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Chapter 30 – The Sports Festival and the Odd-Jobber and the Staying Over (3)

Perhaps it’s time I do something about my disposition of getting swept by the flow.

But seeing Prince’s downhearted look makes one feel like listening to what he has to say, doesn’t it.

I think the characters here definitely know they’re good-looking. Surely, they know that with their good looks, showing a downcast look or gazing with upturned eyes, the other party will listen to what they have to say.

Despite knowing that, I listened to him against my better judgment.

And as a result of listening to him, for some reason Prince’s coming over to play at my house.

“Kiritani, get in the bath too.”


Won’t the encounter rate with Mitsuki increase if Prince’s coming over, for a moment I thought of it as a boon but alas, Mitsuki said she’s staying over at Subaru’s house.

Is Mitsuki really a heroine? She has such bad timing. And she personally holds too little will to have a romance. Could it be she’s not in the love mode yet because it’s still June? I haven’t played many otome games so I don’t know what a normal state of progress is like. If I knew it’s gonna be like this, I should’ve played more otome games or BL games.

“Are you okay with the change of clothes being mine? The size might be too large though.”

Prince’s thin enough that it becomes a little worrying, so my clothes might be too baggy for him.

The official profile I received from Subaru stated something like 175cm and 60kg, was it? Too thin. Isn’t it better to be slightly heavier?

Prince accepted my home clothes, and nod, silently nodded.

Staring at the back view of Prince who entered the bath, I let out a deep sigh.

Certainly, I do like Prince. But that’s friendship, and I want Mitsuki to raise the love flag with Prince.

It might be me being too self-conscious, but I doubt we’ll pass the night like this with nothing happening. It’ll be good if it’s a needless worry, but I’ve an inkling something that I can’t tell Subaru will happen.

At the very least, if this flag raised in the real world when I was female, I might’ve been able to respond, but it’s impossible now. Definitely impossible.

Nonetheless, I’m weak to things such as Prince’s face or his voice or his smell, huh. According to Subaru it’s apparently some setting of the Prince’s pheromones mesmerising the Sakurai siblings, but sheesh she really made an unnecessary setting.

“Makoto, thanks for, the bath.”

“Un?! Ah, yeah!”

As I brooded on my own, Prince returned before I knew it.

It’s downright awkward being alone with Prince in my room.
Come to think of it, this might be the first time I’m alone with Prince. After all, we were always with Soutarou or Kaname and so forth.
What should I talk about? Food we like? Or how we spend our time off? I’ve a feeling either of them are kind of off.

Prince sat down beside me. I got even more nervous as the bed creaked.

My disoriented fingertips came into contact with those of the Prince who shifted to the bed. My fingers reflexively fled in surprise but Prince’s fingertips chased after mine resolutely, entwining and capturing them.

Uwah, I’m nervous. I’m nervous but it’s stranger to feel needlessly conscious about it huh. Prince’s the type who doesn’t have many friends, so he might just be poor at judging the distance to take between friends, and might just be acting spoiled.


“What’s wrong, Kiritani. Suddenly holding hands. Are you a spoiled kid or what~?”

As much as possible, equanimity. Equanimity.
Squeeze, I hugged Prince as I leaned on him, stroking his head.
Sure enough, the thin Prince feels small. I wonder why he’s so thin even though our heights doesn’t differ much?
The shirt I lent him was somewhat baggy, and the situation was as if he’s wearing a boyfriend shirt.

“Makoto, why’s it only my name you won’t call?” [1]

“Nah, there isn’t really any reason. What’s up all of a sudden?”

“Because you call Soutarou or Kaname by their given names.”

He’s expressionless but this is how his atmosphere gets when he’s sulking.
His eyebrows are slightly lowered.

“Alright. I’ll call you by name from now on.”


I became anxious when pressed by Prince who was strangely urging me.
Even though Prince’s usually lethargic, he’s pressurizing only at times like this.

“Alright, I say. Erm……”

Now that you mention it, what’s the Prince’s name again?

I’ve been calling him ‘Prince’ in my heart, and have been calling him ‘Kiritani’ until now so I can’t remember.

But I can’t possibly ask the Prince “What’s your name, again?” at this eleventh hour. What do I do, me?!

Prince probably noticed, that I don’t know his name. He let out a displeased voice that was half a tone lower than before.

“…… Kiritani, Riku.”


I caused Prince to be displeased so quickly.

“Ah, erm, Riku?”

Prince is happy. Prince is happy! His cheeks were lightly dyed pink, and cat ears rose.

Soutarou shows his happiness by ‘attaching’ dog ears and whizz whizz, waving his tail, but  Prince moves his cat ears with a prick prick as his tail plonk plonk hits the bed…… or so it appears. It’s kinda cute.

“Somehow, it finally feels like I’ve become friends with Makoto.”

“What are you sayin’. We were friends since way before, ya.”

Prince’s eyes grew a size larger as though he was shocked, and then he smiled faintly.

“…… That’s true.”

Thereupon I finally slackened the arm I held Prince with until now.

The seductiveness of Prince smiling at me with upturned eyes while blushing, has an exceptional destructive power. A skeletal frame that’s manly for someone this slender, an Adam’s apple and a collarbone peeked out from the nightclothes I lent him. For a girl, there’s no spectacle that exceeds this. My throat unconsciously sounded audibly.

The heart of I, who fluttered at his manly stature, was properly a girl’s. However, the outer appearance is a boy. What’s this, what’s this unbalanced me. For my heart to flutter at this manly stature despite having a male body, isn’t this remarkably a BL flag? Subaru would be ecstatic.

