Not to Compete and Create Dolls 10

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Chapter 10:

Author: I am surprised that Kajero earned more reaction than expected. I am also happy that there seems to be a lot of people with the same hobby as him.


The me at the time was totally distracted with Kajero’s story that I completely forgot about everything else.

I wasn’t aware until the Rozerem duke told me , somehow it was like this-

[ When I saw you, you suddenly stopped moving and blankly staring into empty space. No, no…you don’t have to worry, who doesn’t have a time when they act strangely in their childhood? But at the time, you were expressionless. Just like the clay dolls that were brought back from the East country of the famous Flame blade emperor.]

(Is that all what you have to say Kajero?)

(Eeh, that is more or less of it, however Oujo-sama this secret talk of ours , although short but very tasteful indeed, don’t you agree?)

(U-n, I’m happy but I have to guide these two around. I wonder if you can put up with it , and I’ll visit you later.)

Anyway, there will be a scheduled talk with Kajero. About how to treat the knight dolls from now on. I want to hear his idea as the number 1 most capable doll and also as the representative of the 24 “faceless executive”

(Understood. Excessive chasing is not good so lets stop it here. Ah, that’s right. There is an unconfirmed piece of information but–)

I wasn’t able to hear the end of Kajero’s words.

[….uh! ?]

Suddenly I was pulled into the back alley by Els, and I was so shocked that no words were coming out of my mouth.

[Wait, wait, whats wrong Els?]

His 8 years old appearance is still just like a young puppy, but I wonder why at times like this he is exuding an atmosphere like that of a wild wolf.

[I can’t really explain but…. something bad is coming. Its probably aiming for you, Alty. Its better if we run away.]

An explanation that doesn’t really count as one.

If it was at normal times, then I’d shake him off shouting “I don’t get what you’re saying!” though.

But I nodded.

[Got it. Which way should we run?] [This way.]

Speaking of which, this situation is somehow similar to the game scenario.

…..It was the sweet and sour date if I recalled.Elstat suddenly pulled the Heroine into the back alley. Just when she wonder what is going on he said “I also have no idea but I have a bad feeling.” giving a vague answer to her.
The truth was that the two were surrounded by thugs. It was the old Altirea, who hates the heroine so she hired a gang to attack her….

In addition to that, there are a few times where Elstat showed his danger perceptions skills similar to wild animal instincts. Though there are also times when most of what comes out if his mouth was “ live with the sword or die with the sword”, .
Chances of his intuition being wrong is only at his bad ending.
By the way, in [Rune Knight Concerto] there are various related stories written in the last half of story setting, but lets just put them aside for now.

* * *

[Haa, haa….] (TL: uhm, don’t be confused here, the one who is panting is actually Els.)

[Els, can we rest a little?] [Not yet, I can still run…]

Looking so out of breath and panting like that,there is no way you are running anymore that is just impossible.

[Did the bad feeling disappear?](Alty)

[Aah, its okay now…](Els)

[Then lets rest a little since I’m quite tired.](Alty)

[I’m saved….No, I can still run.](TL: pftt, Els u and ur pitiful pride haha)

I wonder if that strength and stamina comes from the pride “there is no way I’d lose to a girl” or something, –Un, sorry, I had a cheat.

The one-piece dress I’m wearing is self-made but it is made with the same magic as the dolls and it also got the blessing from the wind spirit dolls.

Fast running is just a piece of cake. When I want to, I can even fly.

[For the time being, why don’t we sit there?] I took out a handkerchief from my pocket.If I just gently stroke it on the small the box near it then the dirt and dust on me will be washed off. Thank you water spirits. There are some drawbacks , but since it didn’t appear when I’m using it then its all good.

[What do we do?]

2 people were sitting side by side near the wooden box.

[We ran quite far.] [Spiril is quite big.] [Its a port town that leads to the kingdom. It might be two or even three times bigger than normal towns.] [Amazing…by the way Alty, what was going on back then? Why were you suddenly standing there in a daze?] [I was talking to a doll.]

Though its a plain answer, it probably wont make him understand. So lets explain a little more.

[I let a number of doll come to live in the city, and one of them came to see me just now.] [The guy in the shadow of the building?] [You noticed it?] [Aah….that guy probably also have considerable skill. Its not like I’ve fought him but somehow his atmosphere is different from the others.]

