Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Wu Chen Spell

Another commotion in the forest just after Chu Jing Tian left. All of a sudden, a snow-white creature came towards Ning Xue, Ning Xue got scared and quickly hid behind Wu Chen. Ye Wu Chen looked at one side and moving his feet, a 10 cm long twig got kick and shot through the creature’s throat like a sharp arrow. It stumble while running and it roll a few circles on the ground then it stopped moving.

Ning Xue popped her small head from the back of Ye Wu Chen, looking at the motionless creature with curiosity, then asked. “Brother, what is this?”

Ye Wu Chen pick it up and observed for a moment then said. “This looks like a rabbit, but it’s much bigger than the rabbit I have seen.”

In this world he now lives, this creature might be a different kind of rabbit.

“Ning Xue, are you hungry?” Ye Wu Chen suddenly ask with a smile. He and this little girl didn’t even have their breakfast yet, which is one of the reason why he went out to hunt. Ning Xue looks skinny and weak, even a gust of wind is enough to put her down.

Ye Ning Xue first shook her head, then finally with a pitiful face nodded.

Ye Wu Chen smiled, “Turn around.”

Ye Ning Xue turned around timidly. Ye Wu Chen found a clean branch and stringing through the strange rabbit, extending his right index finger, then his fingertip surprisingly burning with red flames. Devilish flames instantly burnt over the rabbit’s whole body when the flames touch the rabbit, the rabbit’s fur burns away. Ye Wu Chen slightly moved his fingertip, flames slowly turned from red to dark red and burnt all over its body, then delicious smell of meat came out. Ning Xue couldn’t hold back her hunger, she use her nose to smell the delicious smell and sneakingly swallowed her saliva.

More than 10 seconds, the rabbit meat was cooked. Ye Wu Chen took back the flames and waved his palm in the air. Suddenly, blue icy air flew over and lowered the temperature of the rabbit meat. If Chu Jing Tian was here he would be amazed at this. It is already very rare to meet a person who owns two elements, but now it is unbelievable to see Ye Wu Chen owning both water and fire elements. Water and fire are incompatible with each other, which is a common sense known by the whole Tian Chen Continent.

Ye Wu Chen smiled with satisfaction, tore down a rabbit leg and passed it to Ning Xue, “Ning Xue, have a taste.”

Ning Xue was almost drooling, she has been eating little fruits but no meat at all. She can not help drool just because of the smell. She instantly took it in her hand and smelled, but she didn’t instantly taste it, she just gave a sweet smile to Ye Wu Chen. “Brother thank you.”

Seeing her biting the meat slowly as if she doesn’t want to eat up too fast, Ye Wu Chen revealed a smile on his face. Without any doubt Ning Xue is the only adornment of his empty world.

It tastes really good with delicious smell by taking a bite. Ye Wu Chen felt a bit amazed at the rabbit meat’s delicacy for it is far more delicious than any other rabbit meat in his memory. Just then, there came a sound of heavy steps and stuff rubbing on the ground.

All of a sudden, the footsteps stopped then sped up at once, Jing Tian Chu approaching whispered, “I smell Lightning Rabbit’s meat? So odd… Was it…?

Chu Jing Tian was dragging a strange–shaped wild boar that was even bigger than his body and walks quickly towards them, then followed the smell and his eyes fell on Ye Wu Chen’s hands. He quickly stepped closer and widened his big eyes. “It really is… Lightning Rabbit, I actually never want to forget its smell.”

“Was Lightning Rabbit very powerful?” Ye Wu Chen passed the rest to Chu Jing Tian, Chu Jing Tian didn’t pretend to kindly refuse but threw away the wild boar then took the rabbit with two hands and smelled it greedily with enjoyable face. “Lightning Rabbit runs very fast even though it doesn’t have attack ability. It looks like white lightning while running, under this condition, it is hard to catch it. Even I just caught them 3 times over the past decade. Even though its hard to catch, when it comes to its meat delicacy, nothing can be compared with it. You really have great skills, Ye Wu Chen!” Chu Jing Tian thumbs up then crudely gobbled.

He was careless, he simply never thought how it was cooked when it was just caught.

“It was just a coincidence.” Ye Wu Chen said then casually asked, “What level can this rabbit reach?”

“It is a Rank 3 Demon Beast and counted on powerful monster, comparing it to other low rank monster. From rank 4 to 7, they are called middle-ranking Demon Beast, while Rank 8 to 10, they are high-ranking Demon Beast. They are graded the same way as human, different rank represents different power.” He spoke with his indistinct voice as he was biting the rabbit meat, then gave a kick at the big wild boar on the ground. “This is a Rank 5 Demon Beast, whose power was equal to a Rank 5 Strong Man. It is unlucky to come across it if it is ordinary people.” (TL note: any better name for this

Ye Wu Chen nodded and didn’t ask more.

“Oh, Ye Wu Chen,” Chu Jing Tian wiped his mouth, “What skill have you practice? I couldn’t feel anything of you, I guess it must be because of the skill you practice.”

“What I practice?” Ye Wu Chen whispered, was absent-minded for a moment, then shook his head. “I don’t know either.”

Chu Jing Tian gazed blankly then smiled to him. “I almost forgot that you couldn’t remember anything.”

Ye Wu Chen silently felt his flowing breath in his body and said. “Now that I have my new name, my skill should have a new name too. I prefer to call it Wu Chen spell before knowing its real name.”

Mysterious power, shouldn’t belong to the world he lives now, so there will never be a second Wu Chen spell.

“Wu Chen spell? Alright, alright…” Chu Jing Tian answered casually, he didn’t even know if it was a good name, but the rabbit in his hands was almost eaten up like how a wind blew over remnant clouds. He threw the bones away, and licked his lip as if he wanted more. He realized that he didn’t leave some meat for Ye Wu Chen till he took up a leaf to wipe his hands. His face turned stiff immediately, but then he could only laugh and shyly scratch his head.

Ning Xue finally finished eating as well, she gently pulled Ye Wu Chen’s cloth and said in a low voice. “Brother, I am full.”

“Okay.” Ye Wu Chen replied then kneel and wipe her mouth by using his fingers, he then wipe her hands in the same way. He took her small hands, and look ahead “Let’s go deep into the forest. ”

“Okay.” Chu Jing Tian took back his basket and followed behind them while single-handedly drags the wild boar. He looks like he doesnt have a hard time dragging it but looks as if he was dragging a grasshopper. When it comes to brute force, even 10 Ye Wu Chen could never be compared with 1 Chu Jing Tian.

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