KENS Interlude 4

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Interlude 4 The Sage’s Part/Act

Looking over the documents handed to me this morning, an confirming that there were no problems with it, I signed them to begin my today’s work. If there were any unclear points, I would call the person in charge and ask for an explanation. After the Demon God’s subjugation had been completed, I, Utano Yuuko took a job in Imnesia continent that made me a superior to others. Even I myself think that it really doesn’t suit me though.

Recently, I have been spending everyday like this. While rubbing my eyes, I breathed a sigh. When was the last time I left the castle town even?

No, when was the last time that I simply relaxed all day as well? Thinking that, I looked up to the ceiling wondering what the hell was I doing with my life.

Even though I am praised as a Sage, a Hero and whatnot, inside I’m still a normal human.

I get tired when I use my brains too much, and I get irritated if I don’t get to move my body much. But now that the Demon God had been killed, what was necessary was not brawn but brains. And ability to guide the people.

Unfortunately, I was given the job to deal with domestic affairs, or rather, to give others various jobs. One year after the subjugation of the Demon God, I was appointed as the Municipal Head of this country—-the Imnesia Kingdom. Rather than saying that I had talent for this, this worlds domestic and diplomatic policy levels were so much lower than modern society that my ideas seemed extremely novel and revolutionary to them.. Being continuously threatened by the Demon God, only their military and war related skills developed. There was no kind of activities made for pleasure or fun, and most of the land was in control of nobles and not put under the management of a farmer who could work on it.

Production and manufacturing is mainly related to weapons and armours. Other things like stylish clothing or ornaments were made only for the noble brag about them. Though the price of such articles was one of the reasons why they were not popular with commoners but above all, they simply did not have the time to waste on such things.

The threat of monsters was still there, even the demons were still alive. Though the people were given a temporary sense of freedom with the subjugation of the Demon God, it’s not like their lives completely changed. There were too many people who had lost their families and place to work due top monster attacks.

Though I have knowledge, I don’t have the experience to manage such jobs properly. Even if I want to open up a orphanage, I don’t know what things are necessary. Thanks to all that, I am spending everyday where my head hurts constantly. I am clearly not suited for this. Shouldn’t these guys pick a better experienced person for this? Well, at least they help me when I ask for advice in such matters.

Recently, I do feel that I’ve gotten a bit used to this job as well but still I have a long way to go.

There are a lot of things to do at the royal capital. Maintenance of the highways, repairs of the city walls etc. We still have to shift homeless to permanent houses, distribute provisions to orphans and also collect reasonable taxes from the surrounding villages as well.

Right now there is one in the capital only but sooner or later I want to set up orphanages in the villages as well. Not just farmlands, I want to create mills and factories as well. There’s a huge availability of land and personnel so I have to try that.

Today as well, I’ll have to face off the huge amount of documents. Thinking that I felt like crying a bit.

“I should have also left on a journey like a certain someone……”

I muttered but there was no response to that.

The office I have been provided with is huge but I’m the only one here. My thoughts were too unique for the people of this world so there’s no one who could converse with me.

No, I don’t lack communication skills, the people of this world are simply that thickheaded. Thanks to that, not a single man tries to even flirt with me. They simply don’t have a good discerning eye in my opinion though.

A few bookshelves and a work table. A sofa and table for visitors. In the simple kitchen, only a teapot with tea leaves had been prepared. Maids would keep the room clean but documents scattered around the table were a bit too much. It’s not like I’m bad at keeping things tidy but when you have to deal with so many documents everyday, it becomes like this normally. I’ll say this again but I’m definitely not bad at keeping things tidy alright?………I’m not good at it either though.

*snap* As I snapped my fingers, a book flew out from one of the bookshelves and floated down into my arms. It was the magic [Float]. My cheat is [to be able to use any magic from any manga, anime, novel or games]. It’s super convenient but because it is so convenient I feel like I’m not getting enough physical exercise nowadays. Insufficient exercise is the arch enemy for a woman. Especially for your weight and body figure.

Thinking like that, I decided to change my thoughts so I opened the book. I’ll lose if I let that get to me. I think I should start exercising a bit from tomorrow.

“Let’s see……..”

