Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Trying Out Being an Adventurer (1/14)

The next morning——
With the light that extended from the small window, Diablo woke up.
A ceiling he wasn’t familiar with, walls that he wasn’t familiar with.
Everything looked old and made of wood, yet was polished to a sparkle.
Maybe because he kicked the blanket away, it wasn’t on his body.
The bed, which was just straw with a sheet placed on it, was softer than he imagined, but it was still hard. Though, thanks to his high level body, he wasn’t really bothered by it.
When there was a random smell of grass, the small fragrance of compost interested him a bit.
He didn’t know if the sheets were either made of cotton or of linen, but it was completely different from the smooth and soft fibers of the real world. They were rough and scratchy.
This place was another world that was really similar to the MMORPG called Cross Reverie.
When he opened his eyes, all of it was a dream and the day of the real world would start——that was the situation that It didn’t turn out to be.
——I, really did come to another world.
While he thought that with an absent minded face, he squinted from the radiance of the morning sun.
It was a light that shined from a small hole as if the sun didn’t want to show it’s face, but with the light of the candle having gone out, in the room that was pitch dark, it was a light that was more than enough.
Nevertheless, he wasn’t sure of when he fell asleep.
How he had confronted the guys from the Magicians Society should not have been a dream.
However, he was vague on his memories on his return back. He remembered going back to the room and collapsing onto the bed but……
He became so sleepy that it was miraculous.
——A lot of things did happen yesterday after all.
He didn’t really feel any hunger, fatigue, or sleepiness yesterday, but it would seem that all of that was due to excitement and tension of coming to another world. In actuality, he had enough fatigue that he would immediately fall asleep if he were to lie down.
In particular, he was tired after he used magic at night.
It wasn’t damage.
The cause was from mental exhaustion.
Most likely, it was the MP consumption of magic, is what Diablo thought.
Different from the game, it’s not like it’s confirm able with numbers, and there is a small sensation of fatigue accumulating from using magic.
If he were to use it all up, just what would happen?
In the game’s case, he just wouldn’t be able to use magic, but if it’s just as it’s name suggests and his mental strength[1] disappears, he felt that there was no way things would end safely.
Using it all up was dangerous.
From here on out, he needed to worry about MP management more so than he did in the game.
If it was just 《Explosion》, Diablo possessed enough MP to fire a near hundred of them.
——Nonetheless, that’s only about in the game.
——About how much MP does my current self have?
Since he was self-aware of the fatigue he felt from a few shots, firing near a hundred seemed impossible.
At any rate, there was a need to investigate it.
Also, it would probably be best to not use large, advanced level magic that carelessly consumes MP. Magic from above level 100 all have a different league of power and consumption.
——Well, going by how things went last night, it doesn’t look like I’ll be having any situations where I would have the need for that kind of magic any time soon.

Just why are the levels of the adventurers of this world lower than in the game?
This was a question that Diablo carried from the case with Galak.
This was also something that he should probably investigate.
——I still don’t have enough information.
To start with, he decided to try asking Rem and Shera about the state of affairs in detail.
Come to think of it, sharing a room with those two girls, and, moreover, there was one bed——it was that kind of situation that would be impossible in the real world, but he went sound asleep.
His sleepiness was way too strong and he occupied the bed, but when he thought about it, he did something inexcusable. Just where did the girls go to sleep last night?
——Ah, come to think of it, if I die, the slavery will be released, won’t it.
Was that a bit careless? No, both of them looked like they needed Diablo.
Rem in particular held a reason that needed as much trust as possible. And in Shera’s case, she probably didn’t have a personality that would assassinate someone in their sleep to begin with.
「For now, I guess I should look for those girls……」
Diablo took a breath. And then, as he tried to raise his body, he put his hands to his left and to his right.


There was a soft sensation.
Diablo was surprised and shrank back from the cushiony touch that not even the beds of the real world had reached.
Rather, it was the sensation of a living creature-like thing. It was warm after all.
——It couldn’t be.
An impossible development crossed his mind.
「……Alright, calm down, me. This isn’t an anime or manga, and though I’m sharing a room with two girls, just because I don’t see their appearances, I shouldn’t be hasty in thinking something like that.」
He tried confirming it.
Diablo turned his eyes and looked.