Its true that Kajero is strong, he is probably a high class spirit.
When a group of bandits came to the mansion, only him alone was able to devastate them completely.
Speaking of which, I feel like I heard that the bandits were incorporated into the Rutia family or something….probably I did heard it.

[Alty, stand behind me.]

Els stood in front of me as if he was protecting me.

A dark skinned man with a tattoo on his face and arm was coming towards us.

He was like a big hunk of muscle. His body looks well trained to the point that every part of his body muscle seems like they would explode at anytime.

A man like that coming at you . Of course you’d be wary of him.


[Its okay, Els. Its someone I know.]

I nodded slightly to him.

The other side stopped his feet and carefully bowed his head.

[Ojou, I’ve come to pick you up.]

His name is Edmond.
He was once the leader of the bandits who went around stealing in the Wisp territory.
Now he is Kajero’s right hand man who is one of the “24 faceless executive” and works as a mediator for them to contact the humans. He seems to have also heard of my existence.

[Please calm your worries. You will be escorted back by the family. …And I was ordered to give you this letter.]

It was a letter from Kajero.

<We look forward to seeing you at the party. Please take care as its been dangerous recently. The nearby savage guard dog and also the “Wandering Earl”.>

The guard dog seems to be talking about Els.
He seems to be quite hated by Kajero.
A sword type and an intelligent type….its true that they don’t get along.
It is like water and oil.
Thinking about Els safety, I shouldn’t bring him back to Spiril again.
Anyway, lets think about it when the time comes.
There is something more important.

“The Wandering Earl”.

That is the name of the one like the characters of <Rune Knight Concert> who was one of the two villains in Elstats route.
– -If Elstat was a boy who couldn’t become a hero, then the “Wandering Earl” was a man who couldn’t become a monster.
In my previous life, I felt like I read about that sentence from somewhere.

* * *

Something bad was coming.

Both Els and Kajero also noticed.

A kind of feeling stuck in your throat. A bad atmosphere.

(I’m grateful that that child took Ojou-sama and ran away, but he didn’t have to be that pushy.)

In addition, if there were to be marks on that white porcelain-like skin, I’ll have no choice but to have him turned to ashes in atonement.

While thinking about such dangerous stuff, the young head of the Rutia family started giving out instructions. To order Edmond to go pick the Oujo-sama. Considering that child’s stamina, it should be around the fifth Avenue.

He himself didn’t head there. He had something else to take care of.

(Contacting the executives. Everyone is to attend tonight party. Mobilize all the members available to protect the venue.)

He skipped the explanations and gave the instructions immediately.
So that the Ojou-sama can be safe no matter who is targeting her, preparations are needed.

Am I being overly cautious?
However, one is bound to be overly sensitive when hearing such information.

– -The “Wandering Earl” was spotted in the nearby Rasilez territory.

(The “Wandering Earl” is supposed to badly love variant talents.)

Is it not because of hearing the rumor of “The Doll Princess” that he came to the Wisp territory?

(The presence just now…. its probably because the “Wandering Earl” was somewhere nearby. To think we’d both missed each other…)

To those who wish to harm Ojou-sama, there will be no mercy.

His mind was already thinking of a steady plan to thoroughly slaughter the “Wandering Earl”.

* *

Long, it was long journey.

50 years as a human, 50 years as something that wasn’t human, and lost count of the time he became a monster.

Once a wise old man told me. That people are reborn after a thousand years.

I continued to wait for that time.

In the hazy memory of mine, the deep consciousness that told me it was for the sake of meeting my beloved person.

I’ve survived the thousand year craving for food.

And now the promised day has come.

Among the many disordered footsteps in the trade city, she stopped her feet and looked up to the sky.

The figure that was a beauty similar to the clay dolls in the eyes of the East country- – honestly lets confess as my heart was stolen.

My beloved, the only one who could make my heart move, that could only be the reincarnation of her “the Doll Princess” Altirea Wisp.

I wanted to call out immediately.

However, there was something disturbing.

That child with the awfully good intuition. But must not be made lightly of. The mannerism of a hero.

And a doll good with its brain. Although a spirit, his essence is close to me. On the monster side.

Well, that’s fine. My power increases at night, so lets meet again tonight.


Q  What happened to the Rozerem duke who was turned into air?
A  Now he is lost, not knowing the way home.

(ED – well since this is my first time editing hope i did a good job)

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