Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Accident

He moved as if he were flying, under the curtain of darkness, a white shadow flashed by. After dinner, He was pulled aside by Wang Wen Shu to tour around the entire Ye Mansion, conveniently, he also took note of the bright places and secret hiding spots and remembered them in his mind, at this time, he was running on the perfect route to avoid being seen.

He lightly jumped, the inertia within his body enabled him to cross a distance of more than ten meters, he landed on another rooftop, like sand falling to the ground, without making any sound. He used his spirit to check the surroundings with his body bent down, afterwards, he went somewhere and leaned down, he gently pulled open a piece of tile, after a short time, white light passed through the small crack, revealing a person that was bent over a desk —— which was Ye Wu Yun.

If the other person were an expert, he would never have chosen to peek* in this way. Because the higher their strength,  the keener would their spiritual sense also be. But he had already made sure during the day that this person didn’t practice any method. Because the Ye family were constantly on the move all year round, he apparently didn’t have time to practice anything. (TL Note: Raws say (**) on “peek”, and I just assumed that peek was the word censored there.)

At this moment, he was holding a thick book, he was holding a pen in his right hand and he would write something from time to time. Even though he couldn’t see his face, he assumed that he probably had a serious expression.

Due to Ye Wu Yun’s ability to be trusted, the Ye family’s finances had all been reassuringly placed into his hands, and he had never let the Ye family be disappointed during the past few years, so the Ye family felt even more reassured, they felt so reassured that they even trusted him too much, this isn’t good. Ye Wu Chen secretly thought.

“Thud Thud”, after a knock on the door, a man dressed as an attendant came in with a cup of tea and put it on top of Ye Wu Yun’s table: “Young master, take a break and have a cup of tea.”

“Oh, thank you Xiao Wu, it’s a bit late so I can only have a short chat with you, after this, go rest early ok?”

“No, Young master should be the one to rest early, the young master works without rest every day at the Ye Mansion, even if you don’t love your body, we care a lot about it!”

“hahaha, this is already a habit, if I stop, I’d feel uncomfortable instead. So you may go now.”

“Then…… Xiao Wu will retire.” Knowing that the young master wouldn’t listen to advise, Ye Wu only shook his head and quietly went out afterwards.

The room became quiet again.

Pushing the tile back in place, Ye Wu Chen stood up to leave, he knew that there probably wouldn’t be any harvest tonight. Of course, he also didn’t expect to discover anything, he simply just wanted to try his luck.  Because the other side already knew that he had a sword deity’s ring, even if they looked down on him, they also had to consider the risk of provoking the sword deity.

After another leap, he jumped across another roof, and returned along the route he came from as if he were a white ghost.

Not surprisingly, the night visit had been fruitless, but accidents still happen……

After several twists and turns, Ye Wu Chen was already at the top of his own small courtyard, as long as he leaps to Ye Shui Yao’s rooftop again, then he could directly walk back. This was the first time he used the power of “Wu Chen spell” to move in high speed, he felt extremely comfortable, and he even wished that he could continue experiencing that feeling. Therefore he ran to test the limits of his speed, after a heavy step, his body drew a beautiful white arc down towards Ye Shui Yao’s rooftop…… but this jump completely crossed more than 30 meters, and he fell directly towards Ye Shui Yao’s bedroom.

Ye Shui Yao’s bedroom rooftop had a very huge “skylight” that could open and close, this was her special set up, but it’s purpose was unknown. Most of the people in the Ye family knew of the existence of this window —— but Ye Wu Chen was clearly not one of them.

His eyes were closed as he enjoyed the comfortable feeling of the wind high up in the sky, but he quickly felt that something was wrong, he definitely should’ve reached the ground already, but his foot still hadn’t stepped on anything…… because the landing point of his body just happened to be the skylight on Ye Shui Yao’s bedroom.

The time with which Ye Wu Chen could keep his body light was limited after all, plus he was caught off guard when he pushed his power to the limit, his jump suddenly turned into a free fall, and afterwards, he fell into water with a “plop” sound and his head landed on top of two soft balls, It was as though he had sunk into smooth, soft, top-quality yogurt, the touch of skin felt soft and extremely slippery, it felt warm and soft but the tightly pinched cheeks were overflowing, he could clearly feel a huge circular outline, while the aroma of river orchids penetrated his nose.

Why was there water!?

His hands subconsciously grasped forward to support his body, and his hand felt something soft and slippery wet, after he raised his head, a reflection entered his eyes and he saw a flower so exceptional that it would be enough to make all the men in the world to admire it, but the face of its owner had wide open eyes, with shock and horror spread across her face.

The magic lamp released a gentle white light, it completely shone on her ** and her lovely and tender body, it was as though a halo of light were flowing on her skin and shoulders, outlining the semi-arc of her moist clavicles, her lotus-like arms looked as tender as the moon, they were folded together and looked too tender to discharge a drop of water.

The water was very warm, the hot water permeated their skin and turned it into a pretty pink color, the light were reflected by her beautiful black hair, half covering her beautiful figure that was submerged under water, her attractive face sparkled as if it was pure jade. She was standing on her toes along the edge of the tub, her legs were suffused with a gentle luster and her exquisite feet were as though they were pastries, her breasts glistened as though they were glossy jade and were as soft as satin… … but on her chest, two plump balls were being grabbed by two hands, but they were extremely large, so the two hands could only grab half of them.

The two persons looked at each other for a full two seconds; it was as though time was frozen. Finally, Ye Wu Chen managed to react and he retracted his hands as fast as lightning, afterwards, he casually stepped out of the tub and turned around, his face were full of resentment as he said: “Sister, this is your fault, why did you leave the window open for no reason… … furthermore, the water is a bit cold.”

After he finished speaking, despite that his whole body was soaked with water, he casually pulled open the door and walked out.

The night wind blew, Ye Wu Chen’s soaking wet body immediately shivered, his body became filled with power once again and he completely disappeared, unable to deal with anything else, he fled.

If it had been a normal room of a girl, a scream should already have pierced through the night… … However, Ye Shui Yao’s courtyard still remained extremely quiet, but the magic lamp inside the room had been extinguished after Ye Wu Chen had left.

After returning to the doorway of his bedroom, Ye Wu Chen dried the clothes on his body at top speed, and he entered the room and closed the door afterwards, he used a very small ring to turn off the magic lamp and the room immediately became pitch-black, he took off his clothes and made his way inside his blanket, his heart were still beating as hard as before.

Even if he were facing an army of thousands, he still wouldn’t have been this nervous. But because, apart from the small girl Ning Xue, that was the first time he had seen a woman’s body, the situation caught him unprepared, and that woman was still his older sister in name, furthermore… … Not only did he look, he even groped… …

“Brother, what happened to you? I can hear your heart beating, it’s so fast.” Ning Xue pressed her body against his, and she placed her small hand on top of his chest.

“It’s nothing, I just saw something I shouldn’t have, I’m a little bit nervous.” Ye Wu Chen replied, he was trying hard to calm down and control the waves in his heart.

He vaguely knew that this world was different from the open-minded China within his memories, their degree of conservativeness was equal to the China of ancient times, a woman’s body being seen by a man was equivalent to losing her chastity……

“Considering that we are relatives… … looking and touching should probably be fine.” Ye Wu Chen reassured himself, but he couldn’t help thinking about that beautiful body and the feeling of those soft peaks, for a moment, his mind became a bit agitated.

“I… … I’m still a man after all, I’m no different from a normal person.” He quietly said to himself. He sighed faintly as he closed his eyes, he didn’t know what to think.

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