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Chapter 1 Hero and the Newbie Adventurer

Yamada Renji was a normal working adult of the society.

His dream during his childhood was to be a pro baseball player.

At school, his results were around the hundredth rank in a school of 400 students.

His hobby is reading. After graduating from high school, driving also became one.

It’s not like he hated being social either.

According to him, without revealing too much individuality and to blend in with the surroundings was also a part of social disposition.

He was not a leader type of person. If one were to describe him, he was a mob character no.3 or villager C type of a person.

His age was 28 this year. He was summoned when he was 25.

After getting summoned, the first thing he felt was not enjoyment like the other boys and girls around him but was- what about work? How to earn our livelihood? And other such truly realistic things.

This world was made with 3 countries and 5 continents.

Firstly, the country where Yamada Renji and the others were summoned, the human country [Imnesia].

The country ruled by the demi humans, [Elfreim]. This country was built on the largest continent.

And, the continent of darkness where the demons live, [Abenelm]. It ruled over three continents and is the largest country.

13 humans were summoned to this different world. One of the three gods that created this world, the goddess [Astraera] gave them blessings in the form of cheat-like powers and they became god slayers.

Most of them were in their teens and were students.

The only one in their twenties were me and 2 men and 1 woman. No matter how I looked at it, it was an inconsistent group. (T/N: yup, the POV changed somewhere in between. Probably when they started explaining the world.)

……It’s a really nostalgic memory.

We fought, clashed with each other and separated. But still, in the end, we joined hands with each other, overcame dangers and laughed.

Our relationships weren’t exactly bad but they were not really good either.

There was a fight to decide who will take the Holy sword of the Goddess.

Who to save, who to abandon. We even cried at reality during such times.

Asking for food even when we could not read, and then sharing shitty food with each other was also something that happened.

The guys going to peek at the women’s bath and then returning while almost getting killed, was also a great memory. At that time, we felt more risk to our lives than the times when we faced high level demons in the area.

Yeah, it really is a nostalgic and much missed memory.




[Are you awake yet, sleepyhead?]

That voice came from near my pillow.

It resounded inside my head. A voice like a man yet like a woman’s, it was a neutral gendered voice.

As I turned my sleepy eyes, I saw the medal that I had gotten used to seeing in this past year.

The rim is golden and in the centre, a jade is attached. Around it, 7 different coloured stones have been embedded.

Three years ago, I received this talking medal before leaving on the journey to defeat the Demon God.

It is the origin of the cheat skill that I, Yamada Renji, possesses.

It’s a medal that talks, has a soul and a will of its own.

“…….Good Morning.”

[You’re still weak at mornings as usual.]

Leave me be. I muttered inside my mind as my head swayed due to hangover.

As I raised my body, dazzling sunlight shined through from the gaps between the curtains.

“I overslept.”

[Seriously. It seems you had fun alone yesterday night it seems.]

“I just went drinking.”

[I wonder about that.]

Getting up from the bed, I poured water out of the water jug kept on the table inside my glass.

As I drank it in a single gulp, I felt the pain from my hangover getting a bit lesser.

[Go wash your face. It looks really bad.]

“Are you my mother?”

[I wouldn’t want a child like you ever.]


This lifestyle that depends on how I live every day.

Although it can be called having freedom but right now I have neither my own house nor any savings.

A guy who will have to discuss with the contents of his wallet before deciding on today’s meal; no one would want to take a guy like that as a son.

Continuing our usual conversation, I poured water from the jug inside the basin installed in the room.

This world does not have a water line supply system.

The manager of the inn would go to the river everyday to bring water for use. Water is precious here.

Washing my face with that water, I shaved my beard.

By the time I completely refreshed myself, both my hangover and drowsiness had completely subsided

“ahh I really want to live an enjoyable life.”


The medal and I both gave a sigh. Well, I wonder if I can use the word ‘both’ here. I and one thing would be a better way to say it.

As I thought such things, I finished changing.

My clothes were a tunic and dark green trousers. With this, I also look like a person from this world.

Sword? Of course I don’t have something like that.

