Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – B2

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B2 Maou-sama is dismayed

I confirm the import of goods and take a breath.
Our side has considerably worn out in the previous great war too.
Weapons, foods, and life goods.
It’s the situation where it’s insufficient no matter how many goods we have.

I swallow the desire that wants to take a rest somehow, and move.
I have a lot of things to do.

I’m pressed to reorganized for the next departure and the confirmation of the Demon army damage situation from the previous great war.

We were able to inflict considerable damage to the Humans in the previous great war.
Especially, the Hero was killed.
The Hero is the best force of the Humans.
If that is lost, the Human’s morale will drop too.
Although a new Hero might be born somewhere, it will take time to find the person, and even if the person becomes the Hero, it may not be strong at first.
There’s a possibility that it’s a child.
Because it’s said that the Hero killed this time inherited the Hero title during his childhood, so it’s not impossible.

However, the damage here is also large.
It’s large to have lost General Agna who led the First Army.
That person was a person who had the power, experience, and knowledge to the extent that he can be the Demon King.
He has been annihilated together with the army by the Myth rank monster, Queen Taratect that appeared in the battlefield suddenly.
This loss is too big.

Queen Taratect.
A super-rank monster that appeared suddenly and disappeared suddenly.
I don’t think that it appeared in the battlefield accidentally.
If that’s the case,….

「Oh? Isn’t it Balto? What’s wrong?」

I endure my body that almost trembled somehow.
When I turned around, there’s the figure of the person who I don’t want to meet now.
It’s Maou-sama.
Standing beside her is Shiro.

「Hey hey. It looks like you’re working busily. Hardship hardship」
「If you think so, please help a little」
「But I refuse」

The laughing Maou-sama.
It looks like her mood is unusually good.
Shiro who’s at the side pulls Maou-sama’s sleeve.

「Ah, right. Balto, did the luggage reach?」
「Luggage, is it? If it’s the import of goods, it’s completed」
「Oh! Shiro-chan, we can’t stay here like this! Balto, there’s a luggage for me, right?」

Maou-sama and I tilt our heads to the side.
I think that there was no such luggage.

「By the way, what are the contents?」
「The finest Kurikuta set」

I have an idea about that luggage.

「Ah? It’s there, isn’t it? So, where is it?」

This is bad.
I didn’t know that it was Maou-sama’s luggage.

「Well, I gave it to Sanatoria」
「I’m sorry. Because Sanatoria likes to eat the Kurikuta fruit since the old days, I misunderstood that it was her thing」

The depressed Maou-sama.
Shiro who leaves Maou-sama and begins to run.
Maou-sama and I return to consciousness, and chase Shiro.
Ahead of my sight after turning the corner of the hallway, Shiro was smashing the door of Sanatoria’s room.

「Eh!? What!?」

Sanatoria’s surprised voice sounds.
Shiro stiffens in the state that the door was smashed.
She opens her eyes wide.

When I see the room, there was the figure of Sanatoria and Kogou.
And, the empty tableware placed on the table.


Shiro speaks in a despaired voice.
Maou-sama also becomes stiff staring at the empty tableware.


Shiro fell suddenly.
Falls backward from the head.
A dull sound is made and stopped moving.

「Gyaa!? Shiro-chan!?」

Is it a shock to not being able to eat the fruit to the extent that she will lose consciousness?
It becomes doubtful whether she really the person who killed the Hero.
However, I can understand it if I see that eyes a little while ago.
At the moment I saw it, fear runs in my body.

「This is bad! Shiro-chan is not breathing! MEDIC!」

Maou-sama runs off while carrying Shiro.

Leaving behind me and the two who don’t understand the situation.
Sanatoria sinks down on the spot.
Kogou also looks pale.

「What is it?」
「Ah. Sorry. The fruits that have been delivered here was actually Maou-sama’s thing that I delivered by mistake」

It seems that Sanatoria understands from that.

「I thought that it was strange because I didn’t ask for it. Because I was talking with Kogou, we ate it together」
「Sorry. It’s my mistake」
「Please do the follow-up properly, okay? I don’t want to be executed for such a foolish reason」

There’s no way that a precious General will be executed for such a foolish thing.
But, I’m not sure because it’s that Maou-sama.

