Not to Compete and Create Dolls 12 part 2

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Chapter 12 part 2

TL: Kourii

Editor: Raven

Taking a glance at the table, I saw Els and Mr. Talbot eating the fried chicken as if competing with each other.

Els was playing with an awfully refreshing look, that I can’t help but be stumped for words after remembering his gloomy look just before the party started.

Ah, our eyes met.
Els stopped his hands. He quickly brought the food into his plate and brought it to me.

Mr. Talbot who was pushed aside looked quite lonely, but lets ignore it.

[You’ve been giving greetings all along, and haven’t eaten anything right? Here.] [Thank you. You’re quite attentive.] [It isn’t a big deal. I am also quite fed up with such parties. You should be tired, and you have to keep talking when someone comes. Rest a bit already.] Eh-
Was Els this kind of boy who could be so concerned?

The original him and the current him, both is supposed to be a boy filled with thoughts only about the sword.


[That doll, it is the one looking at me during the day, right?]

Els’ glance was directed around my belly or in other words at Kajero in my arms.

[It really is Alty’s.]

(….so you’ve noticed. What a sense of smell.)

Kajero’s tone of voice was as if it is full of thorns.
In Kajero’s letter, Els was also called a guard dog. He is probably displeased of something about Els.

But as if he didn’t notice nor care about it, Els was unfazed as normal.
[I can even smell the rain when I’m in a good mood. I have confidence in my nose.]

He even seems rather proud.

[Well, we haven’t introduce ourselves yet, right? I am Elstat, the eldest son of the Rozerem duke.]

(I am called Kajero. I’ve heard a lot about you from Ojou-sama. By the way, why don’t we talk by telepathy instead as it might seem strange to be seen talking to a doll.)

[Actually, I’ve been trying to do that many times, but it didn’t go well. Can you teach me how to do it?]

(Well… let me think about it.
After all I have a job to finish in my hands.)

[Is it about the guy with the dangerous atmosphere?]

(Yeah, the one that made you run away with tails between your legs.)

Kajero’s words was so provocative that it almost seems rude.
If it was the Els from before, he would definitely retort with a red face.

[He was really dangerous. It would have been bad if he’d caught us.]

He agreed in a matter of course fashion.

(Ho…it seems like I need to change my perception of you. Elstat-sama, I am sorry for my rude words and manner up to now.)

[Don’t worry about it. The me from yesterday and the me now would still have done the same thing.] (TL: this is confusing but I think he means that no matter what, he still would have taken Alty and run away then.)

(What words of generosity. You have my gratitude. Elstat-sama now can properly distinguish between what you can and cannot do, and as the same people who would protect Ojou-sama, there is nothing more reliable than that.)

[Thank you. But well, even if there is a fight, as I am now I don’t think there is any chance for me to help. My strength is not enough.]

I wonder if this is still the same Els.
Without a care for the atmosphere and just wielding his sword, he would say “ without something like those dolls, I can just protect you alone!” or so he’d boast to the point of being admirable.

[I can also use magic somewhat, so you can call me anytime if you need help.]

(Of course. If Ojou-sama is in a pinch I might ask for your help again.)

[Is that okay? It is a pretty important responsibility.]

(Your sense of smell is quite something. We can rely on it to escape if there was danger.)

[Don’t flatter me. I am going to try my best to not disappoint you.]

(I am relying on you.)

Wait, this is such a sudden development far from my expectations.
I can only blankly look in amazement at Kajero whose displeasing atmosphere had suddenly changed to as if Els was his brother-in arms for several years. Don’t tell me they were lovers in their past life or something. Or maybe is this what they call men’s world?

(Even so, you have changed a lot since the last time in the city.)

It is just as Kajero said.

Els up to now was narcissistic and self-centered, and were he to grow up that way, he would definitely become the troublesome man just like in the game.

Speaking of Els now, he has a calmer atmosphere than before—I wonder why he somehow seems a bit like father.

[A lot of stuff happened. I ran at a speed so fast that can’t be seen by the eyes around the city. On top of that, I ran out of breath before Alty. I was so frustrated to the point that I couldn’t stand it and fell asleep, so my mood got better after waking up. I had even thought of dying rather than admitting it.]

…. I didn’t notice.
While I was busy greeting with earls left and right, to think he thought up until that terrible point.

[However, that’s when Solute-san came to me.]

(Hohou, Altirea-sama’s father, is it? I’ve heard that he had been devoted to the sword since he was young.)
[Aah, he was also the same as me. We talked about a lot of things. Thanks to that, I was able to sort out my feelings a little bit.]

The Els, who said so while smiling brightly, seems even more mature than the 15 years old him whom I knew.

Though he is still only 8 years old.

…. A little, really a little, but-

He does seem a little cool.


Author: Next will be until the appearance. Sorry to have kept you waiting. The Earl will finally appear next.
I am going to bed.
The talk between Els and Solute will be in the following gaiden.

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