This world as a world of swords and magic but unfortunately I had to pawn off the famous sword I received from the kingdom since I was low on money.

If I had sold it to a collector, I could have received quite a big amount but unfortunately the one I sold it too was a weapon shop in a rural village. So I only received enough money to feed myself for one week.

After knowing that, I was scolded by this medal for two days straight.

I have a personality that doesn’t dwell too much on the past. I did feel down about it though.

“Let’s work hard to collect medicinal herbs today as well, I guess?”

[A God slaying hero is working hard to collect medicinal herbs…….pathetic.]

“Such honest and plain jobs are also important you know?”

[Let the villagers and newbie adventurers do it, such plain and honest jobs. And you should take on the more riskier jobs.]

“No way, it’s scary.”

Even I think it’s pathetic.

During the journey to defeat the Demon God, I fought against a 3m big wolf, a 10m big devil and even human eating plants.

But, each and every one of them were defeated by my comrades.

A swordsman that possessed inhumane ability, a mage that was said to match even a God, and a warrior that could swing a weapon bigger than himself with ease.

Surrounded by such guys, I was nothing more than a villager C level of guy.

It’s amazing they didn’t abandon me I think.

Rather than that, I still think its weird that I ended up journeying with such guys.

It’s amazing I came out alive. That must be the greatest miracle ever.




In every village and town of the Imnesia continent, there will always be an adventurer guild no matter what the size of that village or town was.

There, requests from the people were collected and those completed such requests were rewarded.

The Demon got had been defeated and the number of demons had decreased but still the occupation of adventurers continued like always and did not die out. That was because there were still other jobs like collecting medicinal herbs or collecting some specific ingredients and materials or arresting thieves etc as well.

An adventurer was the biggest and the most risky job in this world.

Leaving the demon god aside, even normal demons could not be defeated by adventurers easily in one-on-one battles.

Physical strength, Intelligence, magical energy. Even with high levels in all these fields, a slime famous in RPGs was still the worst enemy one could face in reality.

It won’t die no matter how much you cut or hit it. They needed to be either burned or frozen by magic to be defeated.

What the hell is that monster?! That was how I cursed it the first time I saw it.

Even I have a somewhat strong self-confidence. Just the fact that I stuck through till the end of the journey to defeat the Demon King granted a small level of pride to me.

But nevertheless, I have no intention to go fighting demons alone.

If I was with that cheat group, then it might have been fine but I don’t have such a power.

Goblin? Kobold? Those guys live in swarms and I would lose my life if I slipped even a little. I have no intention to solo such monsters.

I, who only had the answer ‘no’ to most of the things, should just diligently go to the nearby forest to collect medicinal herbs as usual. Deciding that inside my heart, I came in front of the guild.

Inside my pocket, the medal is complaining as usual.

This cursed medal is recommending me to go defeat demons for some reason.

Well there are reasons behind it as well but, that’s, well, I’ll explain gradually.

Or rather, it’s a major pain in the ass.

[Renji, you…..that face, it’s the same face you make when you feel doing something is a pain.]

“I intend to properly do my job.”

Just what does this medal think of me?

I can perfectly earn enough money to keep myself living.

Also, don’t complain about someone’s face from inside a pocket. I was born with this face.

Complaining inside my mind, I opened the door of the guild. Inside a few adventurers were there.

Most of them were younger than me. Just one of them was big enough to be mistaken for a bear.

In Imnesia, it was not unusual for people to work at the guild from their early teens.

Or rather, it was a world where children less than 10yrs old were also working to earn money.

By the way, the jobs done by children were no risk jobs like gathering medicinal herbs to which I have taken a liking to.

I, who had yet to get bored of gathering medicinal herbs, became the centre of attention of all people inside.

……their gazes hurt. I apologised inside my mind. Really sorry, to take the jobs for newbies.

Also, only I can hear the voice of this cursed medal. This really is a cursed medal.

Just how many times had I embarrassed myself during the beginning…….just remembering it makes me irritated.

It could make so that everyone else could also hear it, but it’ll stand out too much so that’s also troublesome.

