DDFYM – Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: A free market

Sima You Yue was always pretty curious, so she stared at Sima You Ran, waiting for him to explain to everyone.

Sima You Ran laughed, saying, “Because this place is the headquarters of every single power. Most people don’t dare to do things like kill people or commit murders. Also, those people who enter to sell things begin to receive the protection from this place. Even if those people want to do something to him, they can’t.”

“So that’s basically saying that you can’t take your outside grudges inside. Even if someone steals from someone else and is now a target for others, they just have to enter this place where they don’t permit murder? Once the thief sells the things away, those people won’t rob him anymore.” Fatty Qu said.

“You can say it like that.” Sima You Ran nodded.

“Then wouldn’t this place be filled with treasures!” Fatty Qu’s eyes shone.

A few people possessed treasures but did not dare to reveal them outside because once somebody coveted them, they might not only fail to protect the items, but not even be able to preserve their life!

However, it was different here. As long as they disguised themselves, they could trade their wares.

“There are many treasures, but there are also those who prey upon people who think this way and take out fakes or defective goods to pass off as the real thing.” Sima You Ran said.

“Does nobody care about this?” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Once you enter, you buy and sell willingly. If you buy a counterfeit, you can only blame yourself for having poor eyesight, that you would be unable to tell and buy fake goods.”

When they heard Sima You Ran speak this way, everyone was speechless. Wasn’t this fanning the flames?!

They finally reached the central district after the beast carriage had run for an hour. When they arrived, the streets were densely packed with beast carriages. At least this road was wide, where a stretch could fit twenty beast carts at the same time. Otherwise, not even a drop of water could squeeze through.

Because of the request of Sima You Yue and the others, the driver took them to the nearest trading shop. After that, they waited behind while others entered.

When they were standing at the entrance, Sima You Yue and the other watched the people entering and leaving with surprise.

“This place is a free market? That’s no difference from those shops!” Sima You Le said.

Standing from the main door peeping in, it did look similar to any other pavilion. The outside of it appeared the same as other shops.

A few people were about to enter when they saw Sima You Yue and the others standing at the main entrance. They said, “Are you all new to Saint City?”

Sima You Yue and the others turned around and saw two middle aged men. You could tell that one of them gave off the aura revealing he spent his life on the edge of the blade.

“It is truly our first time to Saint City. We heard of this free market, so we came to take a look.” Sima You Ran said with a smile.

“So it is your first time here. The two of us are about to enter too, why don’t you tag along with us to take a look.” The fairer one of the two said.

“Many thanks, uncle.”

Sima You Yue and the gang followed the two in. The moment they entered, they realised this place was different from other shops.

Most shops would place their wares tidily on the table. However, at this place, a row of people would sit on the floor while randomly placing a cloth on the ground and placing their sparse and random wares on it. Some of them wrote that they wanted to trade for some things.

“There are four different sections here. Everytime, they can fit up to a thousand people selling wares. As you head upstairs, the things become more expensive. The fairer middle aged man explained, “It’s your first time here, so you can slowly tour the first level. We are heading up, so we won’t stay with you.”

“Okay, thank you uncle.”

It appeared that the two middle aged men always patronised this place and knew that the things they needed were higher in rank, so they just headed upstairs directly.

“Let’s walk around too.” Sima You Ming said.

The group of them wandered around the first level and Sima You Yue noticed quite a few pill ingredients. However, they weren’t that precious. There were also a few pill tools and such, but their ranks were only so-so and didn’t catch their eye.

They very quickly finished touring the first level and, because they didn’t see anything good, only walked one round.

They went to the second floor very quickly and, like the two middle aged men said, the things here were a bit more precious than the ones before. However, it still didn’t catch their eye.

They quickly toured the second level and went to the third level.

The ranks of these items were slightly higher, and some randomly stopped them in their tracks. However, they still didn’t buy much and it was only Fatty Qu who chose a feel materials to craft his tools.

When they were at the fourth level, they met those two middle aged men again. Seeing them go upstairs so quickly, they said with some puzzlement, “You all finished touring the lower three levels so quickly?”

“The things below were pretty average, so we went through them quicker.” Sima You Ran said with a smile.

When the two people heard it, they understood immediately that these people were not average. They always encountered things that were not of average quality, so they didn’t think much of the things downstairs.

This place is merely a small trading shop. If you are interested in things of higher quality, you have to go to a bigger one.” The fairer middle aged man said.

“There are other trading shops better than this one?” Sima You Le asked.

“Of course. Trading shops are also divided into different ranks, first, second and third rank. This shop is third rank, the lowest one. The things here can’t be compared to the other trading shops for sure.” The middle aged man explained patiently.

“Then which trading shop is a higher rank?” Sima You Ming asked.

“The shops nearer to the centre will be of higher rank. There are three First ranked shops. The ones belonging to the Alchemist Guild, Armament Master guide and the Beast Tamer Master guild. If you have an interest, you can go over there to take a look.”

“Okay, thank you Uncle for your pointers.”

After that, Sima You Yue and the others walked one round around the fourth level, but could not find any pill ingredients that were of a higher rank. However, it was still more than the ones in the Spirit Pagoda, so they just got a few.

One that did catch Sima You Yue’s eye when they were about to leave, was a Crimson Rhinoceros Grass. This kind of herb was usually green, but would turn red after two hundred years. At this point, the properties would go through a hundred and eighty degree change.

A youth was squatting in front of that stall, bargaining with that peddler on purchasing that pill ingredient.

“Three thousand gold coins, or no deal.” That peddler was very firm on his price.

It looked like that youth really needed that ingredient, but he didn’t bring so much money out with him at all. His face turned red while trying to get the peddler to lower the price.

“Boss, just lower the price a bit and I’ll buy it from you.”

“Three thousand gold coins, no less.” the peddler said, “Look, this is a Crimson Rhinoceros Grass. Do I even need to tell you its worth? If you’re not willing to buy it, others naturally are.”

“I didn’t bring enough money with me, but I really need this Crimson Rhinoceros Grass. Help me hold on to it for a while, I’ll go and retrieve some money. I’ll be right back.”

“No way, if I meet others who want to increase the price, I’ll sell it to them.” The peddler said.

“Then what do I do?” The youth was about to cry.

“Let’s do this, if you give me three thousand five hundred gold coins, I’ll help you reserve it.”

The youth gritted his teeth and said, “Alright!”

At this point, a fair and slender hand stretched forward and took that stalk of Crimson Rhinoceros Grass.

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