Even this country has things like Department of Finance and Department of Infrastructure so as long as I sign the document, I can leave the rest to the specific specialised department.

It’s not like I could do everything alone anyway. I’m already at my limit in the first place, if I were made to lead all the departments alone, I’d probably break completely. Mentally.


When I was about to begin reading, I felt a disturbance in the magic of the room.

It was simply a matter of my senses, it’s not like an incident occurred or anything. It’s just that normally magicians of this world use magical energy existing inside their bodies but me and one other magician use the magical energy brought forth from the world itself.

This feeling was a signal that the other magician like me was affecting this room.

“Do you need something, Koutarou-kun?”

For a few seconds, nothing happened. But the disturbance in magical energy kept on growing.

I guess he’s coming here using [teleport] but I wonder what happened. He is one of the 13 GodSlayers like me, Inoue Koutarou aka [Demonic Eye Holder] [The Wizard].

After some time, in the empty space, a human figure appeared and soon took full shape.

“…….What’s with that getup?”(yuuko)

“Fu—-with this, nobody would recognise me right?”(koutarou)

“You’re just wearing a ragged robe all over your body.”

“To think that you wouldn’t understand the merits of this…….”

I could only sigh in amazement.

While saying that, the one who appeared was man dressed in ragged clothes. Well, true in that kind of getup one wouldn’t be able to tell whether he’s a man or woman as long as he doesn’t talk.  In fact, Koutarou-kun does have a thin figure for a man so one might think of him as tall lady?……..maybe not.

He was covered in a ragged robe from head to toe and only his lip portion was visible. You’ll make the room more dusty so really stop.

Or rather, how should I say this…….he looks so shabby. It’s not like he is lacking money either.

I really can’t understand this child’s clothing sense. Even when we travelling, he’d pick clothes that showed his skin. That led to him getting insect bites, and getting cut from the branches of trees as well. I really hope he’d take more care of himself.

“So why are you in that ragged getup again? Trying to act like a suspicious person?(yuuko)

“What the heck……..Didn’t I just say? In this getup, nobody would recognise who I was so its easier to move around!”

It’s amazing he didn’t get arrested like that. What are the royal guards doing? I thought about about reducing their salaries inside my head. Well, even if they did try to catch him, he’d just [Teleport] away anyway. Even like this he’s still one of the Heroes after all. Even his physical abilities are above those of other people in this world.

“So what did you come here for? Sorry but I’m really busy right now so I can’t play along with you…..Are you here to help Yuuta-kun maybe?”(yuuko)

Kuuki Yuuta-kun was a knight of this country and also one of the 13 Heroes. He was the vice commander of the Knight Order famous as the [The Shield Knight]. It’s been only one year since he entered the order but due to his achievement as one who had saved the world, he was promoted to the position of vice commander in half a year. He’s working hard everyday even now it seems.

Also, in terms of ability he even surpasses the strongest knight of this country, O’brien, so he’d probably become the commander soon or later.

Right now he’s acting as the aide to the commander and also learning the various jobs of the commander at the same time. It’ll be weird if he was suddenly made the commander and asked to lead the whole knight order, so this is for the best. Yuuta-kun isn’t hated by anyone in his surroundings so he seems to be spending everyday happily. I’m jealous. I also want to work my body a little.

“If you’re here for money, they’ll give you salary as well you know?”(yuuko)

“I’ll pass. I’m not that free. And neither am I short on money.”

Then why the hell are you in those worn out clothes? If you just wanted to hide your identity, just dress in full black like assassins in games.

“If you’re not here to pass time, quickly tell me why you came? I’m really busy you know.”

Saying that, I swung the documents in front of Koutarou-kun. Lots of paperwork unrelated to any domestic affairs was waiting for me.

“……You really lack fun in your life. You should enjoy conversing like this more.”

“Like I said, I’m not free. Do you just want someone to talk to?”

“No. I’m here to borrow your knowledge.”


Did some kind of trouble occur? When I looked at him questioningly, he removed his robe.

What appeared was silver hair and heterochromatic eyes, one gold and one red. It’s a result of asking the goddess to change his appearance as soon as he came to this world. An androgynous face and physique, silver hair, a red right eye and a golden left eye. He really looked like someone from a fantasy world. Or rather, even in this world, he was the only one with this kind of appearance.

