DDFYM – Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Exterminating the Domineering Army (5)

Nobody expected that the one that would actually be exterminated, was the Domineering Army. This caused the loss of more than a few of those who had betted on it.

Bai Yuan Chun and the others did not have time to have any misgivings about the thoughts of the outside world because he was now tidying up the carcasses in front of the place along with the captain of the fire and water attributes.

He had originally wanted to just burn them all, but Fatty Qu had told him that these people had done quite a bit of bad things in the recent years and had stolen quite a fair bit of things. They would definitely have quite a hoard of things, so all the items in the interspatial rings should not go to waste. Who knows, they might even be able to earn quite a fortune after gathering it all!

Even if that wasn’t the case, having a thousand over interspatial rings should fetch quite a bit of cash!

As a result, they could only flip the bodies over one by one, taking the interspatial rings off their finger and keeping it. Only after that could they let the people with the flame attributes burn the bodies while the people with the water attributes washed the street.

This was a sleepless night for Peace City, and many watched the blazing red sky, lamenting the volatility of life. These evil members of the Domineering Army who were overbearing and arrogant disappeared just like that. This really made a lot of people uncomfortable.

If Sima You Yue were to know about this, she would definitely say disdainfully, “All of you are ‘M’s!” [1]

Sima You Yue, Bei Gong Tang and the others had refined quite a number of low ranked pills for the injured. These pills could be considered as a kind gesture. One cauldron could produce quite a lot of them. Furthermore, it was very quick to produce. Just the three of them could settle enough pills for four to five hundred people in a single night.

“You Yue, thank you all!” Bai Yun Qi took the pills that Sima You Yue gave him while thanking her, “If it were not for you guys, I think that we would have been hard pressed to escape.”

“However, we have incited even greater trouble. Who knows, it may even affect you guys!” Sima You Yue said.

“Are you talking about you killing Xi Yue Xi as well as the two Spirit Paragons?”

Sima You Yue nodded.

“You can relax. The emperor of our West Moon Kingdom is very open minded. The most important thing is that he knows how to act according to the situation. He so clearly knows that a Sacred Beast is involved in this, so there’s no way that he will pursue this any further.” Sun Ran Ran said.

“That’s right. Unless he wants to pit the entire West Moon Kingdom against the Sacred Beast.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“However, isn’t that Xi Yue Xi the gem of the Royal Family?” Fatty Qu asked.

“One Xi Yue Xi versus a Sacred Beast… Which do you think they would choose?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“Of course the Sacred Beast!” Fatty Qu said definitively.

“So, that Royal Emperor should think the same way. If he dares to touch you, we don’t mind taking Halcyon back with us to exterminate the entire area! We can turn the whole area into a chaotic mess!” Sima You Yue said, “In any case, we have to head to the capital. With their power, there’s no way they’ll lose track of where we are.”

“When that time comes, we’ll go with you.” Bai Yun Qi said without thinking.

“After we go to the capital, we’ll head directly to Central Wu Kingdom. What would you come for?” Sima You Yue disagreed.

“I’ll go with you to keep watch. If anything happens, I can be with you.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“No can do.” Wei Zi Qi shook his head, saying, “We have no roots her. After messing everything up, we can walk off after dusting our butts. Behind you stands the Sandgull army. If anything happens, you will implicate them.”


“Relax. With Halcyon, why would you worry about our safety?” Sima You Yue said.

Bai Yun Qi looked at Halcyon who was standing quietly by the corner, saying, “That’s true!”

“No matter what you say, we will settle this issue thoroughly before leaving West Moon Kingdom.” Bei Gong Tang said.

“Ah, it’s been a tiring day. Go back to rest.” Sima You Yue stretched her back and said to Sun Ran Ran, “Madam, we will not disturb your clearing of this mess.”

“Okay, you all can head back to rest. Please get someone to notify me if you have anything you need!” Sun Ran Ran said with a smile.

She was referring to any visitation by the royal family.

Sima You Yue and the others went back to rest. They had just reached the house when they saw Little Tu running over.

“Older Brothers and Sisters, are you all okay?” Little Tu pounced into Bei Gong Tang’s arms as he lifted his head to ask.

“We’re okay. Did you get frightened?” Bei Gong Tang patted his head.

“Nope. I’ve been staying in the world that Little Roar set up for me. I know that nobody outside can hurt me.” Little Tu said.

Before Sima You Yue had left, she asked Little Roar to set up a little world to keep him in. The world could block out any aftershocks of the battle. Little Tu had remained inside the whole way and didn’t step out at all when he saw the men battling in the sky.

He had always been wise and knew it was dangerous outside. So, he didn’t go out at all and was not like a little child who would run around outside due to curiosity or fear.

“Little Tu, rest well. In two days, we will clear your meridians for the last time.”

After saying this, they went back home.

Wei Zi Qi and the others were really very tired so they went back to rest as well. Bei Gong Tang patted Little Tu’s head and went home as well.

Little Tu stood in the house. Seeing them close their room doors, his little face was like a little ball. He was actually not happy just because he was able to cultivate.

At this time, in the imperial capital, the royal emperor received a piece of urgent news from Peace City. The city lord of Peace City and explained the entirety of what happened last night. After reading the news, the West Moon Emperor slapped the table with rage.

“Emperor, what’s wrong?” The guard that was standing there asked when he saw the emperor in a fit of rage.

“Hmph!” He wordlessly threw the letter over to where the guard was.

That guard glanced generally over the contents of the letter before raising his head in surprise, “Emperor, the princess, she…”

“Not too long ago, Sanshui City sent word about the appearance of a Sacred Beast, this time, they’re actually putting the entire situation on the backs of the Sacred Beast!” The West Moon Emperor said, “If the Sacred Beast is angered, we undoubtedly have to mobilise our men to protect the people. We also might not be able to beat him. Sacred Beast… it’s an existence that is even stronger than a Spirit Paragon!”

“Emperor, do not be anxious. Who knows that Sacred Beast may not come to us to make trouble!” The guard said, “It looks as if the Sacred Beast listens to Sima You Yue even though they do not have a contract. If we treat her well and give her some form of compensation, it might be enough to avoid danger this time!”

“We can only do this for now.” The West Moon Emperor shook his head. After that, he suddenly thought of something and shot up from his imperial throne, saying, “Go to the Warsaw Palace.”

Inside the Warsaw Palace, a lady who looked very much like Xi Yue Xi was currently by the riverside feeding the fishes. Upon hearing that the West Moon Emperor had come, she quickly put down the fish food in her hands and gave a bow, saying, “Greetings to the Emperor.”

When the West Moon Emperor saw her, he was silent for a long time, causing Qin Mo to feel extremely restless.

“Emperor?” She raised her head and saw some grievance in his eyes.

“I came to tell you two things.” the West Moon Emperor said, “Firstly, Xi Yue Xi has been killed. Secondly, the Domineering Army has been exterminated by the Sandgulls.”

“What?!” Qin Mo was so stunned by the West Moon Emperor that she started to sway. A palace maid who was standing by the side rushed up to support her.

[1] for children who do not know, M stands for Masochists.


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