I don’t want to stand out.

Not a God slaying hero but Villager C. That’s my current stance.


“It’s afternoon already. You must have overslept after drinking too much till late at night, right?”

Now that’s harsh.

While thinking that, I walked towards the boy who said that while sighing at the reception.

And suddenly I realized.

“Good morning?”


I answered like this who gave her greeting with a smile while tilting her head to a side.

To think that she would actually reply back to my greeting…….

I’m the one greeted first yet I’m the one who is surprised as well.

Her honey coloured hair swayed as a pleasant smell came to my nose.

She had looks that would make 7/10 people say that she was a beauty. The rest 3 would probably say that she was extremely beautiful.

She had green eyes, a tall nose and a slightly small mouth.

Her height was around the average height of a woman. She came to around my shoulder.

Her clothes were similar to a normal adventurer made out skins of various monsters.

The gemmed necklace around her neck was the only womanly thing among her boorish attire and equipment.

Well, I tried to give an impression like an expert but somehow this girl doesn’t really feel like an adventurer.

Also her equipment looks brand new as well.

“Are you a newcomer?”(renji)

“Ah, so you can tell?”

The beauty gave a smile.

So this is what a smile that feels like a flower bloomed looks like.

As I looked from above, I could also see the valley made by forcefully wearing a breastplate over her—-oh my.

“Your face is grinning.”

“Children should shut up.”(Renji)

[…….How deplorable.]

Shut up.

Don’t interrupt my concentration to remember this beauty who I might never meet again.

“Are you here to look for a job? I also want to take the job to collect medicinal herbs though.”(renji)

She had nodded when I asked if she was a newcomer but is she really planning on becoming an adventurer?

No qualifications are needed to become an adventurer.

As long as you don’t have any criminal record, anyone can become one. In truth, even a criminal can become an adventurer if he can fake his social status.

Most of the women who try to become adventurers are usually ones that have money problems.

The rest of them have some kind of mission like us.

Well, that’s a rare exception though.

Most of the adventurers take this job to earn money quickly. If you want to safely earn money then you should become a shopkeeper of a store like this young boy.

But the girl in front of me was…… least it doesn’t look she has money problems.

Or rather, I wouldn’t doubt it if someone said that she was actually a noble. Somehow, I can feel some sort of elegance that’s not found in us unrefined adventurers. Also, I decided to warn her so that she doesn’t take my job as well.

I heard a sigh come from inside my pocket, but it must be my imagination.

“No, I here to subjugate demons.”(beauty)


I moved my sight from the beauty towards the boy at the reception.

“No way. That’s impossible. Without any experience its too dangerous.”(boy)

“Thought as much.”(Renji)

“Or rather, you should be the one to subjugate demons and not collect medicinal herbs.”(boy)

“No way, it’s too scary.”

Look here, I pointed towards my waist.

There was no weapon there.

I had pawned off my sword, though I spent it all yesterday night…….that’s a bit sad.

I don’t even have something like a dagger.

All I have is this body.

Do you want me to fist fight with a demon? That’s impossible. With my fists, I can’t even break open fruits let alone things like rocks.

A monster that could break rocks with his fists was—–for the time being, let’s just say, that I have 2 acquaintances that can do that.

They are cheat holders after all.

“Lazy bastard.”(boy)

“My dream is to earn money while enjoying and live my life in peace.”(renji)

[Abandon such a dream.]

Don’t find faults in my dream, you stupid medal.

“That’s a brilliant dream. Can you earn money comfortably?”(beauty)

“Dreams are called dreams because they never come true.”(boy)

My heart was pierced by the beauty’s smile who was encouraging my dream.

Also, the boy at the reception counter said some philosophical things as he sighed.

“You won’t be able to become a proper adult if you’re like that, boy.”(renji)

“If it means becoming someone like you, then I’m fine with not becoming a proper adult.”(boy)

Such harsh words.

Shrugging my shoulders, I stretched my hands towards the bundle of requests kept on the table.

This bundle was divided into three categories. They are- gathering of materials and herbs, escorting villagers or carriages, and subjugation of monsters/demons.

