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I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead

Kourii: hello everyone. I am a new translator. My native language is not Japanese, Chinese nor English, so my translation might not be one of the best and there might be mistakes(probably lots), but I want to let you readers know that I have always tried my best to get the meaning across. I am still a Uni. Student so my schedule will probably be quite irregular. Currently, I am only following a monthly chapter release. All my works has been from fan for fan, and if you would like to contribute or faster release, do consider buying the book to support the author and that would in turn motivate me to TL more faster.

2 Responses to Kourii

  1. squinty says:

    I love that pole bunny.

  2. Bored Sweet Lover says:

    I love you,Kourii

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