“My Demonic Eye showed Renji-dono’s future, it seems he will face danger…….”(koutaoru)

“It’s not the first time Yamada-kun will get into danger.”

I cut off his words instantly.

Also, how should I say this but, Koutarou-kun’s [Demonic Eye of Future Sight] had a varied accuracy. No, I guess I should say that there is no one specific future. This is nothing but knowledge from my original world but the future was like the various branches of a tree. There was not one but infinte futures that could take place.

Especially, among us—–[The Brave] Souichi-kun, the [Demonic Sword User] Hisaki Masaki-chan and Yamada-kun whose powers are a bit set apart from the norm, prediction of these people’s future is mostly incorrect.

Even if you say that Yamada-kun is in danger, I guess he must be getting involved into another troublesome case, that’s all I feel. In fact, he’s been like that from the very beginning. Even when someone predicts his life will be in danger, he would always come out alive. Even if the opponent was a high level Demon, or the Demon Lord, or the Demon God. He would struggle endlessly, get back up desperately, and do all he could to hide his fear.

But well…….

“So, what about Yamada-kun? Is it related to this request from the Spirit God you told me about a little back?”

“Umu. They’ll probably leave the Magic City tomorrow but they’ll face a Demon god’s descandant during their travels.”

“Again? He fought one with Souichi and others as well right? And he fought one at a rural village as well it seems.”

Saying that, I picked the mithril sword kept near my table. The purple amethyst at the end of the handle was a proof that it was Yamada-kun’s sword.

And Yamada-kun had sold this sword to a weapon shop in some village. Before the king or the knight order could find it, I bought it back with my pocket money. I’ll charge him for that money, definitely. It seems he’s poor, so I’ll just make him work somewhere.

It’ll be punishment for pushing such a troublesome job on me, leaving the kids alone and going around saving random people in the countryside. Saving even strangers is one his virtues but that doesn’t mean he can neglect us. I’m not going to forgive him so easily.

When I started thinking like that, rather than my work load, my irritation towards Yamada-kun became bigger. In the first place, that man is too selfish. Even though he has a position like an elder brother, a father and a guardian to others…….he’d always get himself injured by rushing to the frontlines. It’s good that he wants to protect the kids but how much does he want to make us worry for him? He’s the model for a useless adult. But even then, it can’t be helped that we all trust him and found that part of him to be very attractive. His hard working nature is really great………..I feel like I lost somehow so I should change my thoughts.

Even though he’s the weakest, he doesn’t accept that he’s also the most unique among us.

Among us 13, he was the only one who made the correct choice, he uses that power not for himself but for others. As a result, he alone bears the grudge and hatred of all the Demons for the sin of killing the Demon God. Even though we are celebrated as GodSlayers and as heroes, the demons only hate Yamada-kun who killed the Demon God and not all of us 13.

How many women have cried for that man. That fact that I’m also one of them is really not funny. What kind of man makes a woman cry and then leaves her as well? That too for a whole year?

Soon he’ll be coming to the Royal Capital for the Spirit God’s request, or rather as escort for the Beastman who took that request. I hope you’re ready Yamada Renji, I’ll catch you and work you to your bones for this.

The martial arts tournament was also coming close. That will be the first place to start.

While I was deciding all that, Koutarou-kun taken a few steps backwards.

“What is it?”(yuuko)

“No, nothing at all ma’am.”

Why so formal suddenly? This kid’s speaking patterns change like that suddenly, its really amusing.

Putting the Mithril sword back on the table, I breathed a sigh.

“So, what was that about Yamada-kun?”

“Ahem……..While heading to the capital, he’ll be attacked by a descendant of Demon God.”

“Oh right, that.”

I’m not really worried about Yamada-kun being in danger.

“If its Yamada-kun he’ll probably make it through but are you really that worried?”(yuuko)

“My right eye, well, it predicted his death.”

“……..I see.”

Death. That isn’t gentle at all.

But I can’t move away from here either. There are things only I can do here. And I’m not going to be the one to go and meet him even though he was the one who neglected me for so long. Though the latter part is the main reason, but the former is important as well.

