Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Quacks

“Young master…… let me say something. Actually, everyone believes that the first place wouldn’t belong to anyone else, and would still belong to the eldest young master of the Lin family.

“Eldest young master of the Lin family? Is he that difficult to deal with?” Ye Wu Chen asked lazily, he remembered that the eldest young master of the Lin family were apparently called Lin Xiao, it is said that he was well versed in both literature and martial arts, and that he had all the qualities that a man should have, even Wang Wen Shu had a face full of admiration when she spoke about this young master from their rival family, wishing that he was her son.

“He’s not just difficult to deal with. The eldest young master of the Lin family is known as a dragon among men, he’s unrivaled among young geniuses. Not only is he handsome, unrestrained, and outstandingly intelligent, he’s also well-versed in literature and martial arts. When he first competed 3 years ago, he easily obtained first place in both literature and martial arts, he also participated last year and he still remained number one in both literature and martial arts, the literary contest had ended the other day and he still obtained first place, and he’d probably obtain first place in the coming martial arts competition as well, rumors says that his swordplay had already reached perfection, even the 3 heaven ranked experts within the palace had all praised him in admiration because he was such a genius, among his many titles, some are ‘The number one scholar of Tian Long’ and ‘The number one genius of Tian Long’. All of the young men in Tian Long City could only hope for the achievements of the eldest young master of the Lin family, yet he never acted arrogantly, and he treated other people rather modestly, therefore he possesses an extremely wide range of connections in Tian Long City. Furthermore, he isn’t a womanizer, he has deep feelings for the young lady of the Hua family and he promised to her that he would never marry again. Within Tian Long City, everyone’s talking about the eldest young master of the Lin family and not…… *cough* *cough*, the, small, young master……”


This topic were mentioned all throughout Tian Long, because every men both admired and envied Lin Xiao, Ye Qi forgot where he was for a moment and excitedly talked in a hype, even his saliva splashed across from his mouth, at this moment, he finally remembered that he was by his master’s side—— the Ye family’s small young master, he had greatly boasted about Lin Xiao in front of his master, Ye Qi started to sweat profusely, and he stutteringly said: “Even though the eldest young master of the Lin family is pretty good, he’s still a little bit worse when compared to young master, ever since I first saw young master……”

Ye Wu Chen raised an eyebrow and stopped the outburst of flattery that he was about to say: “Shut up! I’m a bit tired today so we’re going back.”

He naturally wasn’t tired yet, but Ning Xue was already looking a bit tired. He carried Ning Xue in his arms, attracting all sorts of strange looks while they were returning to the Ye Mansion.

They had just barely entered the gates when Wang Wen Shu hurriedly came to welcome them: “Chen’er, follow mother quickly, mother has brought you the 3 best imperial physicians, they’ll definitely find a way to restore your memories.”

Ye Wu Chen put Ning Xue down and said: “Xue’er, go back and wait for me ok?”

After Ning Xue left, he quietly followed Wang Wen Shu to the hall. Inside were 3 well-mannered middle aged men, the oldest was over sixty years old and the youngest were around fifty.

“Come Chen’er, this is Doctor Li, this is Doctor Wang, and this is Doctor Zhang. Quickly greet the 3 imperial physicians.” Wang Wen Shu introduced them one by one.

Ye Wu Chen arbitrarily glanced at the 3, he faced towards Wang Wen Shu afterwards and said: “This is…… Can you let me and the 3 imperial physicians talk alone, I think this might help me have a better chance of recovering my memories.”

“Eeh…… well its ok, I’ll leave first, 3 Doctors, Chen’er will accompany you.” Wang Wen Shu agreed without hesitation and left afterwards.

Ye Wu Chen didn’t look at them again, he sat on the seat in the center instead, and poured himself a cup of tea afterwards, he smiled as he drank, he had shopped all morning and his mouth was quite dry.

His arrogant actions made the 3 doctors want to storm out in anger, but they held back because his status as the young master of the Ye family, the eldest man said: “Young master, let this old man first take your pulse.”

He put down his teacup, wiped his mouth, and looked at him afterwards and said: “There’s no need to take my pulse, Doctor Li, can you answer this junior’s question? Has the pit of your stomach ache been aching frequently during the past week? And furthermore, eating anything spicy would make the pain intensify and it wouldn’t improve no matter what method you used.”

Doctor Li’s face revealed a startled expression: “How did young master know? Young master Ye is right, this old man’s stomach had been constantly aching since 1 week ago, I’ve already used multiple kinds of medicine but it was all to no avail.”

“Of course it’s useless, Doctor Li is perfectly healthy, it’s not a physical problem, but rather a poisoning. Doctor Li, were you bitten by a poisonous insect 1 week ago?” Ye Wu Chen said with a confident tone, as if he were absolutely sure.

Doctor Li pondered for a moment and he suddenly slapped the table ferociously: “That’s right, this old man was bitten by a strange insect when I was gathering herbs a week ago, I still have the scar, so it was actually a poisonous insect! Ahh the shame!” He held out a withered old hand, and sure enough, there was a strange bite scar on his little finger.

“Doctor Li is already this old but he still picks his herbs himself, this junior admires your integrity. Doctor Li just overlooked something trivial, there’s no need to feel ashamed. This poison is very mild, but it will also cause irreparable damage after a long period of time, if you take an ordinary antidote now, the poison will be completely gone before 3 days, I think this would definitely not be a problem for Doctor Li.” Ye Wu Chen said with a smile.

“How did young master know?” Doctor Li asked with a respectful expression.

“First, the tip of Doctor Li’s tongue is a bit greenish, secondly, the wound on the back of your finger is also green, and furthermore the injury had only been there for a week. Therefore I could guess it.”

The 3 doctors were completely shocked. Tip of the tongue, back of the finger…… Aside from knowledge and experience, this also required astonishing powers of observation.

“Doctor Wang, have you recently started experiencing frequent headaches and chest pains, accompanied by difficulty sleeping during the night, and taking countless medicines also couldn’t cure you?”

“Yes, they’re all true!” Doctor Wang stood up a bit excitedly.

“Actually, Doctor Wang doesn’t need to take medicine, just go sightseeing and you will naturally improve after some time.”

“This is……”

“Doctor Wang, has there been something bothering you and making you angry recently? Keep in mind that extreme anger injures the liver, the liver is one of the five viscera, injure one and you injure the whole body. Especially during Doctor Wang’s age, you should be calmer and avoid being angry.”

Quacks, they’re all quacks! They don’t even know the most basic of things! However it also wasn’t surprising, this medical knowledge had been accumulated for millenniums, and had much more advanced technology when compared to the Tian Chen Continent. A few basic medical knowledge, to this world, might be enough to cause a revolution in the medical community.

Doctor Wang was stunned at first, but he suddenly exclaimed afterwards: “Young master is truly a god, that’s right, I’ve been frequently angry because of my dog of a son’s matters. After I return, I’ll trust young master’s words and ask the emperor for a few days of vacation and go sightseeing.

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