convenient skill, and there’s a lot of chance to use it until I become able to talk properly, so I will acquire it with skill points later.
After all, I only used the skill point for Appraisal, and I didn’t touch the others.
Although I saved it to acquire the skill to conceal the Vampire, now that it became like this, there’s no meaning to conceal it anymore.

「You slept soundly as you’re tired」

Ariel-san said so while smiling.
It’s a little embarrassing that my sleeping face was seen.
Did Ariel-san stand watch without sleeping?

『Um, possibly, you didn’t sleep?』
「Un? Ah, because I have the high rank skill of the Sleep Resistance that’s Abnormal Condition Nullity, I don’t need to sleep. I will sleep when I feel like sleeping though」

Don’t need to sleep.
I mean, I wonder isn’t the Abnormal Condition Nullity a considerably amazing skill?
Although it’s unbelievable when I see the conversation like a comic dialogue yesterday, if I think about it, this person overwhelmed the people who attacked me.
Although I don’t know whether the comment that she’s the Demon King is true or not, her ability might be real even though she looks stupid.

「Somehow, I feel like I’m being dissed」

I pretend not to know while sweating cold sweat in my heart.

「Because the other two people are still sleeping, I will accept the question time until they wake up」

Come to think of it, although Merazofis was in the tent, I don’t see Shiraori’s appearance.
Where is she?

『What’s that?』

When I looked around restlessly, that comes into view.

「Ah, that’s Shiro-chan’s home」

I don’t understand the meaning of Ariel-san’s words.
It’s a thing like a white cocoon that’s there.
A round cocoon that was made with a large amount of threads.
Is Shiraori in there?

「You shouldn’t approach it. Because I don’t know what she would do when she’s half asleep」

Because I have a bad feeling somehow, I listen to Ariel-san’s words obediently.

『First of all, the town, Father and Mother, what happened to them?』

The first question.
I understand that the answer is probably the one that’s different from what I hoped.
But, I must hear it.

「The town is occupied by the invaded Outsu country army, well, it’s the Divine Word Religion army though. Your father and mother are unfortunate. That’s the condition」

I predicted it.
But, as expected, when I hear it again, the shock is large.
And yet, tears don’t flow.
Am I cold-hearted? Or, my feelings are paralyzed because I’m confused?

「By the way, about the people who attacked you, one side is the back force of the Divine Word Religion, and the other one is the Elves. It looks like both sides know that you’re a reincarnated person and targeted you」

Come to think of it, I think that the word “Elves” was mentioned yesterday in the stir-fried vegetables.
Although I can understand the Divine Word Religion, why the Elves?

「I don’t know why the Elves are aiming at the reincarnated people. However, Potimas who’s the leader of the Elves is a rotten trash. It’s obvious that he’s planning something worthless」
『Is that so?』
「Un. He’s a damn trash who’s already too trashy that can make the world into a pinch」

What a harsh way to say about him.
But, Ariel-san talks exposing her unpleasant feelings, at least, it looks like Ariel-san hates the Elves considerably.
Elves were supposed to be more sacred in my image though.

「The people of the Divine Word Religion too. Although I don’t know where they marked you down, it looks like they aimed at you. Possibly, that town become the target this time might be because you were there」

I have trouble breathing to the words.
It’s my…fault?

「It’s only “might”. There’s a possibility of becoming one of the purposes. Because the Divine Word Religion’s Pope is a man who values such efficiency. Achieve the secret purpose while dropping the confidence of Goddess Religion. He moves to produce many results with one move, He’s such a tactician」

It’s my fault.
It’s my fault.
It’s my fault.
I refrain with the words in my head.

「Even if I say to not mind it, it’s probably an unreasonable consultation, but the things happened this time is one of the big flows of the world. Either way, you can’t change it. There are things that can be done and things that can’t be done in everyone, you should just give up thinking that it can’t be helped」

It’s not something that can be cleared easily.

「The important thing is what you want to do after that. This time, it can’t be helped. The things happened can’t be changed. Then, when the same thing happens, will you just look at it without doing anything? Or, will you try to fight? Which one will you choose?」
『I will fight』

I answer immediately.
That’s right.
I won’t let such an unreasonable thing to happen again.

「Then, how will you act in order to fight? At this rate, the result will be the same. The important thing is how will you act. You may be depressed, and you may worry. However, if you decided to fight, you must not stop」

That’s right.
It’s just like that.

I might have misunderstood this person a little.
Although I thought that she’s an unreliable person who only jokes, what she says is very good.
As this person says, I must not stop.
Yes, I decided it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If only more people could pull up characters from becoming an invalid due to redundant depression.
    So many characters became unbelievably annoying because they entered the zone of “Oh no it’s all my fault I have to waste 30 chapters / episodes just to get it out of my system! The plot will never go anywhere as long as I can help it! Boo!”

    Good job Ariel.

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