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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.
Chapter 49 – The Fireworks and the Realisation and the Stalking [1]

 The incident this time begun with a single word from Hasumi in the gymnasium.
 Having had errands to run in school, I dropped by the gymnasium while I was at it and got to watch Soutarou and Hasumi’s practice matches. Needless to say for Soutarou, Hasumi from the Girls’ Basketball Club also played pretty well.
 The dazzling duo, omnipotent at sports, are completely incomparable to me who’s bad with ball games.

“Come to think of it, did you know that Mitsuki’s going on a date with Takayanagi-senpai?”


“Takayanagi-senpai invited her the other day… uh was I not supposed to say this?”

 This fireworks festival probably refers to the Tachibana City Fireworks Festival held on the 30th of August.
 This big bro had no idea that Mitsuki’s going on a date with Takayanagi. Although I was a little shocked, doesn’t this mean that Takayanagi’s favourability rating of Mitsuki is higher than I thought? There wasn’t any occurrence of CGs or events during beach episode previously, making it a failure. I was worried but so this was it. It was Takayanagi instead.
 I feel slightly regretful as I had been aiming for Prince’s route. However, Takayanagi’s the son of a university hospital’s director, is kind, level-headed and earnest. This route isn’t bad.

“Hey, Sakurai, are you okay? Did the shock blow your mind away?”

“Nah I’m fine. Besides, it’s not like I’m shocked or anything. Mitsuki’s so cute after all, it’s no surprise for her to get a boyfriend. So much so that it’s strange for her to not have one till now.”

“Sheesh, how much do you like Mitsuki.”

 If you ask ‘how much’, my answer is ‘a lot’.
 You may be sick and tired of hearing this but Mitsuki is suuuper super cute. She’s so cute that I want to place her on my lap and pat her head for 3 hours. I want to rub my cheek against hers and get scolded: “Geez, stop it already, Mako-chan!” ‘Cos an angry Mitsuki’s freaking adorable too.

“Still, I see. Mitsuki and Takayanagi-senpai going on a date huh.”

 I had a yukata prepared previously. The yukata is deep blue in colour with images of carnations.
 It may be a bit too mature-looking for Mitsuki but I chose it thinking that that may serve to be a nice gap. It may come in handy even more as her company for the date is Takayanagi.
 If possible, I’d like to trail them and inspect if things are going well. However, that would probably feel uncomfortable as one would expect. Can’t be helped, let’s ask Mitsuki for the details at a later time.

“Who are you, um, going to the fireworks festival with, Sakurai?”

“Nah, I haven’t really made plans with anyone…”

“Go with me then!”

 Casually joining in our conversation is the Boys’ Basketball Club’s Soutarou, who’d been in a practice match so far.
 Clad in a refreshing white attire with a blue line, Soutarou gives off the floral scent of an antiperspirant. ‘Tis the epitome of a high school boy.
 I was loudly invited to the fireworks festival by such a refreshing high school boy. I’d have been shot to death by the girls from Soutarou’s fan club at the gallery of the gymnasium if I’m female.
 Had my nape not been bitten at the sea, I’d have replied twice: “I’ll go, I’ll go!”. However, I get second thoughts when I think about that incident. Besides, I don’t wanna get pushed down again.


“I’ll invite Kaname too.”

“Ah, in that case, I’ll go. Are you coming too, Hasumi?”

 I doubt I’ll get pushed down or kissed if Kaname comes.
 Always being in trepidation that Soutarou will come attacking seems overly self-conscious and I don’t like being like this but I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not sure how I should treat someone acting so bold and assertive. I’d like to keep Soutarou at an arm’s length but I can’t cast him too far aside because I like him.
 When I casually lower my line of sight, I see Hasumi with her face red, fidgeting with her bangs. Moreover, I’m not sure what she’s so restless about but she’s muttering indistinctly as her gaze swim.

“Eh, ah, …. I’ve, plans with others already. Of course, it’s with girls because I don’t have a boyfriend! Uhm, I didn’t think you’d invite me, Sakurai! Rather, I thought some other girl would invite you…!”

 What’s she getting so restless over?
 Hasumi’s bangs are pinned up so I don’t think it gets messy much.
 Did throwing away the opportunity to go on a date with Soutarou make her so sad? I might have done something awful in that case.

“What are you getting so restless over, Hasumi. There’s no way a girl will invite me right? Anyhow, I see. Regrettable but it can’t be helped.”

 Smiling at Hasumi who’s making a miserable face, I turn back to Soutarou.

“I’ll contact Kaname.”

“Okay, please do. Let’s go back together later alright?”

“Ah, yea. I’ll be waiting at the library then.”

 The two, whose break ended, return to the court.
 It’s current 3pm so club activities should end in an hour. Let’s kill time by reading the new book arrivals in the library.

