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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 64 – Mitsuki and Makoto and the Truth [1]

 31st December, New Year’s Eve. The Mitsuki who should’ve gone out with Takayanagi, came home crying, causing my heart to beat out of my chest with surprise.
 Although I had an arrangement to spend New Year’s Eve with Soutarou, I couldn’t leave Mitsuki as she is, crying. I immediately contacted Soutarou and told him I may contact him again depending on Mitsuki’s state of mind.

“What’s wrong, Mitsuki? Did Takayanagi-senpai do something unpleasant to you?”

 I don’t, really don’t think so but did Takayanagi forcibly do this or that kind of thing to her? No way, right? He ain’t Junya, it’s hard to think that Takayanagi would force and be rough on an unwilling Mitsuki. But in that case, the true reason Mitsuki’s crying so hard can’t be found.
 I make Mitsuki sit on the sofa and peek at her face. She’s shaking her head lightly while crying.

“Yasuchika-senpai told me he likes me, and I, was surprised.”

“Takayanagi-senpai told you he likes you huh, Mitsuki.”

 Mitsuki gives a deep nod with hesitance.
 Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Takayanagi would confess to Mitsuki before 31st March. I unconsciously made a face like a pigeon shot by a peashooter.
 However, if it was thought of as normal romance, it wasn’t like one must wait till 31st March to confess. Things seem to be going well between them recently, the development of Takayanagi confessing to Mitsuki is expected. If this was a normal romance.
 This is the world of an otome game called Hearthrob Love Revolution. That’s why Mitsuki will definitely be confessed to on the 31st of March. Isn’t it tacit agreement to not confess or date while giving rise to the atmosphere of “Just date already, you guys!” often found in otome games?

“Mitsuki, do you not like Takayanagi?”

 From what I’ve seen of them so far, Mitsuki’s behaviour didn’t seem against it.
 Therefore, there should’ve been a chance that she would’ve given him the okay on the spot. Even if she didn’t agree to date, she wouldn’t have come back crying so hard.

“I like him, … I think.”

“Why are you crying then? It can’t be out of joy, right?”

“Because, because… Mako-chan.”

 Mitsuki raises the head she’d been hanging and look at me.
 Mitsuki, who’d risen to being the school’s Madonna now, is terribly cute even in tears. Truly a beautiful moon[1], this must be what they mean by the name representing the body.
 Her large eyes stare at me quietly. When her lips open slightly, they tremble with hesitation and close again. Then tears again pour from those pretty eyes and she cover her face with her small palm.

“Mitsuki, I won’t understand if you don’t say it.”

 Perhaps having resolved herself upon my words, Mitsuki slowly raise her head again, suck in a small breath and say shocking words.

“Because, Mako-chan will… I had the feeling that Mako-chan will disappear once I date someone…”


“That’s impossible, right? Because Mako-chan had always been the Mako-chan with me since we were born. My irreplaceable twin onii-chan.”

 My heart chills as though it was pierced through by a sharp needle.
 Mitsuki mumbles “I’m an idiot” while laughing and wiping her tears.

“But sometimes it feels like Mako-chan is going somewhere far away. That’s why I thought, wouldn’t Mako-chan leave for sure this time if I have someone more important than him? I couldn’t tell Yasuchika-senpai I like him once I thought of that. Because I, need Mako-chan.”

 I couldn’t say a thing. I couldn’t bring myself to say a thing.
 I was shocked that Mitsuki had realised the truth about me, way more than I expected. At the same time, I was filled with feelings of apology. Because I wasn’t truly Mitsuki’s important older brother, her “Mako-chan”. Naturally, I was neither born from the stomach of the same mother as Mitsuki, nor am I a resident of this world, I’m not even a guy.

 Realising that anew makes me feel so guilty I want to puke.
 Because I’m lying to my beloved and precious Mitsuki.

“Mitsuki…, I’m”[2]

“To me, Mako-chan is cooler than anyone and treasures me more than anyone. Sometimes calling me “cute, cute” till I’m embarrassed, someone who’d tell me they like me. That’s why, even if Mako-chan is no longer Mako-chan, to me, Mako-chan is Mako-chan. So I don’t want you to disappear all of a sudden.”

 Mitsuki may be a lot more discerning than I thought.
 I no longer care whether her words mean that she realised I’m not Sakurai Makoto or not. It’s fine as long as Mitsuki is fine with me being her older brother.
 I’m not Mitsuki’s real onii-chan, I’m not a guy, those worries devoured my heart again and again. However, if the people I treasure say it’s fine, well, let it be so.
 However, it’s highly probable that I’ll return to the real world if Mitsuki dates Takayanagi. Rather, if I don’t return, I don’t think I can ever return to the real world so not returning is also quite troubling.

“Don’t worry. I won’t disappear all of a sudden.”

“Yeah. Thank goodness…”

“That’s why you can do as you like, Mitsuki. You can tell Takayanagi you like him if you do. I’m still Mitsuki’s onii-chan even if you tell senpai you like him.”

