Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Nan Huang Sword

“Brother…… did you get hurt?” Ye Ning Xue anxiously look over his body, with a tearful voice. Ye Wu Chen helplessly smile and pick her up, and put her in her previous position, touching her small nose and said. ”Listen to me, obediently stay here. I promise that nothing will happen this time.”

Ye Ning Xue was about to say something but finally didn’t, she looked at him and held her small hands tightly instead. She knew her brother was doing something dangerous.

Ye Wu Chen walked in front of the [Barrier] again, but this time he didnt look at the [Barrier] but on the ground which he was standing on. He lowered his head and walked back and forth with extraordinary dignified eyes. He then bent down and kept quiet for a while, lifting his right fist and gathered all the recovered strength and then brutally hits the ground.

A loud roar made the ground shake a bit, in front of Ye Wu Chen, a shallow pit which was more than half a meter deep and half a meter wide emerged. Ye Wu Chen felt a bit dizzy after using up all his energy again and tried to balance his body then he focused his sight and looked down to the ground. The shallow pit’s soil is surprisingly smooth, as if a mysterious power was protecting the soil which was below half a meter of the ground from being damaged. While a sudden flash of a golden light which made Ye Wu Chen’s eyes contracted was actually a sword hilt, it shone with blinding golden light. The sword was buried into the soil, but just the sword hilt which was exposed outside of the soil had a power of making people hold their breath.

What is this…

Ye Wu Chen put his hands onto the sword hilt without any hesitation. Immediately, soft golden light covered his hands. He then slightly pulled the sword out, the golden sword was slowly being pulled out of the ground with a ‘sizzle’ noise, shortly after, it completely came into sight.

Just after the golden sword was pulled out, the ground began to fiercely shake. Successive huge broken sound was heard. For the time being, the [Isolated Land] which no one could know how many years it has been isolated just fiercely shook just like a severe earthquake, all people and beasts was surprised and panic. In front of the grass house, the old man who was conserving his energy with closed eyes, the old man then opened his eyes and looked into the sky, then suddenly his expression change. ” The [Barrier]…… was broken!”

The shaking ground and roaring sound didn’t attract Ye Wu Chen’s attention at all, he just stared at the big sword in his hands. The sword has a handle of more than 30cm, a body of more than 2 meter, a cutting edge of more than 10cm. The whole sword is all golden and smooth like a mirror. No matter if it’s the sword body or the handle, he can’t see any other lines on them except a small word ”南” being sculptured on the sharp end of the sword. Just then, an ethereal voices reverberated in his mind…… (TL Note: 南 you read it as Nan and it also means southern)

“At the beginning of the Heaven and Earth, Chaos, gave birth to two of the earliest life form. They were born at the same time, and were sworn enemies. One took up the south of the world, while the other took up the north of the world. They separately called themselves [Nan Huang] and [Bei Di]. They had been fighting with each other for many years with no result, but it cause Chaos to break and it then formed the heaven, earth, humans, gods and demons…..

The voice in his head was suddenly interrupted just like being abruptly cut off without more contexts.

“You were calling me just now?” Holding on the sword, Ye Wu Chen with closed eyes asked in his mind.

“It is… it is me.” It was a girl’s voice, she revealed an obvious nervousness in her voice.

“Who are you?”

“I…. I don’t know.”

“Why were you calling me?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then… you know who I am?”

“I… don’t know.”

Ye Wu Chen’s forehead showed 3 black lines. ”Then what the hell do you know!”

The girl’s voice became more terrified, ”Please don’t get angry with me master, I really have no idea of who I am…… I just know my name is Nan Er and I was sealed in the sword. And you are my master and the only person who can save me.”

“Reason.” Ye Wu Chen wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. She knew everything but said she had no idea like a fool just now.

“I really don’t know… ah, that feeling. I slept really too long then woke up suddenly because I could feel that my master came to me. So I was desperately calling to you, master.” The girl’s voice became cheery. (TL Note: A wild harem girl candidate appears!)

Ye Wu Chen frowned then asked. ”You said that I can help you get out, now you should tell me what I can do to help you.”

“I don’t know.”


“Forget it.” Ye Wu Chen’s whole body felt powerless. ”You, from now on follow me, someday you can then tell me if you recall the way how to help.”

“Thank you master, thank you very much.” The girl answered happily. The sword in Ye Wu Chen’s hands instantly turned into a golden light and shot between his two eyebrows which isnt noticeable.

A girl who was sealed into the sword… a sword turned into energy and still attached to the girl… Such a thing is unthinkable, why was Ye Wu Chen didn’t feel surprise but felt a familiar feeling.

He shook his head then looked to the front. The [Barrier] was destroyed, and the sword was the source of the [Barrier]. What was the story of that sword, why as it buried here, and how did the [Barrier] formed?

And what were the memory fragments in his head about the [Nan Huang] and [Bei Di]?

He didn’t expect an answer from the girl called Nan Er, because whatever he asked, she would not be able to give an answer.

When Ye Wu Chen came back with Ye Ning Xue, the old man still sat there peacefully like an unshakeable mountain. Beside the old man, Chu Jing Tian was saying something to the old man from the left to the right of the old man, was tantalizing like an ant on hot pot. However, the old man said nothing which made Chu Jing Tian so anxious that he almost jumped.

Chu Jing Tian eyes lit up when he saw Ye Wu Chen came back and instantly ran to Ye Wu Chen, shouting to him. ”Brother Ye Wu Chen, I have good news to tell you. We can get out of the isolated area because the weird [Barrier] disappeared all of a sudden.”

Ye Wu Chen gave a light smile but said nothing.

The old man looked at Ye Wu Chen up and down with sharp eyes like a blade. Ye Wu Chen felt a huge power pressing on his chest just like a heavy sheet of iron. The old man looked back and smiled, ” Young man, what are you planning to do now since the [Barrier] has been broken?”

Ye Wu Chen felt frightened at the bottom of his heart but still pretended to be calm on his face, and said with a smile. ”Let’s talk about this in the future.”

Ye Ning Xue blinked her big eyes then peeked at Ye Wu Chen, but she had no idea of what they were talking about.

In the coming days, the only thing that Ye Wu Chen is doing is to take Ye Ning Xue out and play with her, they go wherever Ye Ning Xue wants. Sometimes, they go hunting in the forest or picking fruits. Ye Wu Chen even run after some butterflies like a kid with Ye Ning Xue.

In such a short times, they almost went to every corner of the isolated area. Chu Jing Tian followed them every day like a follower. He went wherever they went, just like a heavy life guard. He did this because grandpa Chu asked him to, but he himself was not reluctant to do it at all.

Ye Ning Xue was happy every day like a set free bird. Her laugh moistened Ye Wu Chen’s heart again and again because she was the only decoration of his empty world and she could easily touch the softest part of his heart.

It was just…… Looking at her petite white body, he sighed in a low voice.

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