「However, it’s unusual for you to talk with Kogou」
「It’s just right. You should also join」
「The contact with the Elves」
「It looks like General Agna has advanced the negotiations with the Elves. They came into contact with me」
「Is that true?」
「Yes. Do you have the mind to betray that Demon King and side with us?」

My movement stops by Sanatoria’s words.

「You heard it, right? Blow’s last moment. While Shiro has the power to instant kill the Hero, she overlooked easily that Blow was killed. If we follow that Demon King, it’s clear that we will also be used and crushed sooner and later. If we deceive that Demon King in collusion with the Elves, we should be able to defeat her」

I look at the direction where Maou-sama disappeared slowly.

「Blow is your younger brother, right? Aren’t you frustrated?」
「Of course I’m frustrated」

A low voice came out even if I say so myself.
Sanatoria draws back one step to my voice.
I let out a sigh to that state.

「This is the friendship of a childhood friend. I will pretend that I didn’t hear this story」
「So, you won’t join?」
「Because there’s no winning chance」
「Why do you think so?」
「I can’t win her. If she feels like it, she can even exterminate the Humans and the Demons alone. I know that. That’s why, I can’t do such a suicidal action like opposing her」

I turn my back on Sanatoria who became silent and the flustered Kogou who has not even said a word from a while ago.

「You should reconsider it」
「I will return those words as it is completely」

I began to walk without looking back.




「I have heard it, I have heard it. Elves, huh? They are annoying by now」


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  1. Owl says:

    Mou!! This Kumo-chan is no fun…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m starting to believe that these side-stories really are a glimpse to the future.
      How annoying, seems like Kumoko becomes less…Fun.
      But at least she has some level of ditziness in her. I guess this story isn’t completely dead.

  2. RoflCat says:

    …Hmm, actually, maybe the Maou is D, and Kumoko is Shiro?

    After becoming Arachne she hides it by covering herself in her thread, becoming ‘white’ like so.

    And this chapter showed her evil eye at work…

    And she really want to fruit (the same kind that she snatched from the adventurers she saved, the first sweet thing in her new life)

  3. SAimNE says:

    i think they are both kumo. higher version of parallel thinking or something.

    basically she separated a second existence, a more innocent one, in the form of shiro. Isolating it from the f’ed up mindbreak that taboo seems to have unleashed.

  4. Jack says:

    Reading the Taboo chapter again after this, I feel like maybe Kumoko’s objective isn’t for the Demons to win the war so much as for both sides to be equally devastated.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most likely just butchering her way through levels in order to acquire enough skill-points in order to purchase [Immortality], and thus oppose the Administrators…Or the system itself? Whatever is behind the system?

      I don’t know, it’s most likely some sort of a big goal like that.

  5. Earl says:

    Guys, I have a question how sure are you the side story is in the future ?

    • SAimNE says:

      I’m not sure that’s how it is, but it’s currently the most likely scenario. Makes quite a bit of sense given the similar mannerisms of the demon lord and the taboo chapter. It’s not 100%, but it’s currently a high probability so i’m willing to use it as a basis for other conjectures.

      main reason it makes sense is that all the people transfered at approximately the same time(they’re all the same age/in the world together in the same gen). Kumo has not seemed to have lived 15 years inside that dungeon, but all the other protags are around that age in the side stories.

      reason stands they should be the same age, so the most likely guess is the side stories are a few years in the future.

  6. Big Brother says:

    hey.. i think that the side stories and the main story are happening in the same time.

  7. DF says:

    I also think that theside story timeline is the future, because when you think about it, Kumoko already starts fighting from the moment she hatches and then evolving into zoa ere only takes a couple of years, while Shun grows slowly from a baby into a teen.
    So I think it makes senses when Shun was 10 years old or so, then Kumoko already evolved into the demon lord

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wait…So if this is really Kumoko…That means her Arachne form is actually that of a normal human girl? That’s no Arachne, dangit.

    Or, did she evolve again after gaining the form of an Arachne? Eh? It seems like this future-timeline is really far into the story.

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