Moreover, Prince smells very good. I wonder what smell is this? Even though he should’ve used the same shampoo and body soap as me, it’s different from that, it’s the Prince’s smell.

As though in an attempt to hide something in the depths of my chest which couldn’t hide my fluttering heart, I got down from the bed and moved to the bookshelf.

“N’then, let’s read manga shall we!”


“There’s a variety but. Does Riku read stuff like manga?”

Makoto’s room――in this case it might be more apt to call him Mitsuki’s older brother but――he has, originally left manga and games I’ve never read or played before here. I believe a large amount of them are things like shounen manga and RPG-type game software.

Not only manga, and though it’s natural, even the clothes are menswear, and even with a scan of the room’s ambience it’s different from the room I’ve lived in until now.[1]

“I don’t ‘eally read manga.”

“Then, what do ya usually do?”

“…… I eat.”

Certainly there’s the image of Prince constantly eating something. However, he can’t possibly be eating something all year round right.

“Does Makoto like this kind of manga and games?”

“Wun, …… that’s, right.”

By nature I wasn’t the type who likes manga or games. Of course I don’t hate manga and such, but I won’t want to read them so badly that I’ll buy them.

To say nothing of shounen manga and whatnot, those especially I don’t read much.

Come to think of it I haven’t heard much about Mitsuki’s older brother from Subaru, but I wonder what kind of person he was? From the look of this room, a boyish impression is keenly conveyed.

Surely Mitsuki’s older brother isn’t a half-baked existence like me who can’t be distinguished between female or male, he should’ve been a proper onii-chan.

I really like Mitsuki a lot, but I wonder if, Mitsuki is okay with a person like me being her onii-chan?

“I, wanna know more about Makoto.”

“What’s wrong. All of a sudden.”

Prince got down from the bed and sat in front of me.

“I realised that even tho’ I like Makoto, I don’t know anything.”

“Ah, well it’s been less than 2 months since we met. But despite that you like me, huh.”

With increased wrinkles between his brows, Prince stilled for a couple of seconds.
And then he tilted his head to the left in that state.

“Don’t know.”

“Then isn’t it your imagination, that you like me?”

When I suddenly laughed as though to poke fun at him, Prince closed the distance while remaining expressionless. A man drawing nearer expressionlessly is quite scary y’know.

And then just like that I was drove to the wall like a certain time before. This time, it wasn’t a wall behind me but a bookshelf. The bumpy back spines of the books pressed against my back. It’s as though they’re telling me to go towards Prince.

Thinking I’ve to stop the approaching Prince, I caught hold of both his arms.

“Who knows. It could be my imagination, and it could also not be. To make things clear, I think I need to know more and more about Makoto.”

The strength in the hands I held Prince’s arms with, diminished.

“About me?”

Nod, Prince bowed his head in assent.

“About Makoto. Subjects Makoto likes or what you do on Sundays, or what kind of manga you read. If I still like you after learning everything from A to Z, doesn’t that mean these feelings are real?”

The subjects I like are all the humanities. I tend to pass my Sundays by hanging out with Subaru or watching TV, but once in awhile at Subaru’s request, I also play the BL games and such that she made. I don’t read much manga but it seems recently some of them were made into movies, and I’m curious about the Shingeki whatsitsname.

This is all, about me and not Mitsuki’s older brother.

Is it okay to talk about this? Are these answers appropriate for an older brother of Mitsuki?

“I don’t know what Makoto is hesitating about but, I think it’s probably, not my imagination. That I like Makoto, I don’t think it’s my imagination.”

Not smiling, with his usual lack of expression, he said so distinctly.
It’s strange that I feel it’s truly just as he says when he declared with a straight face.
At Prince’s words, the tension left me in a moment, and I laughed out loud.

“I see I see, I got it. That being the case, come to know about me bit by bit, alright.”

At that point, the Prince placed his hand next to my head. The bookshelf shook slightly from the impact.


“…… Tell me what food you like, Makoto.”

“Sheesh I say, Riku, it’s always about food with you. The food I like are meat dishes on a whole and sweet things.”

Prince’s right hand is next to my head, and his left hand is grasping my shoulder.

Aah, as expected, Prince smells nice. It was a sweet scent that made one absent-minded. As I was occupied with Prince’s smell, the approaching face became close enough that we could kiss.

That pretty nose of yours will bump into my glasses if you come so close y’know.

“…… Urm, Riku……”

“Mako-chaan! I’m backー?”

Without even a knock, the door opened all of a sudden.

On the other side of the opened door stood, mi dolce angel Mitsuki and Subaru.

Mitsuki tilted her head with a blank look, while Subaru grinned after looking at the two of us. This is the“I did it!” smile she makes after entering a route she set her sights on in a BL game and triggering an event. I’ve seen this face of Subaru a number of times so I know.

“Kiritani-kun’s here too, huh. You see, I made a cake with Subaru-chan so I was thinking of letting Mako-chan have some too~. Mako-chan, you like sweet things right?”

Thus, thanks to Mitsuki’s oblivious my pace-ness, I managed to avert a kiss with the Prince. However at this rate I’ve a feeling there’ll be one or two more turmoils before the Ballgame Tournament.

What should I do from now on? Will the Ballgame be able to safely commence? My anxiety only continues to pile up.


[1] The room she lived in before entering the game (her own room, a girl’s), rather than the game character Sakurai Makoto’s.

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