The one that went *Muni* was——the Pantherian girl that wore only black, thin clothes on her body, Rem.
The one that went *Monyun* was——the Elf girl that covered her voluptuous body with only a loose robe, Shera.
It was above the clothes but, Diablo’s right hand was touching Rem’s breast and his left hand was touching Shera’s breast.
He stopped his breath.
——Don’t be flustered! I mustn’t be flustered! Demon Kings don’t get flustered!
He was gushing out sweat.
With his thoughts spinning around in his head, he somehow thought of what his next action would be.
Just like a Demon King, it should be dignified behaviour!
——Yosh! I’ll gently slip out.
He was way too pathetic. No, it probably couldn’t be helped. Although he was called a Demon King, it was just a role play. Something like waking up in between girls beautiful enough that they look like CG or touching the breasts of those girls, he was incapable of dealing with those things.
Diablo was level 150 as a Magician, but in personal skills——Especially with girls, his EXP was 0.
In order to quietly slip away, he first had to remove his hands from the two’s chests.
He couldn’t separate them.
It was as if they were stuck to them.
What is this, glue?
——My mind (heart), it’s refusing to remove my hands!?
The temperature and the softness of the girls that he came in contact with, their sweet smell, it was all bewitching enough that it was more than plenty to crush his will.
His fingers moved on their own.
He was going to grope the two’s chests.
Rem was moderate as her appearance suggested, and was a bulge that was great even when facing up. Or possibly, they were made to bulge up. Or maybe, it’s better while they’re bulging? It was that kind of feeling.[2]
For Shera, they were amazing. His fingers sank in.
And despite sinking in, a proper amount of elasticity forced them back up.
He was starting to feel dizzy from the unbelievable springiness, and the volume that couldn’t be fully held in Diablo’s large hand.
——This world, does it by chance not have any underwear? Or do they take it off when they go to sleep?
The sensation was awfully direct, and there was no limit to the softness of it.
One thin cloth.
Most likely, this sensation had only one thin cloth to it.
Oh crap. I want to keep touching them like this forever.
The sleeping Shera let out a sigh.
「N……fu, u……」
She twisted her body.
Shera’s eyes opened.
「Nn……Huh, Diablo……?」
*Sa*, Diablo tried to remove his hand.
However, his hand still didn’t want to be removed. Even in this situation!? Did it have a trap caused by magic cast on it or something!?
Shera tilted her head while she was rubbing her eye.
「Naa…..Nnn? What could it be, it kind of feels like, something’s squirming……」
Her eyes turned towards it.
Tightly holding on to her right breast, Diablo’s left hand.
Shera’s eyes went round and she looked at him.
Diablo, still holding her breast, opened his mouth.
On top of groping a sleeping girl’s chest, it was the time that girl woke up——What would a Demon King say, was something he didn’t know.
Shera was confused for a short while, but she seemed to understand the situation.
Her face quickly turned red.
After that.
「Th, this kind of thing, it don’t think it’s very good!」
Looking embarrassed, she glared at Diablo with upturned eyes.
Unless he was doing the Demon King role play, his original self could even sufficiently hold a conversation. Not to mention, it was this kind of situation.
「Th, this kind of thing is, that is, how should I say it……it should be after we get along better, or rather……Umm……A-as long as I’m not chosen as the master, it’s absolutely not allowed, got it!?」
That kind of sounded like “if you choose me as the master, I’ll allow it”.
「Anyway, you can’t! You can’t, you can’t! Because you can’t! It’s not allowed!」
「……Ah, yeah.」
「S, since you already did it, you can’t anymore, got it?」
Shera pulled her body back and Diablo’s hand finally, although it looked reluctant to do so, separated from that sweet sensation.
He was thankful in his heart that Shera had forgiven him.
As usual, he was unable to go back to his Demon King role play, and he couldn’t sufficiently bring out words.
At Diablo’s right, Rem rubbed her eyes.
「……Nya……Nn? What is it, you’re noisy.」
「……Nn? For some reason, it feels heavy around my……chest?」
He forgot.
His left hand was groping Shera’s chest, and he had just separated from her, but——
His right hand was still on Rem’s chest.
Diablo was petrified. He was petrified enough that even if magic of the highest grade was used, it wouldn’t petrify him to this extent.
Rem turned her eyes towards her own chest.
Discovering his hand, and going along his arm, she looked at Diablo’s face.
She went back and repeated that once more.
I can’t believe this, is the expression that she was making.
He needed to say something.
Like a Demon King, possessing majesty, with magnificence! That’s right, with magnificence!
Diablo opened his mouth.

「Rem, you should stick out your chest confidently. A bulge is also something to take pride in.」

What the heck am I saying?
In the morning of the inn, Rem’s high-pitched scream resounded.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Forgot to note this before but another reading for MP in this novel is 精神力, which is mental strength. On a side note, HP is 生命力, which is vitality or life force.
[2] I had no idea how to properly translate this part. Did the best that I could.

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