“Just leave him alone.”(yuuko)

“How heartless. As expected of the great Witch.”

“I’ll slap you.”

“I’m very sorry.”

When I said that with a smile, he apologised instantly. Good, I like honest children.

Seeing Koutarou-kun and his unstable character, I felt relaxed. Who’s a witch? I even think that I’m more suited to be called the Saint than Yayoi-chan…………No, that’ll be painful in its own way.

“Well if its Yamada-kun, he should be fine right?”(yuuko)


“How many times has it been that your right eye has foreseen Yamada-kun’s death?”

When I asked that, his gaze turned blank and he started counting on his fingers.

First he went through all five fingers in his right hand then all five of his left as well……

“I have no idea how many times it has been.”(kou)


He was more unique than Souichi-kun, who is the [Brave] and the [swordswoman] Masaki-chan who wished to have the power to even cut through fate itself, there was no such thing as a definite future.

The power to not lose against anyone. The power to cut through fate itself. Both were incredibly powerful abilities. Depending on how its used, they could rival even the Demon lord in pure strength. But the power of will may allow you to cross your own limits but you cannot cross the limits of a human, or so I think. Compared to that, what Yamada-kun wished for was for a weapon to kill Gods. The power to kill Gods. It was Aya-chan who asked for power rivalling that of Gods that stand above all life, but it was only in terms of magical energy. It was only Yamada-kun who asked the power to surpass even Gods. Its meaning, its result, we saw it one year ago. That’s why we/I can trust him.

“He’ll reach the capital safe and sound. Definitely.”

“That’d be great but.”

“Just trust him. He’s our leader after all.”

The person himself would definitely deny that though, he didn’t wish for that either.

………but the man called Yamada Renji was definitely our leader. That won’t change even now. Even after he disappeared, he will always be our leader………for he is the strongest among us all.

It’s not like he had some kind of charisma, it’s not like he always made the right decisions. We failed together so many times. We the wrong choice so many times. But even then the only reason we didn’t break was because he stood in front of us, for he would lead the children with him always. With Ermenhilde in his hands, even though he could fight at full strength only against the Demon God, still he would stand in front of us.

And all the Heroes would chase after his back. He gave us a sense of relief. Maybe that was what he wished for as well. Maybe that was the ideal he had in his mind as well. As an adult, as the oldest, a life which he could be proud of. He always said that.

“He’s the Hero Protagonist of the story. He won’t die.”

“I’m jealous of Yuuko-dono who has so much faith in him. It’d be nice if I could also be like him as well.”

Everyone says that. I guess all men wish to become the center of their party, eh?

From Yamada-kun’s perspective that position seems to be the hardest, most painful and heavy though. I could only smile wryly at that.

“Then work harder. ‘Hero’ is a verb. Not a title—–if you want to become the protagonist, you can only continue to act like a hero.”(yuuko)


“Also——Astrarea is always watching over Yamada-kun, he’ll be fine.”

“…….Yeah, that’s right.”

I recalled that overprotective, ill-natured Goddess.

I don’t know which heartstrings of hers were pulled but that Goddess has affection for Yamada-kun. A goddess who loves a God slayer.

“But still, my eye shows Renji-dono’s death..”

When he said till that, I snapped my fingers.

The next moment, Koutarou-kun disappeared from my sights. Activating [Teleport] magic, I made him fly away. His destination was the centre of the Spirit forest in Elfreim continent. By the side of the World Tree. There might be a be few miscalculations but he won’t be far away from there. Probably.

Yamada-kun’s death he says, death. If you’re that worried, lend him a hand even if its just from the sidelines. With koutarou-kun’s abilities, he should be able to lend a hand without making others realize his presence. And also to return from the Elfreim continent.

“Seriously. I’m really busy you know.”

Opening the book in my hand, I turned the page.

Construction of the orphanage, providing jobs to vagrants, restoration of the capital, monster subjugation, diplomacy with Elfreim——-and many other things are left for me to do.

I don’t need a over talkative Wizard with me but it’d be great if I can get some actual help.

Hurry up and come to the Capital Yamada-kun. I’m waiting for you with lots of work.

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