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Chapter 21 – The GW and the Part-time Job and the Ojou-sama (4)

Touka University was the only national university in the city.

In the same city was the Touka University School of Medicine affiliated Hospital. Other than medical education and medical research, it provides advanced medical technology as the core of the medical community in this area. It also plays the role of a tertiary Emergency Medical Care Centre. The position of the head of the Centre is currently filled by Mr. Takayanagi Masaharu.

The above, was extracted from an online encyclopedia.

If you’re wondering why I stepped into an university despite being a high school student, it’s because I fell for the scheme of the sly dog, Tsubaki Soutarou.

When he made a request with upturned eyes while crying “whim~per,” as expected I was unable to refuse him.

I do want to see Soutarou and Kaname playing in a basketball match. But coming to Touka University may result in encountering Madoka. As I entered Touka University, my heart went throb throb in various meanings.

“Uwah~ The university sure is huge, huh, Mako-chan!”

Beside me, Mitsuki who was lovelily clad in Izumino Gakuen’s uniform looked at me with upturned eyes.

Speaking of Subaru, she’s busy with Student Council work and can’t make it. I don’t know when she joined the Student Council. When I asked why she joined, she said that it’s because she could use her position in the Student Council to enter Izumino Gakuen. Should I say she’s shrewd or what.

She, until the very end of the very end, shed tears at being unable to witness this delicious scene.

“I wonder where’s the 1st gymnasium?”

It’s the directionally-challenged Mitsuki and I.

In addition to the buildings stretching as far as the eye could see, I don’t even know how many gymnasiums there are. Anyhow, this area is huge. Too huge. Thrown into such a place, I wonder exactly when we’ll reach the gymnasium.

I did think of contacting Kaname and Soutarou, letting them know our location and getting them to fetch us, but those two are probably occupied with various preparations.

I’ve no choice but to look for them with my intuition or sixth sense. My intuition probably won’t be even a particle’s worth of help though.

“Huh, isn’t that Makoto-san?”

When I stepped out with the intention of searching for the 1st gymnasium, a voice sounded out behind me.

Turning around, a honor student-like youth with dead fish eyes ―― Yukinoshita Ikuto was there. As I thought, something seems unnatural even though he was giving a refreshing smile.

“Ah, Ikuto-kun. Is Ikuto-kun also here for the basketball practice match?”

“That’s right. I’m not from the Basketball Club but my friends invited me. Is Makoto-san also participating in in the match?”

I heard that the practice match this time is something like an event just for gathering basketball lovers.

Hence I’m convinced about how Ikuto will be participating in the match even though he’s not in the Basketball Club. He’s probably fond of basketball.

“Nope, I’m only here to cheer my friends on.”

“I see. Makoto-kun is tall so I thought you’d suit basketball.”

The slacks from our school uniform and a long-sleeved dress shirt along with a deep blue cardigan, dressed in this sloppy style, I probably don’t appear like someone who plays basketball.

Incidentally, Ikuto was wearing a dark green jersey with the words「Atlas Basketball Club」written on the back. It’s likely Private Atlas Academy Basketball Club’s jersey.

Ikuto’s smile grew deeper when he finally noticed Mitsuki.

“This is……?”

“She’s my twin and imouto, Mitsuki. Mitsuki, he’s a student from Private Atlas Academy, Yukinoshita Ikuto. Remember that incident I told you about, when I guided someone after work?”

Explaining till there, Mitsuki smiled as though she understood.

She bowed with an angelic smile on her face.

“I’ve heard about you. I’m Makoto’s imouto, Mitsuki. Thank you for taking care of Makoto.”

“No, no, I’m the one who’s being taken care of by Makoto. By the way, since you’re going to support them, then you should be going to the 1st gymnasium, right? If that’s the case, shall we head there together?”

“Is that okay? Honestly, Mitsuki and I don’t know the way. It’ll help if you come with us.”

If the air-headed Mitsuki and the directionally-challenged me search for the 1st gymnasium, we’ll likely only reach after the match.

I can rest assured if Ikuto guides us there. Although his smile is rather shady, I can’t doubt him just because he’s Madoka’s little brother. He should be able to properly guide us to the 1st gymnasium.

“Of course, if you’re fine with me, let’s go together.”

Thanks to Ikuto’s guidance, we arrived at the 1st gymnasium in just a few minutes.

Many high school students were gathered in the gymnasium. As only boys will be playing in this match, most of the gathered students are male. There are some girls but they’re probably managers or something similar.

“Ah, Mako! And Sakurai-san too.”

Wagging his tail, the doggy Soutarou approached us.

Clad in the white shirt with blue line of the Izumino Gakuen’s uniform, Soutarou was as refreshing as his name[1], but the「 Mako, Mako, Mako~!! You really came to support us~?! I’m so happy~!! feeling that overflowed from his face and body is kind of off-putting.

I drew back with shock when he approached me with that red face and enough momentum as though he wanted to plant his nose in me. Scary.

He firmly grabbed both my arms and rubbed his cheek on the crown of my head. Wa…… is this what big dogs feel like?

“Mako, you really came! I’m happy. I, will definitely win with my shoot! For Makoto’s sake!”

“O-ok…… do your best.”

‘For Makoto’s sake, that’s wrong, right. You should be saying it’s for Mitsuki’s sake.

Those words should be said to Mitsuki, right. Why are you saying them to me?

I’ve an inkling Soutarou’s been leaping across the boundary of a friend recently, but I wonder if it’s my imagination. It’s my imagination, right? There’s no way the prince of an otome game fell in love with a guy, right?

“By the way, the person here isー?”

At some point Kaname popped up all of a sudden and grabbed hold of Ikuto’s shoulder.

