DDFYM – Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: South Eclipse Kingdom

“Phoenix’s blood flows within Rainbow’s body. The bloodline was initially not bad, but it got injured later on. However, after eating your Golden Snake Fruit along with the other things you’ve given to nourish her this year, she was hatched as a Saint Beast. It’s not surprising.” Halcyon explained.

The scarlet honey egg shells were quickly eaten up. However, when it was just the last piece remaining, she hesitated for a bit. She looked at the egg shell, then looked at Sima You Yue, then pushed the egg shell over, saying, “Big Sister, this is for you.”

Sima You Yue knew that the egg shells of the bird species had a lot of uses, however, she also knew that it was very important for their foundation. She could get a lot of strength from it.

Right now, she was giving her the last bit of egg shell. This was unexpected but she was happy as well. She stretched forth a hand and touched her head, saying, “This is something your parents left for you. If you eat it, you will grow stronger. You have to eat it all.”

“But I want to give this to you!” Rainbow said.

“It is more important to you. If you have anything good in the future, you can give that to me.” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

Rainbow thought about it and said, “Okay then.”

After that, she finished all the egg shells with ‘ka-cha’.

“Alright, can we go to the South Eclipse Kingdom now?” Sima You Yue said.

Halcyon nodded. He had initially wanted to wait for Rainbow to come out, but now that she had already been hatched, he would naturally follow her to South Eclipse Kingdom.

They first went to Linchuan city, then took the teleportation array from there to Peace City.

When they reached Peace City, they were interrogated at the Spirit Master Guild. Sima You Yue even felt the aura of multiple experts.

“Seems like the South Eclipse Kingdom is very unscrupulous towards Ouyang Fei.” Bei Gong Tang said while holding onto Sima You Yue.

“That’s not necessarily so.” Sima You Yue said, “Ouyang Fei will shake his position in the South Eclipse Kingdom. He definitely has to think of a way to kill him.”

Halcyon stood at the side with Rainbow on his shoulder.

“Big Sis is so pitiful.” Rainbow’s fur was rainbow in color and attracted a lot of attention.

“Who made this teleportation array. It’s clearly an inferior item!” Sima You Yue complained.

“Enough, you might as well speak less if you’re not feeling well.” Wei Zi Qi said, “I’m going to find a place to stay for now then scout out some information.”

They all looked for an inn nearby to stay in and Sima You Yue called out Ouyang Fei, asking, “Do you have any reliable people?”

“You’ll know if you go take a look.” Sima You Yue said, “If they’re reliable then let them come over and tell you about the things happening. Right now, we still have a few days to prepare.”

“Mm. I’ll give you their address.” Ouyang Fei said.

Ouyang Fei told her of an address while Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi went to scout for information. After Sima You Yue slept for a short while, she woke up and felt uncomfortable. In order not to delay things, she decided to enter the Spirit Pagoda.

When Wei Zi Qi and Fatty Qu had returned, Sima You Yu was already well rested. The few of them gathered in the house to talk about the things they had heard about today.

“We went to take a look at two places today and realised one of the people you talked about has already defected to the South Eclipse King. Another one is spending his days harshly because he refuses to go under the South Eclipse King.”

“How is my Grandfather’s situation?” Ouyang Fei asked.

Wei ZI Qi shook his head, saying, “We couldn’t see the things happening at that side. Right now, a group of soldier are blocking off that area. Most people can’t get close.”

“I suggest that we call that person over at night to let him tell us the current situation in the capital.” Fatty Qu said.

“This is possible.” Sima You Yue agreed, “If we go outside to find out about the circumstances there, we will definitely be noticed by the royal court. Why not just get one person over and ask him.”

Alright. Then I’ll go call him over to ask.” Ouyang Fei said. Then, he looked at Wei Zi Qi and the others and said, “We’ll have to bother you this time. You have to be safe.”

“We will.” Wei Zi Qi left with Fatty Qu after he finished speaking.

When night came, nobody was resting yet. The innkeeper below was already soundly asleep when Wei Zi Qi and the others brought someone back with them.

The party who came was cloaked, where the bulky mantle prevented anyone from seeing his identity.

Wei Zi Qi knocked on the door and brought the person in.

“You Highness!” The person who came took off his cloak when he saw Ouyang Fei in the house. He immediately ran over and knelt on the floor in front of him.

“Uncle Gui, stand up first.” Ouyang Fei supported him up.

“Your Highness, you’re back!” Uncle Gui stood up with his support and said, “I knew you were definitely alive and kept waiting for your return! Have you been well these few years?”

“I have been great.” Ouyang Fei said, “Uncle Gui, where is my mother and Grandfather? How is their situation?”

“Your Highness, do not worry. They are not in danger for now.” Uncle Gui assured him, “Ouyang Dong wants you to return so he will naturally let them leave. It’s just that their circumstances right now are not great.”

“Where are they now?”

“They’ve been locked in the palace prison.” Uncle Gui said, “Ouyang Dong has been good to Imperial Concubine ever since he ascended to the throne, but a few days prior, he suddenly said that she fell seriously ill and wanted Senior Sang to enter the palace to examine her. We never expected that after he entered, they were all captured and accused of plotting rebellion and said they were going to be taken in for questioning.”

When Ouyang Fei heard what Uncle Gui said, his face went ashen as he spat out, “Six years ago, he secretly acted against me. When I went outside, he sent men to relentlessly chase me to kill me, in the end, I went to the Dong Chen Kingdom. Right now, he even wants to move against my mother, Grandfather and the others!”

“He really sent men to kill you six years ago?” Uncle Gui asked as he wiped tears away.

“All those who chased after me to kill me were from the Li Clan. Imperial Concubine Li has always wanted to get rid of me, so for her to get her clansmen to do something like this is not unexpected!” Ouyang Fei said.

“Ever since you disappeared, the late emperor did not care much about the Sang Clan. The Sang clan has been waning while the Li Clan has been improving, growing stronger every day.” Uncle Gui said, “They have grown much stronger these few years, becoming an important power that supported Ouyang Dong’s ascend to the throne.”

“Ouyang Dong’s power would not increase by that much no matter what. If he had his eyes on the throne, he would naturally need someone to protect his rise. Meanwhile, the Li Clan needed a puppet emperor to control the South Eclipse Kingdom.” Ouyang Fei’s hands clenched into fists, “I wanted to let him live for two more years, but I never expected him to be so anxious to die. Then I will grant it to him!”

“Your Highness, what do you plan to do?” Uncle Gui asked.

“Doesn’t he want me to appear? I also want to drag him off the throne once I appear. I will make it so he and the Li Family will never exist again!”

“You Highness, you cannot be rash!” Uncle Gui said anxiously, “Ouyang Dong counts on you to appear. That’s why he set up this entire situation. If you really appeared, he will definitely kill you! There are only so few of you while he has an entire army and guards.”

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