Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 10

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Blood 10 Strange woman and dangerous woman

「Ariel, huh?」
「I’m saying that I am. Why you end the word with a question?」

The hood woman confronts the strange woman.
It seems that the men can’t decide what to do with the intruders who appeared suddenly, and send glances to the hood woman.
The hood woman doesn’t care about that, and be silent.

My body floated lightly.
To be exact, I was lifted from the back by someone.
When I turn around, my eyes didn’t met with the person who lifted me.

Why, why is Wakaba Hiiro here!?
I mean, why is she white?
Why she shut her eyes?
Didn’t she die?
Or, did she reincarnate similar to me?
Then, why is her appearance the same as before?

Leaving aside the overflowing questions, Wakaba Hiiro lifts me with her eyes shut.
Even though her eyes are shut, it seems that she’s staring at me fixedly.
Moreover, a mysterious sense of danger attacks me.
Although I don’t know what happen to this person, she’s dangerous.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Fear Resistance LV2』 has become 『Fear Resistance LV3』》

Although my skill level rose, it was a little slow.
Although Wakaba Hiiro’s eyes are shut, her glance goes to the part between my legs.
Although her complexion didn’t change, it seems that she have sensed something.
I was lowered to the ground gently.

Merazofis breaks in between Wakaba Hiiro and me while limping.
He glares at Wakaba Hiiro exposing his wariness.
Wakaba Hiiro approaches such Merazofis casually, and gave recovery magic.


The surprised Merazofis.
I was surprised too.
Merazofis stands only by vitality and willpower, so the wound was terrible.
That recovered completely in an instant.

「You are not an enemy?」

Wakaba Hiiro nods silently to Merazofis’s question.
But still, Merazofis’s vigilance was not removed.

「Fumu. It’s painful that I can’t use the Appraisal with this body. I can’t judge whether she’s real or fake」
「I’m the real one. Rather, I don’t want to be said by a fake who use another person’s body」
「This is making my ears burn」

There was movement between the hood woman and the strange woman.

「And so, Potimas-kun, no, now is chan, huh? Why are you here?」
「Well, I wonder why?」

The hood woman plays dumb.
At that moment, the atmosphere changed.

「Spit it out quickly」

I can’t understand what happened.
I shut my eyes at once when a sudden roaring sound and shock blow violently.
When I opened my eyes after that, the men were gone.
There’s only the blood stains that seem to belong to the men.

「Real, huh?」
「You know it from the beginning, right? Now, spit it out」

A strong sign is released from the woman’s body that the foolish atmosphere a while ago is a lie.
A mean and brutal sign that can even cause nausea just by seeing it.

「Apparently, the root have not changed. Although I don’t know what turn of events that make you play such a fool, this is somewhat disadvantageous」
「Now that you understand, can you spit out your purpose without any pointless resistance? Or, do you want me to make you spit it out?」
「I refuse both」

The incident that happened next exceeded my imagination.
The hood woman blows off her own head with magic.
The corpse of woman who lost her head and falls in the alley.

「Tch! He do as he pleases because it’s another person’s body」

The strange woman spits out.
But, when she turns around, the overwhelming presence had disappeared.

「Well then, are you safe?」

The strange woman who talks casually.
However, Merazofis doesn’t remove the vigilance.

「Ah. You don’t have to be cautious. In the first place, it’s useless to just be cautious」

A sweet smell that tickled my nasal cavity is smelled.
At the same time, sleepiness attacks me.
I stop breathing in a hurry.
This smell is the magic that causes sleep!

Although I can endure it for an instant because I have the Abnormal Condition Resistance, Merazofis can’t endure it and falls on the road.
The sleepiness that attacks intermittently even if I stop breathing.
Although I resist it desperately, my body is losing strength steadily.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Abnormal Condition Resistance LV3』 has become 『Abnormal Condition Resistance LV4』》

The skill level rises, and it recovers only a little.
But, that only extended the time to be able to resist it slightly, and my consciousness darkened gradually.



When I wake up after that, I was in the forest.
There’s a tent, and the open-air fire is done.

「Oh, you woke up」

It’s that strange woman who jumped into my view.
Wakaba Hiiro is sitting beside her.
When I look for Merazofis, he sat down next to me.

「I will introduce myself again. I’m the present Demon King, Ariel. My best regards from now on」

The strange woman began to say something strange.
Ah, because it’s strange, it’s the strange woman.
Is she strange because she a strange woman? Or, is she a strange woman because she’s strange?

「Ahahahaha! Shiro-chan, look, look. Her eyes are turning amazingly」

No, that person shut her eyes.
Although she nods, can she see?

「How is it, Merazofis-kun? Did you feel like trusting my story a little?」
「I can’t believe in you suddenly」
「Then, let’s ask the person without delay」

The strange woman stares at me.


Suddenly, a voice can be heard in my head.
Although it’s similar to the voice of God, it’s slightly different.

『This is the skill called Telepathy. Because I have everyone in this place connects to me with Telepathy now, you can transmit what you think to the other party』

I wonder if it’s the telephone in the brain version?

『Well then, a question to Ojou-chan. Are you a reincarnated person? Answer it with yes or no』

And, the question raised to me was something unexpected.


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  1. RoflCat says:

    Yep, Maou Shoujo Ariel is becoming my favorite character now.

    She still have the passion towards her mission from before, but now with a…few screw loose from having Kumoko added in.

    Not as brutal as a certain Angelique, but it’s like if other villains all cooperate to stop Batman, then Joker went “HE. IS. MINE. ALONE”, stop laughing and rekt them all.

  2. Charles says:

    Is Potimas possessing people? That’s pretty sinister…

    Also, why are they trying to kill the vampire? I wonder what prophecy they’re operating from

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