“Yukinoshita Ikuto. A first year from Private Atlas Academy. He’s a slight acquaintance of mine.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Yukinoshita Ikuto. I’ll also be participating in the match today so please go easy on me.”

“Is that so? I’m Mako-chan’s close friend, Fujisaki Kaname, and over there is Tsubaki Soutarou. Best regards. What’s Ikuto’s position?”

As expected of Kaname. He’s already so chummy with Ikuto.

By the way, Soutarou was still looking at me while smiling bashfully. There was a pink aura in the air.

It started to feel even more unbearably embarrassing when I became aware of Mitsuki standing beside me with a blank look. Does this qualify as the antics of normal high school guys from a third person’s point of view?

I feel that the line had become rather blurred recently.

“Senpai, Umeda-san who’s supposed to appear later apparently isn’t able to come. …… What do we do?”

A young man who looked like a member of the Basketball Club came to Soutarou’s side and spoke in a panicked manner.

“Eh? Umeda-san?”

“Dat’s right! It’s bad, what do we do? It’s almost the deadline for the match participation entry[2]!”

Apparently the participant Umeda is unable to make it to the practice match. Because it wasn’t a serious game, it seems they didn’t prepare any substitute players, what a problem.

As though it was retribution for watching their exchange like it was other people’s business, our eyes met.

“…… There’s one here. A substitute. Sakurai Makoto, Izumino Gakuen Class 2-A.”

“I see. Soz, Sakurai-senpai. I’ll go hand in the entry now.”

The young man departed with a bright smile.

I can’t grasp the situation, what on earth happened? It can’t be that, you’re asking me to participate in the basketball match, right? Rather, had I just been arbitrarily entered into the match?

“Hang, hang on, Soutarou! I, can’t play basketball!”

“But you know the rules at least, right?”

“A-ah…… that, well, yes.”

With a “Then, it’s decided” smile, a deviousness that I’ve never seen before in Soutarou oozed out of him.

Huh……? Soutarou-kun……?

I thought it might have been my imagination because he immediately returned to the usual doggy.

In the end, I think I’m not a match for Soutarou. Be it his cunning head tilts or devious attacks, they’re both frightening as they’re quite something when done by Soutarou.

I’m gentle to Mitsuki and Soutarou. I’m unable to reject them. It’s that, isn’t it, it seems I like cunningly cute people.

“Then, Mako, change into this. It might be slightly stretched because I laundered it but it should be fine if it’s just for the duration of the match.”

“Are you serious…… are you serious……”

“Mako-chan will be appearing too? That’s cool. I’ll cheer for you, do your best, okay.”

Mitsuki grasped my hand tightly, and did the classic head tilt.

The way she’s like a natural airhead is adorable. But now, that adorableness of hers has become troubling.

For ages now, I’ve only played basketball in PE. Even though I know the rules, inversely, the rules alone are what I know.

While I was worrying to myself, I entered the male changing room only to find Takayanagi and Junya there.

“Huh, bunny-chan? Why are you here?”

Oi, oi, there’s no way some problem won’t arise if so many of these guys assemble here.

Now we just need Madoka and a dispute flag will raise, isn’t it?

Having my strength drained out of me, I collapsed on the spot.

“Is Sakurai-kun also participating in the match?”

“E-eh, well. Somehow it ended up this way.”

“Really? Yasuchika will be playing on the Atlas side~. But I’ll be supporting bunny-chan, okay.”

While I don’t know why Takayanagi’s playing for Atlas even though he’s a student of Izumino Gakuen, perhaps I can explain it by saying it’s because of the otome game’s revision[3].

If it can’t be helped that the situation is hopeless, then it can’t be helped. Now that it’s come to this, I’ve no choice but to do it.

“Ahー, thanks for that.”

Having confirmed my determination, I took off my school cardigan and removed my necktie. After I unfastened the buttons of my dress shirt, Junya hugged me from the back.

Then, click click sounds rang out as he detached my belt in a casual manner. The belt loosened and he sleekly pulled it off with his left hand while his right started fondling my abs.

“Bunny-chan is slim but unexpectedly have some muscles, huh. This faint split in the abs is ecchi and it’s, making me, super horny……”

Softly biting my earlobe, he brought his hips to my rump. It’s only been several days that events like that happened but his nature, from its root, totally didn’t change at all. This guy, it’s okay to send him flying, right.

If I’m not mistaken, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei Revolution was R-15. The other characters don’t need to be age-restricted but this guy alone was restricted to adults. It’s definitely due to him that the game is R-15.

Just as I thought of turning around and elbowing him, Takayanagi got him with a Choke Sleeper before I could act.

“Tch, Chika-chan! I’m dying, I’m dying!”

“If it’s you, I think it’s fine even if you die once, you know.”

“Takayanagi-senpai, thank you very much. You’re a great help.”

Entrusting Junya to Takayanagi, I leisurely changed my clothes.

“What pattern does bunny-chan’s underwear have? What will I do if it’s a white bikini-type?”

It feels very hard to change but, I’ll just ignore him. It’ll be fine if I just pretend he doesn’t exist.

Nonetheless, I want to get rid of my constitution of continuously getting swept by the flow[4].

Even though it feels like it’s impossible with Mitsuki and Soutarou around, but I can’t help to feel that at this rate I’ll step on some unwanted landmine. Ah~h, I don’t care anymore.

[1] The ‘rou’ 朗 in Soutarou’s name can mean ‘bright’ and ‘cheerful’.
[2] The form you have to hand up before the match to state who’s in your team, what positions they’re playing, starting order etc.
[3] Hosei 補正. In otome games, it’s referring to how certain things that realistically won’t happen, happens in the game due to the system’s revision. It could be to increase the encounter rate, to aid in starting an event, etc.
[4] Flow of events.

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