 At the same time I think of returning, the feeling of not wanting to return pass by too. Even though I wanted to return so badly, I gained too many precious people in this world.
 Of course, when the time comes, I’ll choose to return, hestitatingly. That’s the one unchangeable truth.
 Like what Subaru said once upon a time, the romantic feelings of youths are just measles. You can make new lovers, but my real family isn’t something that can be made nor something that can be easily thrown away.

 Sorry. Therefore, I’ll return, Mitsuki.

“You like senpai, right? Isn’t the answer obvious then?”

“… Un. Thanks, Mako-chan. I’ll give Yasuchika-senpai a response. Clearly, a “I like you too.””

 Will I return to the real world the moment Mitsuki tells Takayanagi her feelings? Or will it be postponed for a little?

 After watching Mitsuki from the entranceway as she leaves to meet Takayanagi again, I knock the gate of the Yurino house in order to meet Subaru.
 Speaking of Subaru, she’s carefreely reading BL manga while eating an ice cream called Yukimi Mochi. It’s somewhat a relief to see that figure that never changes. Coincidentally, Yurino-sensei is going out. I can consult Subaru with a peace of mind.

“Hey~, Mitsuki fell to Takayanagi, huh? When the official recommendation is Prince~”

“Will things be fine with the closing roll when the confession ending isn’t on 31st March, under the legendary tree, or the church she played at when she was a kid, or the memory-filled lighthouse? Will we be able to return to the real world..?”

“I don’t know. But I think the chance of returning isn’t zero. Because if we can’t return with this, we’ll lose our hope of returning, you know?”

 It’s as Subaru says.
 It’s more troubling if we can’t return with this. It’s troubling but…

“Are you more for not returning, Mako? You’ve totally become lovers with Soutarou huh~. Is it SouMako as expected? Or is it already MakoSou?”

“Don’t poke fun at me. I, will return. I like Soutarou but I think I’ll regret someday if I don’t return now. Not being able to see my family again, is too great a price to stay with Soutarou and the rest.”

“Well, that’s true. You wouldn’t be so troubled if we could come and go as we like~”

 That’s right. If I could come and go between the real world and the world of Hearthrob Love revolution as I like, I wouldn’t be troubled. In the first place, if I could come and go as I please, I would’ve returned to the real world the moment I came here, and wouldn’t have come to like Soutarou.

“Hasn’t Mitsuki-chan gone to confess? Is it okay, Mako? Not going to see Soutarou. You may not be able to see him ever again, isn’t it better to see him one last time?”

“Nah. It would be unnecessarily painful.”


 If I, meet Soutarou now, I may want to not return.

“… u, IDIOT! Meet him properly. You’ll regret if you return, y’know! Stop putting on airs of being sentimental!”

 Subaru gave me a strong jab. I unconsciously give a bitter smile at the usual Subaru nee-san.
 Even if I meet Soutarou once more, the ending of the tale won’t change. Even if I think “I definitely don’t want to return” after seeing Soutarou’s face, even if it’s painful to be separated, the logic behind this incomprehensible trip to another world won’t change. Probably. I will return when it’s time to, and I won’t if I can’t.
 I don’t know who transported Subaru and I or what they want to do by transporting us, but no one can go against that person. If so, I should at least do what I want to do most now.

 The one I want to see now is Soutarou.
 See Soutarou and spend an ordinary time together, quietly waiting for my fate.

“Subaru, sorry. I’m, going to Soutarou’s place.”

“”Kay, go, go. While you’re at it, you should go all the way!”

“… I’m relieved to see you never change, Subaru…”

 I don’t really know what to say after meeting Soutarou. I may not be able to say a thing. In the first place, I don’t quite know if there is time left for us to talk.
 Returning to the real world. The reality of that still hasn’t taken place yet, there aren’t even tears coming out. There’s only the feeling of absent-mindedly thinking “I guess I may be able to return”.

“”Let us meet in the real world”, I suppose I should say that?”

“Dunno. But it’d be embarrassing to meet you as a female after all this time, Subaru.” 

“True. When the time comes, I’ll tell you “Nice to meet you for the first time, Makoto-chan.””

 With Subaru pushing my back, I leave the Yurino house behind.
 Opening the app, I text Soutarou. When I send just one sentence,「I want to see you」, the ‘Read’ word appears and I receive a text「I’ll go to Mako’s house immediately」. However, I’m too impatient to wait for that, and decide to walk towards Soutarou’s house.
 I walk straight on the street so dark as though one’s face is buried in a pillow. I blow white breaths on fingertips that grew numb with the cold.

 My pace quickens slightly when I think that I may disappear while walking here and return home. I want to see him. I want to see him before disappearing.



“Even though I said I’d come meet you.”

 Soutarou grasps my hand.
 His heat transmits from our grasped hands, somehow making me very happy.
 Soutarou isn’t 2 dimensional, he’s clearly here.

“I wanted to see you quickly, Soutarou.”

“I’m happy. I wanted to see you too, Mako.”

 Soutarou hugs me and rubs our cheeks together.
 Ah, I like him. I don’t want to return.
 The reality of leaving takes place gradually, making me feel sad at once.
 Is Mitsuki confessing to Takayanagi now? The countdown to returning to the real world has already begun.

 How much time do I have, until I return?

[1] The meaning behind her name.
[2] Mako used ‘ore’.

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