If one were to go to the royal capital, the thickness of each bundle was- monster subjugation the biggest, second was escort missions and last and the thinnest was material procurement ones.

Well, that’s inconsequential, I’m not going to go there anyway.

If I was found by my old comrades it’ll be troublesome.

While I was thinking of such things, the woman was moving towards the bundle of monster subjugation requests.

She has such pretty and thin fingers.

Yup, she really is a complete newbie adventurer.

“Is there any subjugation quest that even I can do?”(beauty)


Immediate reply. Well it’s obvious though.

As she looked towards that bear faced adventurer inside the guild, he averted his eyes.

Probably, she might have consulted him before I came here.

His face is rough, but maybe he had invited her to his party.

The woman is beautiful after all, nobody would be reluctant to invite her but subjugating monsters was really not acceptable.

The people of this world do not possess cheat like power like me.

They have to fight with their lives on the line even after expertly training in sword or magic.

The main reason for the deaths among young adventurers is due to them recklessly taking on subjugation quests like this woman, out of curiosity, and get killed.

That’s all there was to it.

But I silently handed one of the memos from the collecting items pile and gave it to her.

“It’s dangerous you know?”(Renji)

“I’m well aware of the danger.”(beauty)

*funsu* the woman struck her chest with her left arm.

It swayed. It really swayed slightly behind the armour.


Inside my pocket, I felt killing intent leaking out as the medal clicked its tongue so I quickly averted my gaze.

It’s because it is unbecoming of a gentleman to stare at a woman’s chest, obviously.

*ahem* I coughed once.

“I can’t really recommend that.”

“But still, I can only subjugate monsters now. That is the only way left for me.”

Those words sounded really serious. It could be, that her voice felt like crying a bit as well.

Her voice was serious but……I looked towards the boy at the reception behind the woman.

He was shaking his head.

Well obviously.

If they allowed a newbie to go on a monster subjugation, it’ll be considered as a failure of the management staff of the guild.

After earning some experience through herb gathering and escort missions, only then is one allowed to take subjugation quests. Also, they will still not be allowed to go alone.

It must be a party of at least 2 or 3 members. It’s the same for even pro adventurers who have been doing this for many years.

That’s how strong the monsters of this world are.

Even the lowest Goblin or Kobolds, if they attacked in a swarm, could make those pros become extremely cautious.

And Slime is traumatic experience.

If a magician took care of it from long range then it’ll be fine, but if an adventurer challenged it at close range, it was nothing less than a nightmare.

“It seems you have special circumstances but you see.”

Only this cannot be helped with. That has been decided by the guild.

As an adventurer, one must abide by the rules.

If you cannot do so, then you’re just an outlaw.

I took one page of herb gathering and handed it over to the woman.

“First finish herb gathering and escort missions. Soon, you’ll be able to get experience for monster subjugation within 1 month at least.”

I can’t say anything more than that.

Looking away from me, the woman left the guild. It seems she’ll accept the herb gathering quest.

“Too bad. I wanted to get closer to her…..”(renji)

“Renji-san wouldn’t suit her at all. Yup.”(boy)

Don’t say that happily boy. I’ll cry.

As I saw the woman off, my shoulder was clapped from behind.

As I looked back, the bear faced old man was there.

“You weren’t wrong. I had said the same thing.”(bearface)

“I see.”

I wonder if it’d be fine.

Looking at her, I feel that she might do something reckless alone.

I’m saying that from experience. Well if I need to thank someone, it’d be the comrades I had travelled with……I felt her actions were very similar to those youths.

In this case, will it be my responsibility because I didn’t lend her a helping hand?

…….I want to think that’s not so.

[That girl is going to do something extremely rash.]

I sighed.

I should have known.

I took a memo from the herb gathering bundle and left the guild.

I brought out a coin from my pocket and flipped it with my thumb.

As I grabbed the coin as it fell, I opened my palm.

The coin was, tails. It’s a miss.

“Shall we go, Ermenhilde?”

[Roger that, my master.]

I heard the neutral gendered voice, as if it was having fun.

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