 Watching these two put their all into club activities really makes me want to join a club.
 I take out my smartphone and open an app.
 A read receipt appears immediately after I send “Who’s up for the Fireworks Festival?”. As expected. Subsequently, a reply comes in: “Meee me me meee!” with dazzling emoticons that put high school girls to shame. I kind of want to take a leaf out of his book with regards to correspondence.

 Partly because summer break’s about to end, you can see students working on their summer break homework here and there in the library.
 Just as I place my hand on the door to enter the library, someone hugs me from behind. This guy stinking of perfume must be my natural enemy. It’s definitely that always-in-heat idiotic rabbit.

“It’s been a while, Bunny-chan. You’re as cute as always. Are the watchdog and watchcat doing well?”

 I shake off Junya’s arm and turn around.
 Clinging earrings, a necklace with some sort of loop charm, and a leather bracelet that perturbs even the lax rules of Izumino. His uniform is such that one isn’t sure whether to judge it as overdressed or not. On top of that, he has on a shocking yellow jacket with bunny ears.
 And this sickly-sweet, masculine perfume. There’s no room for doubt; it’s my school’s student council president, Narahashi Junya.

“Hello. Goodbye.”

 Thinking that the noisy Junya won’t follow me in if I enter the library, I try to leave immediately but he deftly and firmly grabs my arm.

“Wait for me~. Can’t you see I’m lonely?”

“Really. Goodbye.”

“If you neglect me too much, I might, do this and that to Mitsuki-chan out of loneliness?”

 How gutsy of you to take Mitsuki hostage.
 Still, I can’t let Junya contaminate Mitsuki. I reluctantly stop and direct my gaze towards Junya.

“… Do you have any business with me?”

“Ehehe, Bunny-chan’s scorning look excites me.”

 He’s blushing as though he’s truly embarrassed so it’s seriously disgusting!
 His S, M and Pervert specs are so high that it’s a turn-off.

“Hurry up and state your business. I’m leaving”

“Wait, wait, let’s kiss?”

“Go away.”

 I prepare to deal a palm strike to Junya who’s approaching with a kissy face.
 I muster all my strength at the bottom of my palm with the intention of smashing that high nose bridge and that straight nose. However, Junya appears to be used to receiving hits. He dodges with a relaxed expression. What a pity.

“Just kidding. From the student council room, I saw Bunny-chan walking so I ended up coming~. So it’s not like I have any business.”

“… Oh.”

“Uwah, what a cold reaction! Well, that side of you is cute too. I love Bunny-chan.”

 As he speaks in a voice so sweet like there’s a heart attached to the end of the sentence, don’t even mention my chest tightening, I can only feel myself shuddering.

“There you go again. Getting Sakurai-kun involved. It is time you return to the student council room.”

 The one coming out from the student council room is Takayanagi.
 The fair-skinned glasses-boy with soft, curly reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. Although the make of his eyes may appear cold, he’s one of the few with a conscience in Renai Kakumei.

“It has been a while, Takayanagi-senpai.”

“Yes, it truly has been a while. I often see Mitsuki-san in club activities but I have not seen Sakurai-san much.”

 Takayanagi called Mitsuki’s name with no hesitation. It was “Sakurai-san” up till now, just a few months ago. When did they become so close?
 I might have put in effort in the wrong direction. I was busying myself to stick her to Prince. But how about Mitsuki’s feelings? I thought that Mitsuki had no interest in romance but is that really so? If Mitsuki likes Takayanagi, since when did she come to like him?

 It’s been like this ever since the incident before.
 I may have been progressing things at my own convenience, neglecting everyone’s feelings.
 This world may be the world of a game to me but it’s reality for them. It’s the only precious, precious life they have.

“I’ll drop by the student council again. Only if you need help, though.”

“Of course we do. Even if there is nothing to do, Junya gets motivated with you there. Feel free to visit anytime.”

 I see off Takayanagi as he ruthlessly pulls the grumbling Junya away by the back of his collar.
 As expected of Takayanagi. He shows no mercy towards Junya.

 Who does Mitsuki like?
 What about Takayanagi? Or Junya? ――Who does everyone like?
 If this was an otome game, I could manipulate the heroine, Mitsuki, as I please. Regardless of who Mitsuki liked, I could pair her up with whoever I wanted to stick her with. However, this Mitsuki has her own will.
 This isn’t a game but reality. You’ll get hurt deeply if you’re rejected by the one you like and your heart will warm when you’re loved. Therefore, if you can be lovers with the one you like, you’ll surely be so happy that you’ll feel like crying, that it hurts and that you’ll be out of your mind.

 I plunge in deeper and deeper with that realisation.
 Wanting to return, not being able to return. Wanting to remain here, not being able to remain here. Wanting to like, not being able to like.

 In front of the entrance to the library, the rays of the sun stream in through the window, shining on me.
 So bright. As I narrow my eyes, I don’t understand why but I feel extremely sad.


 Wanting to be saved from this painful feeling, I thought of calling someone but I couldn’t think of a name to place on this dry tongue of mine.
 Even though I’m coming close. To the name of the person who’ll save me.

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